The Top 10 Teen Drama Musical Guests

14 01 2009

Beginning as early as 1993 with Beverly Hills 90210, teen dramas have featured musical guests to drive up ratings or move a plot along. For the next 5 days, I’ll countdown the top 10 musical guests on Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, The O.C. and One Tree Hill.  90210 and Gossip Girl will not be included as they haven’t yet had any musical guests.

10.  Cathy Dennis (Beverly Hills 90210, Episode 3.27: A Night to Remember)

In these clips, you can see Dennis performing at the West Beverly prom.

9. Jem (The O.C., Episode 1.27: The Ties That Bind)

In the season one finale, Jem sings at Julie and Caleb’s wedding as Marissa and Ryan share a tear-filled dance.

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