Trivia Night Results!

22 06 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated in trivia night!

The theme was Beverly Hills 90210 and we had 17 players. Interestingly enough, there were ties for all 3 places.


First Place: @90210kat, @BH90210original, 30/32

Second Place: @KeithLipinski, @jessy_fan90210, 21/32

Third Place: @JamieOnline101, @Cindy17614, @MargauxInstinct, 20/32

Our next trivia night will be Monday (6/28/10) at 8pm eastern with Dawson’s Creek as the theme.

Hope you’ll join us!



3 responses

22 06 2010

It was fun!
Can’t play next week, b/c I have never seen the show. :/

22 06 2010

I had so much!

But, am I proud of myself, or secretly shamed for my missed question?

26 06 2010

Definitely will, seeing as how I’m probably the only straight guy that loooved Dawson’s Creek…still stands as my favorite show next to Buffy 🙂

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