Top 5 Biggest Vixens

9 03 2009

My alternate title for this series was Biggest Bitches, but I figured vixens was more PC.  Either way, the list is the same.  This week I’ll be counting down the top 5 temptresses of teen drama lore.

These manipulative mavens use their wits, sex appeal and fierce attitudes to achieve whatever goal.

We’ll start with one of teen drama’s newest female villains but as the week goes on, so does the scheming and infamy.

5. Naomi Clark (90210)

Naomi is every high schooler’s worst nightmare: mean-spirited, shallow and filthy rich.  Naomi uses her looks and wealth to wield power on those around her, often feuding with Annie and not hesitating to back-stab those her wrong her, whether it be Silver, Ethan or someone else.

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