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5 03 2010

While nearly all the teen dramas started with main characters who were siblings or would become siblings, every single one did begin with main characters who had some form of absentee parents.

On Beverly Hills 90210, Kelly’s dad took off when she little.

With Dawson’s Creek, Joey’s mother died when she was thirteen and her father was in prison. Jen’s parents sent her to Capeside to live with her grandmother.

Ryan’s father was in prison on The O.C. and his mom kicked him out of the house and soon took off. Summer’s mom abandoned her and her dad she was thirteen.

On One Tree Hill, Peyton’s mom died when she was 8 and her dad spent long periods of time away at sea. Brooke’s parents were often out of town as well. Lucas didn’t really have a dad in Dan.

Serena and Eric’s dad was MIA while Blair’s father lived in France and Chuck’s mom was dead (or so he thinks).

On 90210, Silver’s dad Mel appeared to be out of the picture while Dixon’s biological parents were who-knows-where.

Almost all these “absentee parents” led to much drama on the shows. But it’s worth noting that even the “2-parent households” had their problems, too!

Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

27 08 2009


Question: Stop resisting the temptation and tell us: What does Chuck say after he kisses another guy on Gossip Girl? —KB
He says… Nope, can’t do it. Sorry.

Question: Please calm the storm in the Gossip Girl fandom and tell us if Chuck is going to be bisexual? —Bev
I’ll say this: The comment Chuck makes post-smooch… Nope, can’t do it. Sorry.

Question: où as tu appris le Français? ça fait bizzare et plaisir à la fois de te lire répondre à Xav. —Guillaume (un autre fan de Gossip Girl Français)
Je pense à prendre mes vacances de Noël en France. Tu pourrais me trouver un hébergement gratuit (et de préférence luxueux)?

Question: Anything else you can share about Chuck’s big kiss on Gossip Girl? —Nick
Scandal! The hottie he macks on has played gay before! Former soap star Neal Bledsoe recently shot a guest appearance on Californication as Hank’s vampire-lit loving student. His episode airs Oct. 4. (Not sure if he gets to first base with David Duchovny, but for the purposes of this story, let’s assume he does.)


Note #1: the third question approximately translates to the following (I think)–

Question: Where did you learn how to ace French? It was bizzare and gave me pleasure at the same time to read your answer. – Guillaume (another French fan of Gossip Girl)
Ausiello: I’m thinking of spending Christmas in France. Could you find me free lodging (preferably luxurious)?

Note #2: Ed Westwick (Chuck) is also making a guest appearance on Californication this season.

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