Biggest Character Transformations Pt. 3

6 02 2009

My look at the Biggest Character Transformations continues…


Who She Was: Lily grew up on the West Coast, where she lived a life of privilege before being kicked out of boarding school and going to live with her sister in The Valley. She became a band “groupie,” which is where she met Rufus Humphrey, and was institutionalized for a short time.  (Note: this all occurred off-screen, but some of it will be seen in the upcoming Gossip Girl spin-off!)


Who She Became: Lily returned to her privileged lifestyle, but this time on East Coast, where she married and divorced several times and became a socialite on the Upper East Side of New York City.

KELLY TAYLOR (Beverly Hills, 90210/90210)

Who She Was: The gang’s beautiful, popular, spoiled rich bitch who was obsessed with boys and shopping.


Who She Became: A major rewrite was noticeable by the end of season 3, where Kelly lost a lot of her shallowness.  The seasons that followed had a more logical progression with Kelly maturing and taking life more seriously, particularly by pursuing a college degree in psychology and working for non-profit organizations.  The 90210 spin-off rewrote the character once more, making Kelly a single parent and a high school guidance counselor.

TOMORROW: More from The O.C. and One Tree Hill



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