Ten Most Memorable Guest-Stars and Cameos

7 10 2009

During what’s known as “sweeps period,” TV shows usually pull out all the stops–storylines come to a head, shocking things are revealed and famous actors drop by for cameos.

What struck me as interesting recently is that The CW isn’t restricting itself to those time periods.

With Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff appearing on Gossip Girl this week, and Rumer Willis’ recurring role on 90210, I started thinking about stunt casting on our other shows.

For the next few days, I’ll count down the ten most memorable guest-stars and cameos from all of the teen dramas.

To kick things off, here are the 3 mentioned above.  I’m not including them because they are the most recent but because I really do believe they deserve a spot on the this most memorable list.

10.  Hilary Duff

Show: Gossip Girl

Episode: Begins with 3.04: Dan de Fleurette

Role: Olivia Burke

Status: Recurring

9. Rumer Willis

Show: 90210

Episode: Begins with 2.02: To Sext or Not To Sext

Role: Gia

Status: Recurring

8. Tyra Banks

Show: Gossip Girl

Episode: 3.04: Dan de Fleurette

Role: Ursula

Status: Guest-Star

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of my countdown!

Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.04 and Gossip Girl 3.04

5 10 2009

Last Week’s OTH Reaction Post

Last Week’s GG Reaction Post

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.



