Tuesday Night Reaction

3 02 2009


  • Promo leads me to believe Navid will be back in this episode.  I guess that’s good.
  • Glad they picked up right where they left off.
  • Oh, wow.  He’s perfectly fine!
  • Figures they went the typical teen drama promotional route of making it seem worse than it really is.
  • Why do Annie’s parents need to wait with them?
  • Q1: “The right moment was like 2 years ago.”–Naomi
  • “I’m eating for two” is quite an overused phrase in like…everything!
  • I like that she said “it’s your baby” rather than “it’s yours.”  Semantics, I know.
  • Q2: “Sometimes I took the pill.  Sometimes I took other pills.”–Adrianna
  • Why do collapsed lungs always sound more serious than really are?
  • Why is Harry massaging Debbie in front of the kids?!
  • Q3: “Do you want to tell us what it is or do you want to play charades?”–Harry
  • Q4: “I’m not really into the whole unrequited love thing.  So I had to get out before somebody got hurt.  Or more hurt.–Dixon (I hear ya, Dixon!)
  • Q5: “Ty is like 11 in girl years.”–Naomi
  • Q6: “If Perez Hilton tuaght us anything, it’s that you can’t hide a baby bump forever.”–Naomi (Ugh, did they have to give him a shoutout?)
  • Q7: “I just finished being rehab girl. Now I have to be pregnant girl.”–Adrianna
  • Q8: “I’m so sick of reading about myself on the bathroom walls.”
  • Ty is being really mature. This can’t last, right?
  • Navid is back!
  • Q9: “Hell to the yes.”–Navid
  • Q10: “Who am I kidding? I’m never gonna get another girl.”–Navid
  • Rhonda is so cute and baby-faced!
  • See, Rhonda agrees that the lung thing sounds worse than it is!
  • Typical that he doesn’t know who she is.
  • Q11: “You obviously just live in your own bubble.  When’s the last time you spoke to someone who wasn’t running for homecoming queen or didn’t play a varsity sport?”–Rhonda
  • Typical mother-in-law joke.
  • Ugly/scary dogs!
  • Typical married couple banter.
  • Wow, Ty’s parents seem really genuine.  This can’t last either, right?
  • That’s an awfully pretty maid. (Sorry, Dorota!)
  • Q12: “Please commit them to your brains and your BlackBerrys.”–drama teacher
  • Balloon seems childish.  How about flowers?  Or even just a nice, hand-written note?
  • Ty’s mom = overprotective or sketch?
  • Funny/weird seeing Adrianna with a baby bump.
  • Random Jonas Brothers/90210 promo.  Apparently I should tune in next week?
  • OMG, they want her to go away!
  • A contract?!  Adoption?!
  • Was Rhonda in a cast in the earlier scene?
  • Q13: “And romance horror genre does exist.  It’s not very popular but the Swedes have mastered it.”–Ethan
  • He’s quite cute when he’s being sweet/sincere/nervous.
  • Love The Wedding Planner!
  • Q14: “As long as you are okay with the occasional ‘this is such a chick flick!’ commentary.”–Ethan
  • Q15: “He’s swimming in chicks.  And he’s funky–looking.”–Navid
  • Q16: “You’d be very beautiful…if you didn’t ahve that lame hair ‘do.”–Navid
  • Q17: “I wish I videotaped it so I could put it on YouTube.”–Dixon
  • Q18: “If Dixon wants a girl, Dixon gets a girl.” “Not if Dixon talks about himself in the third person like a tool.”–Dixon and Christina
  • Q19: “I don’t think you’ll  be doing much skiing in your third trimester.”–Naomi
  • The Juno reference had to come sooner or later.
  • Like that Naomi’s looking out for her.
  • Dragon Fury?
  • Q20: “Gotta pass the old guy.  I’m sick of seeing his ass.”–Rhonda
  • Q21: “All I saw was one long Sports Center reel.”–Ethan
  • Is Rhonda channeling Jamie in A Walk to Remember?
  • Blacksmithing?
  • Why is Annie so insulted about an acting class suggestion?
  • Weezy keeps making me thing of The Jeffersons.
  • Weezy does have some fair points.  Adrianna hasn’t been that responsible.
  • Woah, go Adrianna’s mom!
  • Will someone pleaseeee order a Mega Burger??
  • I like when the background music is incorporated into the scene.  (In the film world we call that diagetic and non-diagetic sound.)
  • Proud of Adrianna and her mom talking their issues out.
  • Maybe things would be easier on them financially if they didn’t live in Beverly Hills.
  • Ironic that now Annie is in “in” the bubble.
  • Very O.C. moment with the indie rock band.
  • Q22: “She looks pretty and not pregnant.”–Navid
  • Q23: “I’m really uncool.”–Navid
  • Q24: “I may drop a World of Warcraft reference before I remember that not everyone plays massive role-playing-games.”  “As long as I get to be a seventh level sage.”  “Marry me?”–Navid and Nika
  • Did Debbie deliberately tell Silver the party thing?  She had such a smirk on her face!
  • Q25: “Danny, really, after the fifth round?”–drama teacher saying “Catch the Clap”
  • Ha! Rhonda can totally walk!
  • Q26: “I knew you weren’t a lesbian!”–Silver
  • Q27: “No, I’m his nothing girl because he dumped me.  What kind of love just stops like that?”–Silver  (All she said was sooo dead-on!)
  • Q28: “This being in love stuff is making me crazy!”–Silver (I love how the promo for this ep mashed this quote–and others–with a different line.)
  • Q29: “So you love me?”  “I didn’t say that.”  “Yes you did.  You said this being in love stuff is making you crazy.  Ergo, you love me.”  “Ergo, I do.  Well, I ergo you, too.”–Dixon and Silver (Too cute!)
  • Should the breakup have lasted longer?  Or do you think this is realistic?
  • So the real reason for the amnio comes out!  The paternity question is a fair one, though.
  • Okay, the baby is not an ‘it’!
  • Q30: “Luckily I’m getting pretty good at dealing with humiliation.”–Adrianna
  • The TV announcement was so clever!
  • Ty looks soooo shocked!  And is he crying??
  • Q31: “And as for the father, there isn’t one.  It was an immaculate conception.”–Adrianna (Funny, but do you think she should’ve ‘outed’ him?)
  • That was a really good ending.
  • Adrianna is really becoming the show’s focus–and breakout star.
  • Promo: “It’s Valentine’s Day Beverly Hills-style.”
  • Promo would appeal more if they didn’t just do the whole first time storyline with Ethan and Annie.

