All-Time Favorite Couples Pt. 3

18 02 2009

Part One

Part Two

3. Joey and Pacey (Dawson’s Creek)

When the show began and even through its first two or so seasons, you never would’ve imagined Pacey and Joey paired up together.  Though Pacey once contemplated the idea (in an early season one episode), the idea of them together not only seemed unlikely but also just not…right.  But then season 3 comes along and everything changes: the characters, the storylines, the show.  The season marked a turning point for the series, and the turning point in who my preferred couple was.  As Pacey slowly fell for Joey, longed for her, ached for her, I did too.  I felt Pacey’s urge to be with her, his growing love and loneliness. For anyone who has ever experienced unrequited love–or impossible love–it was impossible not to be touched by the path this storyline took.  Though they broke up at the end of season 4, the bond was unbreakable, the memories unforgettable and the destiny sealed.  With the maturity that only time can bring, Joey and Pacey grew enough to be able to commit to each other once and for all.  While that realization in the series finale was a little rushed, it is satisfying to know that the show did end with them together and I can forever think of them that way.

My Top 20 Pacey & Joey Moments

My Top 20 “True Love” Moments–Pacey & Joey



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