Tuesday Night Reaction

13 01 2009


  • More evidence of how important Jessica Lowndes has become to the show: the ‘previously’ recap was practically all about Adrianna.
  • Q1: “My friends back home are gonna get a snow day.  Lucky bastards.”–Annie
  • Cute that Annie and Ethan were talking on the phone before bed but…
  • Why did she lie about what she was wearing?  She still looked pretty cute and…
  • Did they really just say I love you?  For the first time?  Like that?
  • Funny running lines with Tabitha but anything with Tabitha is usually funny.
  • Q2: “These vocal chords are what put this roof over our head.”–Tabitha
  • The Wilsons have “help”?  Never seen ’em…
  • How is this the first time Debbie and Tabitha are arguing about chores?  It’s never come up in the 4 months they’ve been living together?
  • Did Annie really say ‘you have a nice mouth’?  Gross.
  • Q3: “It’s givin’ me diabetes.”–Silver
  • Q4: “I love me some Barack Obama.”
  • That whole menstrual dialogue was SO NOT NECESSARY.
  • The complaining about gym did remind me of a similar scene in Clueless.  (That’s two nights in a row for Clueless!)
  • Why did they bother dressing for gym if they knew they were going to protest participating?
  • In Naomi’s nicer moments, I see a little Kelly/Jennie Garth in her.
  • The blonde “Blended” is Shelly from OTH!  Looks younger here, no?
  • Adrianna faints and you don’t call for help right away?  And you don’t follow up with it for more than 10 minutes?
  • I don’t get why they delay the opening credits so much.
  • Q5: “What are you two in heat?”–Silver
  • Q6: “How about some privacy, Silver?”  “How about some discretion, Ethan?”–Ethan and Silver
  • Why is Silver making fun of Dixon after seeing last week how good he is at singing?
  • Q7: “We can pretend it’s just you and me…and my dad.”–Annie
  • Q8: “Well there’s no Navid standing behind ya, is there, honey?”–Naomi
  • Q9: “Get over yourself, Naomi.”–Navid
  • Car surprise at school is cute/embarrassing.
  • The kitchen exchange about the car was pretty funny.
  • Q10: “No 16-year-old needs a car.  There are kids in other countries with no shoes!”–Debbie
  • Loved Tabitha in her Asian garb
  • Q11: “I’m tired of being a teenager.”–Annie (Is she really whining again?!)
  • Who couldn’t tell that Tabitha was lying about asking Debbie permission for Palm Springs?
  • Will we ever meet Ethan’s bro?  I read forever ago that we were going to, and he’s autistic.
  • See the commercial for the contest we told you about last week?
  • When I saw the promos, I took issue with them being at the beach in January.  Guess it makes sense now given the supposed heat wave.
  • Showing The Peach Pit without Nat is just like a tease!
  • Q12: “Sour grapes, baby.  Sour grapes.”–Navid
  • Q13: “I gave you a tip.  A big tip.”–Navid
  • Harry’s mother/wife Freudian slip was funny.
  • Interesting that Debbie brought up not living with Tabitha.  Don’t remember: can they not afford their own place?  And does Harry have siblings?
  • Q14: “Talked to your mom, delightful creature that she is.”–Naomi
  • Q15: “Pregnant-pregnant?”–Naomi
  • Is “I’m ready to go to Palm Springs” code for something?!
  • Q16: “How do you tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant with someone else’s you-know-what?”–Adrianna
  • Q17: “Today is all about frisbee-ing your cares away.”
  • What was with the camera focus on Adrianna’s tattoo?
  • Just realized: Annie’s grandmother has a place in Palm Springs that she goes to just like David in the original series!
  • Why did Ethan think the pool was cool?  Don’t all those BH houses have pools?
  • Q18: “Do you want to play cards?”–Annie
  • Loveddddd Silver’s bathing suit!
  • Silver wanting to build the best sand castle reminded me of the original show’s sandcastle contest in season 3.
  • And George is back.  I think George = Luke on The O.C., at least in the beginning
  • Q19: “He’s a total sponge.”–Naomi (What does that even mean?!)
  • Q20: “Harry wore cloth diapers.  By which I mean…”–Tabitha
  • Q21: “I just installed a fancy schmancy security system.”–Tabitha
  • Very impressed that Harry told Tabitha off.
  • Did Jessica Stroup just name-drop Lauren Conrad?
  • Q22: “Who knew liver came in so many forms?”–Annie
  • Q23: “With any luck we’ll be out of here by the time college applications are due.”–Ethan
  • So “I’m ready for Palm Springs” DOES mean something!  Knew it!
  • Naomi’s “friends” remind me too much of Blair’s on Gossip Girl.
  • The ‘I love you’ said before Ethan and Annie started making out was so much better than the first one.  This is how it should’ve been done originally!
  • That scene was pretty sexy until it, well, stopped.
  • Q24: “I don’t want to hurt you.”  “Too late.  You just did.”–Ethan and Annie
  • Surprised Ethan put a stop to it.
  • Q25: “Wake up and smell the blow!”–George
  • I’m glad Adrianna told Navid about her pregnancy in this episode and it wasn’t drawn out into another.
  • I knewwww Harry and Debbie would go to Palm Speings!
  • Q26: “Harry, remember the fancy schmancy security system!”–Debbie
  • Q27: “Oh, he’s asleep!  On the couch!  By himself!”–Debbie  (If only she knew what really happened to make it that way!)
  • Harry and Debbie were pretty cute in that scene and in the car after.
  • Could’ve predicted Silver wouldn’t react well to Dixon’s “I love you.”  Look at the examples in her life: Kelly & Dylan and Jackie & Mel.  Need I say more?  (And who knows if David and Donna are still together!)
  • Silver’s response was just like Ryan’s on The O.C. when Marissa said to him the first time.
  • Q28: “One minute you love me and the next you’re mad at me!”–Silver
  • Q29: “Screw you, Dixon!”–Silver
  • Catch Peter Gallagher in that commercial for some dance movie DVD?
  • The scene with Annie catching her parents was pretty hysterical.
  • Navid’s reaction/decision = not surprising.
  • Is this the beginning of the end for Dixon and Silver? (Who, btw, most of you favored–so far–in this morning’s poll!)
  • I doubt Dixon and Annie, two high-schoolers, can afford car insurance in California.
  • Again, why are they just setting ground rules now?
  • And does Tabitha getting that part mean more Tabitha for now?  That’s not okay…
  • Q30: “Glad you gave the kids the car because after what you did in that minivan, I wouldn’t want it either.”–Tabitha
  • Purple eye shadow + pink lipstick = too much!
  • Q31: “I’m 16 and I’m having a baby so that makes me a walking statistic.”–Adrianna
  • Naomi was actually pretty sweet at the end.
  • Q32: “It’s not just sex with you.  It’s more.”–Ethan
  • Q33: “Just a movie.  And making out.”–Ethan
  • They were pretty cute at the end.
  • The promo was pretty good.  Like the suspense.  Curious to see if it’s misleading in any way…
  • So glad Kelly will be back next episode.  Eps without her always make me want her back.  But only when she’s like her “old” self.



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