Spoiler: Mega Buzz

18 02 2009


Please give me some information about 90210‘s Annie and Ethan. I really like them together, and I am sick of the show messing with all the couples! — Heather
MICKEY: What’s your damage, Heather? (Heh.) Let’s play “I’d rather.” I’d rather date Flip Wilson than Annie Wilson. Fun, right? The tempestuous Annie-Ethan potboiler will be taken off the fire in the near future, as the ladies band together to help a friend in crisis. The solution: A little religion never hurt anyone, right? Unless you’re West Bev’s crown princess of darkness, then it might sting a little.

Is Michael Copon (Felix, One Tree Hill) going to be on Gossip Girl?  He’s doing that thing with his Facebook status again! — Amy
MICKEY: Well, everything on Facebook is true, right? Mazel tov, Michael! Except, IRL, when I shook down my CW source, who is not dissimilar in appearance than that trusty prognosticating Eight Ball, signs pointed to: X-No, X-No.



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