  • Previously on: Brooke says Alex is a good model, Alex wants Julian, Alex gives Julian a script, Quinn talks about her problems with David, David shows up, Nathan tells Mouth about Renee, Clay tells Renee they aren’t giving in
  • Nathan is skipping work outs.
  • Clay tells him he still  needs to stay in shape.
  • Nathan says his future is up in the air–he doesn’t have a contact and they haven’t heard from Renee.
  • Clay says the Renee stuff will come out and they are prepared.  He needs to be prepared for basketball, in the meantime.
  • Quinn is food shopping with Jamie and Haley.
  • Quinn and Jamie are quite cute together.  Let’s see more of that.  It’s the only side of her I like.
  • Taylor reference!
  • Haley tells Quinn she’ll be a mom, too, some day and understand what it’s like to be a parent.
  • Q1: Dude, hand over that crystal ball. I have a few questions for it.–Quinn
  • It’s been “a few days” since the last episode.
  • Quinn spoke with David at TRIC and he wants her to come home.  Doesn’t seem like she wants to.
  • Q2: See, that’s the thing. It might have everything I need but that doesn’t mean it has everything I want.–Quinn
  • You would think Quinn is younger than Haley.  That’s how they act.  But I guess marriage and a child at a young age matures you!
  • Julian is burning incense and reading Alex’s script.
  • LOL Brooke doesn’t even know what incense is?!
  • Q3: You’re starting to smell like Victoria and that’s freaky.–Brooke
  • Brooke has a fashion show tonight.
  • Julian doesn’t like Alex’s script but he’s re-reading it anyway.
  • Q4: Hey, Brooke Davis.  You look beautiful today.–Julian
  • Oh, wow. Alex is ready when Millie arrives! Shocking!
  • LOL at Millie saying “bitch.”
  • Clay is watching Nate work out and he gets a call–the story about Renee broke.
  • As we saw in the promo, Jamie just found the tabloid with Nate and Renee on the cover.
  • Q5: What’s a love child?–Jamie
  • I don’t like these fast-paced, let’s go-from-scene-to-scene-and-see-every-character openings.  What ever happened to a slow burn?
  • Gossip Girl promo.
  • Woah! Haley has stacks of the tabloid sitting on the kitchen counter.  I guess she thinks the more she buys, the less it’s out there.
  • Aw, Nathan just apologized and said he’s responsible for the family.
  • Aw, Haley says they’re going through this together.
  • I like this Naley-as-a-team.
  • OMG Chuck is reading from the tabloid allowed and teasing Jamie.  So sad!
  • LOL Quinn is talking to the little girl from last season about her problems with David.
  • I think Quinn would be better off watching the boys and getting that mag from Chuck.
  • Uht oh. Mouth is getting in trouble for not reporting the Nathan story.  But he says the story is rumor and refuses to report on it.  Good journalist, Mouth!
  • Eek, his boss isn’t having it.  Report on it or leave.
  • Love Millie’s dress.
  • Victoria’s back!
  • And she called Brooke “boss.”  Nice.
  • And she just agreed with Millie on something.  Nicer.
  • Looks like the fashion show is at TRIC.  The place looks great.
  • Miranda just made a snide comment to Haley about the Nathan issue.
  • David just came to see Haley.  I’m glad we’re getting to see him.  And him interact with Haley.
  • Haley says Noisettes are performing at the fashion show.
  • And says Quinn will be there so maybe he shouldn’t be.
  • David tells Haley that he still wants to be with Quinn and won’t give up.
  • Hey, look!  There’s Chase!  Welcome back, Chase.  (Not sure we need you, though!)
  • LOL Victoria has no idea who Chase is.
  • Aw, I love that Chase brought up he used to date Brooke!
  • Guess Victoria does have her attitude still, a bit.
  • Q6: Hey, who’s the old lady?…Oh, Millie told me all about you.  You’re the evil bitch who used to be really important around here but now you’re just the evil bitch.–Alex to Victoria
  • Wow, did Alex and Millie just bond?
  • Haley tells Quinn about David coming by.
  • Quinn tells Haley it’s not her place to speak to him or tell her what to do.  I’m torn.