**This episode will re-air Wednesday at 9PM!



3 responses

4 02 2009

Wow, that was a really great episode!

Adrianna is by far my favorite character. Jessica Lowndes is an absolutely amazing actress! And the whole TV annoucement thing was indeed clever, and I really give her props for not saying Ty was the father. After how childish he was acting, I don’t even think he deserves the title ‘father’. At least not now. I think Naomi would make a better father for Ade’s baby than him!! lol And the short-lived Dixon/Silver breakup was very realistic, and I think the writers did a really great job of making Silver ‘mushy’ without being mushy lol

Love the show, and I love reading these great recaps!!! 🙂

4 02 2009

I haven’t watched 90210 since I saw the 2 hour pilot, which in my opinion was completely awful, and it’s nice to see that it’s improved. Annie still gets on my nerves but they’ve developed a lot of the other characters well. If they continue on like this, I might just tune in and watch regularly.

Jessica Lowndes is a fantastic actress and it’s great that they’re giving her more screentime since she’s miles better than Shenae Grimes. Adrianna is easily the best character on this show.

The reason I did come back and watch though, was Aimee Teegarden who played Rhonda. I adore her on Friday Night Lights (one of the best shows on tv that everyone should be watching but unfortunately, no one is) and it’s nice to see her branch out a bit, I thought she was adorable and she made me like Ethan, who IMO, is really quite boring and not that good looking (Navid and Dixon are much better looking in my opinon).

5 02 2009
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