Teen Drama Trivia TONIGHT!

21 06 2010

THE THEME: Beverly Hills 90210

THE TIME AND PLACE: 8PM eastern tonight on Twitter

THE PROCESS:  I will tweet a question.  You @reply me (i.e. put @sizzlemaker first) with the answer within 2 minutes.  I’ll tweet the correct answer and give the next question.

THE SCORING: You get 2 points per a correction question.  Point values may increase for harder questions.  The top 3 finishers will have their Twitter accounts and Web sites plugged on this site.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?  @reply me before the game begins!



3 responses

21 06 2010

that was funn. i cant believe that was an hour. bev hills is the show i know the least about so it can only go up from here. haha

21 06 2010

Im so devastated i missed it, because im in Australia i had to calculate what time it was on and must of calculated wrong because i signed in to twitter to find it was over. haha. maybe next week!

22 06 2010

Thanks for playing, Lexy! I have a feeling it will go up from here for you!

Aw, Jeska, I’m sorry we missed you! You were great last time around. The time difference thing sucks; I wish I could do something about that. Hope you can play next week!

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