  • Haley says Quinn owes him the truth.  I do agree with that.
  • I totally miss Brooke/Jamie scenes!  Please don’t let Quinn replace that!
  • Ooh, a Nathan-Brooke scene! Rare!  Short but loved!
  • Q7: I only read them because I’m waiting for that story to come out about me and Johnny Depp.–Brooke about the tabloids
  • Brooke says she’s been in the tabloids tons but Nathan points out she’s never had to explain it to a 7-year-old.
  • Yes! We’re getting to see Nathan talk to Jamie about this!
  • Aw, Nathan says if he does one day have a brother or sister, it will be from him and Haley.
  • Q8: I take a look at this picture of you and your mom and it helps me remember to always do the right thing.–Nathan
  • 90210 promo
  • Miranda wants Haley to do an interview and Haley says she’s not up to it.  Sorry, Haley, that’s not allowed in this business.  Step up and do it!
  • LOL Did Julian just call Victoria “Vicky?”  Too funny!
  • I like their banter.
  • Victoria just asked if Julian’s father is dating someone.  I wonder if they’ll get together?!
  • Q9: Please stop saying lover!-Julian
  • The journalist wants to know about Haley’s record.  So do we!
  • Nice to see Miranda step in when the journalist asks about Nathan.  That’s what good managers do.
  • Impressed by Miranda standing up for Haley but it was probably just business to her.
  • LOL Haley is dumbfounded.
  • Who the hell is that model bitching at Millicent?  Called her lower than the help and ugly!  Unacceptable!
  • Alex is playing nice with the model but I have a feeling she’ll come to Millie’s defense somehow.
  • Yep! Alex just gave the girl some pills…and you know they’re not the good kind!
  • Quinn went to talk to David! Yes! Let’s see this move forward!
  • Kind of weird to see them reminisce when we really don’t know either of them.
  • Okay, so I wanted to see this progress.  But, on second thought, this is also not what I want my OTH screentime to go to.
  • Quinn says she feels like their lives have been put on hold instead of trying new things.
  • David promises to change to whatever Quinn wants but she won’t let him change since it wouldn’t be fair.  Damn straight.  Be yourself!
  • Quinn flat-out says they should get a divorce.  David is clearly not happy.
  • Brooke is giving a pep talk to the models…but one is missing–the one Alex gave the drugs to.
  • LOL Brooke asks Victoria to help and she passes it to Millie.
  • Millie actually has a solution.  As does Alex!
  • Alex suggests Millicent replace the model.  Who didn’t see this coming?
  • I’ve got a feeling what Millicent’s storyline will be this season.
  • Nathan is looking swanky in a suit!  Why is he so dressed up?
  • Clay is, too!
  • Is this that fancy of an event?
  • Clay says the press will be there and Nate should say ‘no comment’ but he says he might want to speak.
  • They are making Chace out to be a dorky idiot. He isn’t.
  • Aw, cute Brulian moment! A pep talk and a sexy, steamy kiss!  They are incredibly hot together!
  • This all reminds me of Donna’s fashion show on Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Q10: I know we’re not in New York. But this is my home.–Brooke on Tree Hill
  • Noisettes performing. Never heard of them (her?) until it was announced they’d (she’d?) be on the show.  Sounds decent.
  • Seriously, Nathan and Clay look so random in their suits when no one else is.
  • Oh, Haley’s there.  She looks great with pin-straight hair and short bangs. I kind of love it.  But it looks like a wig.
  • Quinn just showed up. First time we’re seeing her all made up.  She looks weird.  She’s too much of a tom-boy for me to pull off the glam look.
  • Alex and Brooke are giving Millie a pep talk.
  • Millie says she’s not a size 0 and apparently that gives Brooke an idea.  And I have to say good, because the red dress isn’t working on her.
  • Alex is hamming it up on the stage and I’m back to not liking her.
  • Millie comes out in a different outfit–a black jacket-y thing that Alex rips open. Underneath, Millie is wearing a tank top that says “zero is not a size.”  Right on!
