Exclusive: Gossip Girl’s Zuzanna Szadkowski On Working For “Miss Blair”

16 08 2009

In just two seasons, Zuzanna Szadkowski’s Dorota has wiggled her way into the hearts of fans and critics alike.  Add webisodes to the mix, guest appearances on The Sopranos, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and (one of my favorite non-teen drama shows) Guiding Light, plus a hoarde of fans on Twitter, and you’ve got one successful lady.

Read on for our exclusive interview…

TeenDramaWhore: When you first auditioned for Gossip Girl, did you have any idea the role would evolve?

Zuzanna Szadkowski: I understood the character would probably recur. I was super excited to be a part of the show because there was a lot of buzz as to how fabulous it would be. I never imagined the extent to which playing Dorota would be such an incredible opportunity.

TDW: Have you been surprised by viewer reaction? Even television critics are praising Dorota!

Szadkowski: I am always very excited and surprised to meet a fan. I am blown away to be mentioned positively by viewers and critics. I am happy the audience gets a kick out of the character. The writers of the show create hysterical situations for Dorota and have developed her relationship with Blair-Leighton Meester] in such a delightful way.

TDW: How did Chasing Dorota come about?

Szadkowski: The mini episodes give us a look at the folks on the other side of [Upper East Side] glamour. It turns out there is quite a bit of drama among the serving ranks. The process of shooting Chasing Dorota was an absolute dream for me. Dorota has the cutest, most charming friends. I think the result is awesome.

TDW: Will be seeing more of Dorota in season 3, or will her personal life remain off-screen and on-line?

Szadkowski: We will just have to wait to see 😉

TDW: The Dorota accent actually runs in your family, right?

Szadkowski: I was born in Poland and moved to the US when I was young. Although I don’t speak English with an accent, my parents do… so I have used my mother as a model for Dorota’s way of speaking.

TDW: What can you tell us about the upcoming season?

Szadkowski: From what I can tell season 3 is full of major surprises.

TDW: What it’s like working with a cast predominantly younger than you?

Szadkowski: The cast is incredible. Everyone is sweet to me and, although they are younger, they are very professional and accomplished. I am inspired by each of them and learn a tremendous amount on set. I do keep hoping some of their gorgeousness might rub off on me.

TDW: Do you have a favorite memory or funniest story from the set?

Szadkowski: I had a lot of laughs working with Marlena who played Blair’s bulldog, “Handsome Dan” [ed. note: Episode 2.16, You’ve Got Yale]. That puppy was so cute, but very heavy. I got a major arm workout carrying her around.

TDW: Has it been fun interacting with fans via Twitter?

Szadkowski: I love connecting with fans on Twitter! I have received same really supportive tweets from fans and some funny Dorota art.

TDW: You were also on another one of my favorite shows recently, Guiding Light. Will you be back again before the series ends in September?

Szadkowski: Unfortunately, my role only spanned a couple of episodes. I wish Sister Angelica, the Bosnian nun, would make an encore appearance. I have to say that working on Guiding Light was very intense. I really respect their crew and actors for what it takes to pull off so many episodes with so much panache. I was very sad to hear that the series will end.

TDW: Are you working on any other projects?

Szadkowski: Currently enjoying shooting Season 3. I will let you know if anything new develops.

Season 3 of Gossip Girl premieres Monday, September 14.

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