Monday Night Reaction

5 01 2009


  • Since when do they themselves post on Gossip Girl?  I thought the whole point of her blog was that SHE posts!
  • Creative to not introduce Uncle Jack in the typical way.  Felt slighted, though, like something was missing.
  • Fair to assume Jack and Blair had a New Year’s Eve fling?
  • Serena and Dan were surprisingly cute…but it won’t last, I can promise you that. Why tease viewers? Because putting couples together and tearing them apart again is a teen drama staple.
  • So the secret lovechild is a boy, as many people were guessing.


  • If it’s late in LA when Peyton calls Lucas, how late is it in Tree Hill?  North Carolina is in an earlier time zone!
  • She’s preggers.  Duh.  I love how excited and cute they were!
  • Haley wants dibs on godmother…and yet she made Brooke Jamie’s.  Fair?  I don’t think so.
  • Jack’s brother is ridiculously creepy.
  • Victoria could still be behind the mugging, right?  At least the sketch-stealing part.  She could’ve hired Jack’s creepy brother.
  • Never saw it coming that that was Julian’s dad.
  • Andre and Julian are adorable.  And tragic.
  • His question (is Julian really just after Peyton) is my question, too!
  • Number 12 is just as good as 23…I guess.
  • Yay Chase!  No Chase and Mia!
  • Could do without the Mouth and Millicent storyline.
  • Why did they never show Owen’s SlamBall injury?
  • Sophia Bush was super-impressive tonight.  I was just blown away and I really like the way the story unfolded, particularly the ending.


  • Surprisingly, there weren’t too many 90210 promos.  I only counted two.
  • One Tree Hill wins the promo war for next week (aka got me more excited than Gossip Girl).  Agree?

Meet Uncle Jack Bass!

5 01 2009

WireImage Portrait Studio, Michael Perez Pop Art Gallery

As if you needed another reason to watch Gossip Girl tonight (8/7c on The CW or your local affiliate), this is the first time we’ll meet Jack Bass, Bart’s brother and Chuck’s uncle.

Jack (played by Demond Harrington) comes to the Upper East Side to help locate Chuck who’s been MIA since his father’s funeral.

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