  • Millie looked gorgeous!  Where was Mouth?  They didn’t mention him.
  • Another 90210 promo.
  • Aw, Millie is getting press!
  • Too bad Victoria just stepped in and stole the limelight.  Though Millie is thanking her for answering the question.
  • Julian tells Alex the script was bad.
  • Why is she so offended?  Did she write it?  If so, that hasn’t been made clear.
  • Yup! Alex wrote it.
  • I really don’t want this to be something for them to bond over.
  • Q11: I would love to commit to you, Julian!–Alex
  • Of course Victoria overhears.
  • Ugh, did Alex really just need to hug Julian?
  • WTF is Quinn wearing? Quite ugly.
  • She’s come up to Clay and is sparring with him again.  I do NOT want to see these guys get together.
  • LOL Clay is telling Quinn to have the bad drink Chase made.
  • Oh, Mouth was/is at work. They should’ve said that.
  • Noisettes performing again.
  • Haley thanks Miranda but she makes it clear it was just business.  As it should be, I think.
  • Eek! The teleprompter is telling Mouth to say about Nathan’s affair but he refuses ON-AIR!
  • Boss yells after him that he’s “off the air,” which I guess means fired.
  • I don’t know what I would’ve done in Mouth’s position.
  • Okay, I am actually really liking Noisettes.  Sounds great.
  • Hey, where are Dan and Rachel?
  • So Clay and Quinn went from sparring to flirting.
  • But here’s David.  And he’s apparently drunk.
  • Clay gets involved and ends up punching David.
  • Did they really need to go this?  David seemed like a good guy and now they just made him a bad guy.
  • Maybe they wanted to show that Clay is like Nathan?  Will step in and defend a girl?
  • Another Gossip Girl promo
  • LOL Alex says she’s turned on by Clay’s fight.
  • Q12: How about I come over later and take care of that hand? And any other body part that needs special attention?–Alex
  • Clay rejects her.  She seems surprised and a little stunned.
  • Awwwww. A reporter bombards Nathan for comment, and he says he’s just proud of Brooke and has no comment on anything else.
  • Q13: “I hate to admit it. Millicent really pulled it off.”  “And Alex really pulled it off her.”–Victoria and Brooke
  • Victoria warns Brooke about Alex interfering with her and Julian.
  • Millie thanks Alex for her help tonight and Alex invites her to the after party.  That is not a good idea.
  • Millie just ignored Mouth’s call!  That is DEFINITELY not a good idea!
  • Why couldn’t you answer it and go out?
  • Mouth leaves a message saying he needs to talk, wants to hear about the show and will wait up for her.  Sigh.
  • Aw, poor Jamie. He’s sleeping and holding a picture of Nathan and Haley.
  • I have used “aw” too many times tonight.  But that’s what this episode is evoking.
  • Q14: Even with all the models on the stage tonight, the most beautiful woman here was backstage.–Julian
  • Julian says he might hook Victoria up with his father.  Could be interesting.  Could just be a repeat of things we’ve seen before on all the other teen dramas.
  • Brooke looks less than thrilled when Julian says he’s going to work with Alex.
  • Quinn is with David, who tells her she’s not being herself.  Quinn admits she’s not entirely sure what she wants but she wants him to go and to move on.
  • David looks like a fair-skinned, blonde-haired Owen.
  • Quinn leaves David…and gets in Clay’s car!  In front of David!  Not cool!
  • And Quinn asks to go to Clay’s.  Clay is apprehensive but he does.
  • Haley leaves and Renee is waiting outside!
  • Renee says Nathan doesn’t love her and told her during sex.
  • Haley slaps her and she falls to the  ground…and all the paps take the photo!
  • Renee tells her she will pay for what she just did.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: Dan calls Nathan offering to help, Haley is arrested for assault and battery, Brooke tells Mouth he’s dating a model, Julian is helping a barely-clothed Alex, Dan tells Renee he has a proposition for her.



