Gossip Girl Spin-Off Details!

18 01 2009

Watch with Kristin reports the following:

  • After months of denials, there will in fact be a Gossip Girl spin-off.
  • But even though rumors said it was going to be about Lily and Rufus in their younger years, it’s actually just about Lily…and her sister.
  • The show will be begin with Lily leaving her privileged life to live with her free-spirit sister in the Valley.
  • How does this affect GG?  It doesn’t really.  The spin-off will get its start in a GG flashback at the end of this season but otherwise, the two will have very little in common.  Creator Josh Schwartz promises: “We’re being very, very careful that nothing we do will feel like we are biting off from the Gossip Girl original.”
  • And what about Rufus?  He may make an appearance…if the show lasts more than one season.  “He’s not one of our characters. Maybe at some point” Schwartz says.  LAME!
  • Read the whole article for a couple additional details–and some Chuck/Blair talk.



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