Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

12 01 2009


(compiled from recent columns)

Korbi, Is Tori Spelling really doing 90210?!! -Michelle
Donna Martin Graduates! The deal is done, baby. I spoke to a friend of hers who gave me the wink-wink when I asked.

Who is the father of Adrianna’s baby? Is it the HIV guy or someone we know? -P
Someone we know. Someone we haven’t seen in a while. Someone who’s super hot.

I cannot believe that Gossip Girl is doing this whole love child thing with Lily and Rufus. 90210, Brothers & Sisters, so many shows have already covered it! To death! -Jacqueline
I feel your pain, but I’m hearing GG may actually put its own little spin on the whole “bastard kid coming to town and turning everyone’s lives upside down” storyline. I know my pal Michael Ausiello at EW has said that the long-lost child will show up towards the end of the season, but as I understand, the original plan was for Rufus and Lily to find out that their first born son was killed in a tragic accident.

Korbi! I wanted to know if we were going to get any closure on Eden’s character from Nip/Tuck?  Thanks. -Marty
Yes, indeed. 90210 producers were kind enough to let AnnaLynne McCord finish filming her Nip/Tuck arc last Fall, so we should see Eden again soon.

Tell me there are more old 90210 characters coming back to the show. I want to see a familiar face. -Shannon
Well, if you’re hoping for Dylan McKay, don’t get hold your breath. But if you’re cool with seeing Jackie Taylor again, you can get excited. Word is, Kelly and Silver’s loony mom will soon make a return appearance.

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