Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

4 02 2009


Question: Do you hate 90210 or something? Give us some good scoop! — Sam
Hate it? The show is awesome! Just kidding, I haven’t seen an episode in months. But several trusty sources tell me it’s about to get really good, so I’ll probably start watching again next week — if for no other reason then to prep for Tori Spelling’s arrival in March. Speaking of which, I hear Tori’s bestest frenemy, Shannen Doherty, is returning for one more episode in May. Could this be the Brenda-Donna reunion we’ve been waiting for?! Sure couldn’t! I’m told the two won’t be sharing any scenes. Bum-mer.

Question: I recently saw a photo of Nate and Blair kissing in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. What the hell?! We waited all season for Blair to get together with Chuck! Please say it won’t last. — Clare
Let’s ask exec producer Stephanie Savage about that incriminating photo: “I think they look really cute together kissing in the snow.” Um, let me take a different approach. What does the rekindled N and B romance mean for C and B? “Tell those Chuck and Blair fans to hang in there.” That’s better.



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