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12 09 2009

This one has a long back-story so bear with me.

In season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210, Dylan’s dad Jack died in a car bomb explosion.

In season 6, Dylan found out who was responsible for Jack’s death–Tony Marchette.  As a way to get closer to Marchette (so he could enact revenge), Dylan befriended Marchette’s daughter Antonia (aka Toni).  They ended up falling in love and marrying.

Marchette wasn’t having it and decided to put a hit on Dylan.  Things went awry and Toni ended up taking the bullets, leading to her death.  Following the funeral, Dylan leaves town.

In season 9, Dylan returns to Beverly Hills and again wants revenge on Marchette.  He is shocked to find out Marchette actually killed himself not long after Toni’s death.

In season 10, Dylan is shocked again when he finds out his father is actually alive–he’s been in the Witness Protection Program all these years.

Here’s the question: Was Jack’s death purposefully faked/staged or did the government (or whoever), knowing about the bomb, rescue him at the last second and put him in the program?

That then begs the following question: Was Marchette responsible for Jack faking his death (as in, did Marchette help him do it) or did Marchette actually try to kill him and think he succeeded?

The writers in season 3, I’m sure, didn’t specifically plan for the season 6 or season 10 storylines (I know this for a fact, actually).  Season 10 probably rolled around and they came up with the idea that Jack has been alive all this time and went with it.  But doing that had major implications for the past storylines.

Was Toni’s death in vain?  It certainly seems that way.  But for which reason: Was Marchette trying to keep Dylan from finding out the truth–that his father was still alive? Or, as far as Marchette knew, Jack was dead and, yes, he was responsible, just as Dylan thought, and wanted Dylan dead, too?

Another thing that bothers me: at the end of the episode where Toni dies (6.10, One Wedding and a Funeral), Dylan says to Marchette “My father is dead. Your daughter is dead. We’re even now.”  Dylan lost his father AND his wife!  How the hell is that even?

It’s a very complicated series of storylines and raises some interesting questions.  Would love to know Luke Perry’s take on all of this.  Maybe one day I’ll get to ask him!  Fingers crossed…

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