Article: Jason Priestley Won’t Rule Out 90210 Appearance

13 01 2009

Could it be?  Kelly and Brandon together again?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

If you ask Priestley (Brandon, Beverly Hills 90210.), you’ll get this answer: “I never say never, right? If Gabe [Sachs] and Jeff [Judah] came up with something really interesting, then we’ll see what happens.”

That revelation and more is packed into yet another TCA Press Tour article.

Priestley says some interesting things…that I kind of take issue with.  For instance:

JP says he directed 18 episodes of the original.  Other sources have it at 15 or 16.  (Though he did produce–whatever that means–more than 100.)

Says the only continuity between the original and new series is Erin and Kelly.  Guess he forgot about his twin sis, Brenda!

Says the new 90210 is bigger than the original.  Maybe BH90210 wasn’t huge at first, but it definitely got big!

Says “the episode I’m directing is a big episode. It’s a very ambitious episode.”  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Says the new series needs to be its own show and too many old characters shouldn’t come back.  Are you kidding?  That’s all the show has going for it!

WHEW! Okay, done ranting.

(Maybe I’m being too knit-picky?)



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