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12 01 2009


Michelle in Williamsport, Pa.: The cast of 90210 is so hot. Any chance any of them are actually single?
Not even close. Those 90210 kids just can’t help but date each other. Dustin Milligan and Jessica Stroup were together at the WB/In Style party last night, while Jessica Lowndes and Adam Gregory were spotted Saturday afternoon at the HBO Luxury Lounge, though the pair wouldn’t let the photogs catch them canoodling.

Jesse in Miami: Is Lily and Rufus’ son alive on Gossip Girl? I hope not!
I’m told Rufus and Lily will be told that he’s dead, but then later find out he is not. Yep, Dan and Serena’s romance-slaying half sibling is most definitely among the living, and according to sources, the producers plan to cast some hot new guy to come to the show either later this season or early in season three. So what does this mean for D and S? Is there any way to keep them together now? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Wallace in Reno, Nev.: Give us some good Gossip Girl scoop!
A huge core couple is going to get back together. And trust me, it’s not anyone you would think would get back together. And trust me, I will cry.

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