  • Previously on: Blair says she needs to be at NYU to establish herself as queen, Chuck tells her it’s not Constance. Jenny says she doesn’t want to be Queen. Scott tells Vanessa who he is and leaves town.  Blair reiterates that Serena isn’t going to Brown.
  • Gossip Girl suggests this is Jenny’s first day at school as queen. How the hell is school just starting?
  • Twitter reference!
  • LOL Did Blair really decorate her door all luxuriously?
  • Q1: C”mon, I thought you lived in Brooklyn, not a cave!–Nate to Penn
  • Apparently Olivia stars in a Twilight-like film. Figures they’d play off that.
  • And lookie look! Here’s Hilary Duff as Olivia, helping Dan pay for his coffee.  I wonder if she overheard Nate talking.
  • Hmmm.  She says her name is Kate.
  • LOL Blair comes to what she thinks is a business/wealth meeting but Masters of the Universe group is a comic book/RPG group.  Funny.
  • Blair tells Chuck that NYU is hell.
  • Chuck says at least Georgina is visiting her parents in Connecticut.  That’s probably the excuse she gave as she really chases after Scott.
  • Yup, it’s the first day at Constance.  I hate that we have to accept this warped timeline.
  • Jenny says it will be a “new era of sunlight and fairness” with no one reigning.
  • I really don’t like Jenny’s rocker look.
  • And now she has her own minyions who have copied it.  And she doesn’t even know they are!
  • Jenny just told them to wash her eyes!  That’s the pot calling the kettle black.
  • LOL Serena is practing with Rufus on how to tell Lily she’s not going to Brown.
  • Rufus’ imitiation of Lily is pretty hysterical and kind of accurate.
  • Rufus says he will tell Lily about the Scott stuff after Serena reveals her secret first.
  • And here comes Lily!  Nice to her again.
  • Apparently CeCe is “feeling so much better.”
  • Lily asks the obvious: why isn’t Serena at Brown?
  • “Kate” says the NYU course catalog sounds interesting.  And claims she’s from New Jersey.  She leaves to go move in.
  • Dan is clearly intrigued.
  • Serena tells Lily she thinks this is the right thing for her and Rufus backs her up.
  • Lily is surprised and asks if it’s just cold feet.
  • Serena says she doesn’t know who she is and Lily rightly points out that that’s why you go to college.
  • Lily also points out that she was supposed to find herself in Europe and Serena vaguely says she didn’t find what she was looking for.
  • Lily questions Serena’s choice but she’s steadfast.
  • Q2: Make no mistake.  I am back.  And she is going to Brown.–Lily to Rufus
  • LOL Jenny is telling all the clone girls that there isn’t a hierarchy anymore.  Doesn’t she realize this isn’t helping?
  • Blair gets a text that Jenny is “ruining everything” and she’s more than happy to go running.
  • Someone is in Vanessa’s room kind of redecorating.  Someone who works for “Kate.”
  • Vanessa is shocked when “Kate” walks in.  I guess we are supposed to believe that she’s quite famous.
  • “Kate” apologizes for her publicist, Casey.
  • Okay, Vanessa confirms that her name is Olivia Burke.  I guess her alia is Kate.
  • Olivia is clearly upset by Casey’s actions, including handing out confidentialty agreements.
  • Cameo: Tory Birch.  99 percent of viewers have no idea who this is.
  • Serena is trying to get a job but isn’t having much success.  But she looks good doing it!
  • Q3: They all want me to come to their parties but they don’t want me to work for them…I am taking myself to lunch.–Serena
  • Olivia is going off on Casey, saying she wants a “normal college experience.
  • LOL Olivia is supposed to be on Larry King Live tonight.
  • So I’m watching Hilary but all I see is Lizzie Maguire.
  • Serena gives Olivia advice on how to sneak out.
  • Olivia knows Serena from the press and says she likes the dress S wore to the MET gala.  (Which Blake actually went to! So meta!)
  • Q4: You’re like a diva-whisperer.–Casey to Serena
  • Casey offers Serena a job.
  • The girls at Constance revolt against Jenny and she figures out Blair had to do with it.
  • Apparently Bree is out of the country or something.
  • Nate is teasing Dan for not getting Olivia’s number.
  • Q5: I’d just expect more game from the guy who dated Serena Van Der Woodsen.–Nate  (This is funny when put in context with an interview I’m linking to late in the roundup.)
  • LOL Olivia forgets to answer when Dan calls her “Kate.”
  • Dan asks her to go out sometime and Olivia says “right now’ works.
  • Serena will be working with Olivia’s co-star.
  • Enter Tyra Banks!  Playing Ursula!  (As in The Little Mermaid!)
  • And apparently Ursula is unhappy having “amateurs” around her.  This promises to be…lamely funny.
  • But now Serena and Ursula are bonding. And it’s the next morning.
  • LOL Ursula plays Josephine Baker…in the French Resistance.  Wowow.
  • Hm, Tyra isn’t doing a bad job.
  • Blair’s at home.  I kind of miss that place.
  • Chuck comes over, and knows she’s lying about why she’s there. (Because she’s avoiding NYU and hanging with Constance people.)
  • Q6: Those girls deserve to learn the meaning of aristoracy!–Blair about the Constance girls
  • Chuck and Blair have an invitiation to a movie premiere…Fleur…but Blair says she won’t go.
  • Olivia says she can’t hang out tonight and says her life “is more complicated than you can know.”
  • Dan says he likes her a lot…when he’s only known her for like a day!
  • LOL Dan still has no idea who she is.  And says the last girl he dated (Serena) was always in the spotlight so Olivia’s normalness is nice.
  • Olivia apologizes and leaves.
  • Q7: Congratulations.  Your girlfriend’s installed a puppet regime.–Jenny to Chuck
  • Chuck offers to help Jenny if he helps her.
  • Q8: You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think you were born to rule this school.–Chuck
