News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

13 07 2010
  • 90210, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are all nominated for Show You Cannot Believe Is Still on the Air and Guiltiest Pleasure in Kristin’s Tater Top Awards.
  • The next category in The CW Sourcies is Favorite Bad Boy. Among the nominees: Liam (Matt Lanter, 90210), Clay (Robert Buckley, One Tree Hill) and Chuck (Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl).
  • Ausiello has a huge 90210 spoiler, one that I don’t have a good feeling about. At all. Feel free to discuss in the comments below. This is fair warning to those who wish to stay spoiler-free.
  • spoke to Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) about making a Twitter account for her three-year-old son, Liam.
  • Strange: Us Weekly is reporting Vanessa Marcil (Gina, Beverly Hills 90210) just got married to Carmine Giovinazzo last weekend but, if you recall, she used his last name (in addition to hers) at the Daytime Emmys last month.
  • One Tree Hill begins filming season 8 tomorrow.
  • Gossip Cop busted reports about Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill) attending a Scientology meeting with Tom Cruise, husband to CMM’s former co-star Katie Holmes (Joey, Dawson’s Creek), and Will Smith. He was with them, but it wasn’t a Scientology event.
  • has a pretty good interview with Taylor Momsen (Jenny, Gossip Girl).
  • Chris Pratt (Che, The O.C.) has joined the cast of the film Moneyball.



6 responses

14 07 2010

oh jeez. i think it’s teddy. but i like teddy/silver. and it better not be liam. because i loveeee me some lannie. and i cant see it being navid. at all. i can see teddy though. i just don’t like this at all.

14 07 2010

I can’t really see it being any one of them, based on the character development we’ve seen thus far: their personality, their serious relationships, etc. I can’t see viewers buying it and certain fanbases not being POed (depending on who it is).

14 07 2010

I think it being Teddy sort of makes sense. The whole “playboy” image he has been trying to portray could all just be an act to cover up the gay feelings he is embarrassed about. He is also the son of a movie star and a very demanding movie star at that, so he would be terrified of what his father would think. They could make it that he was kicked out of his old, possibly all boys school because of his gay tendencies. They said in an earlier episode that he covered for some guy who has caught sleeping with multiple girls, maybe Teddy just did that so people would think he was a stud and so he could live up to being the son of Spence Montgomery. Teddy is also the character we know the least about because he’s only been around one season, so the transition would be the easiest. If the writers handle it properly it could be really good. Sadly though, I don’t have much faith in the writers anymore and I don’t think the actor could pull if off either.

14 07 2010

Those are very interesting ideas, Bec. Unfortunately, I totally agree with your last sentence.

14 07 2010

Its definately a ratings and buzz ploy. If they make Liam gay I’l be really mad because before he dated Naomi halfway this past season, he thought about her like all the time and you can see the subtle crush with Annie. But the writers could just abandon that as they have with Annie’s season long hit and run storyline. I personally hope it’s Teddy because it would make slightly more sense than the others. But maybe not cause he kind of settled down with Silver which would not happen if he was gay.

14 07 2010

everyones saying its gonna be Teddy. I can see that, because hes the least developed of the three, seeing he’s only been in one season. Though he did seem realy devoted to Silver. Im sensing Liam, sadly. Thatd be pretty ridiculous. I dont see Navid at all–seemed like he was pretty in love with Ade all his life. I cant see anyone, actually. Picturing any of the three is completely and utterly ridiculous and unbelievable.

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