  • Chuck is saying some nice things about Jenny (and Blair by extension) but probably only to get what he wants.
  • Ursula is freaking out again…and Serena saves the day.
  • Casey reveals to Serena that the scene Ursula was proud of got cut.  Serena wants to tell her but Casey says they can’t for the sake of Ursula’s career.
  • Rufus texts Serena (WTH?!) that Lily and him are going to the premiere.
  • Dan calls Vanessa and says he just got dumped.  Um, not quite.
  • Vanessa agrees to go to a movie, but is holding the invite to Fleur.  Clearly this is all going to go down there, in true Gossip Girl fashion.
  • 90210 promo, this one showing that The Script is performing.
  • Fleur premiere.
  • I have a feeling the fans and chaos is not unlike a typical Gossip Girl shoot in NYC.
  • Dan just misses Olivia get out of the limo.
  • Blair is hosting the Constance girls at her house.
  • Q9: Mr Chuck and I think…–Dorota
  • Q10: Now who wants to hear how I got the good Chuck Bass to tell me he loved me?–Blair
  • Looks like Chuck and Jenny are going to the premiere together.
  • All the girls get a text…that Jenny and Chuck are at the Fleur premiere together.
  • Q11: I guess Queen B isn’t starring in this melodrama.–Gossip Girl
  • I don’t see how this is going to get Blair back at NYU and Jenny free of her.
  • Rufus just references Casablanca and Showgirls.  Oh boy.
  • Lily is not impressed by Serena’s job but promises no more Brown talk.
  • Serena opens up to Lily about the Casey-Ursula connection but gets upset at what Lily says: that Casey is just trying to exploit her.  Serena says they believe in her.  Whatever, S.
  • Olivia sees Dan, and they’re both surprised to see each other.
  • Dan thinks Olivia now lied about having to work. And it comes out that Olivia knows Vanessa.
  • And now Dan puts 2 and 2 together and figures out who Olivia is. (‘Cause we haven’t seen this plot a million times.)
  • Promo for The Stepfather, starring Penn Badgley.
  • They’re all watching the premiere and Ursula is devastated that her big scene was cut.  Serena feels unnecessarily guilty.
  • Casey reveals her master plan to get publicity for Ursula.  Serena is not happy to be a pawn in the game.
  • I hope people know the whole
  • Blair is going off on Jenny, vowing to make her life “a living hell.”
  • Chuck says this was his doing.
  • Blair says he humiliated her.
  • But Chuck says she’s giving up on NYU and wants to help her.
  • Blair is having a meltdown a the premiere…and no one is  noticing.
  • Chuck is insulted by Blair’s actions.  She can win him over, but not the NYU “pseduo-intellectuals.”
  • Q12: Remember I’m Chuck Bass, and I love you.–Chuck
  • I really don’t get this theory/plot at all.
  • Olivia apologizes to Dan for not saying who she was.  But he explains that she always dreamt of being normal and at NYU.
  • LOL And she says her middle name is Kate.
  • Dan says his past relationships have been “full of drama.”
  • Q13: Dan, I get it. As much as I want to be Kate. I’m also Olivia.  And you don’t want what.  And I’m sorry.–Olivia
  • And he lets her leave!  Surprising but that makes me happy.  It would be too cliche if he didn’t and too easy if he didn’t.
  • The paps want to take Blair’s picture because she’s “Blair Waldorf.”  I wonder if Chuck is paying them?  They’ve never cared about her before.
  • Ursula is very upset.  But is taking Serena’s advice over Casey’s. And now Serena is fired.  Not that we didn’t see that coming.
  • I think everyone expected it to be a joke but I really like Tyra’s acting. Am I crazy?
  • Serena tells Lily she was fired but she’s still not going to Brown.
  • Instead she’s moving out!  To find out who she really is.  Groan.
  • Q14: You think anyone knows who they really are?  We don’t.  We just live.–Lily
  • Serena says she won’t do this Lily’s way and storms out.
  • Where has Carter been during all this? Conveniently MIA.
  • Lily blames Rufus for this situation and says she needs to be alone.
  • I would like to see a friendship between Vanessa and Olivia.  She could use a real female friend.  Even if it is a movie star.
  • Vanessa talks about Scott (without naming him)–a guy who hid who he was and everyone lost.
  • And she says Dan is a “real special guy.”  When will the V and Dan thing ever be explored?!
  • Aww, Olivia is sweet.
  • Blair is on the phone with Serena and essentially says S can crash with her.
  • Blair is meeting with other Blair-like girls at NYU, recruiting a new minyion. Joy.
  • Chuck sent Blair a dress and apparently that’s all it takes to make her happy!
  • And I was right! Chuck did pay the photog!
  • There’s Scott! I knew he wasn’t gone.
  • Vanessa is calling him but he says he has another call that he needs to take.  She says it’s fine but it’s clearly not.
  • And it’s Georgina calling him!  They’re meeting up.
  • Dan is looking around the coffee shop  for Olivia but she’s not there.
  • Jenny and Blair are giving orders to their new followers.
  • Olivia shows up and says she wants Dan to get to know her, and he accepts.
  • Q15: We go to the movies because we want to see fairytales…A sleeping queen woken by her true love’s kiss. A princess that puts aside her jewels to make her way in the world. Lovers torn apart being brought back together. But life isn’t a fairytale and happy endings are few and far between. In life, the young queen becomes a tyrant and takes her subjects to war. So that’s why we need movies to remind us that despite it all love can still spring in the most unlikely of places. And that sometimes even fairytales can come true.–Gossip Girl
  • Preview: Lily and Rufus are going to get married; Georgina says Vanessa must get Dan to dump Olivia (“the whore”) or she’ll reveal Scott’s true secret.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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