Top 10 Real-Life Relationships Pt. 4

25 04 2009

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Two kinds of love today: young love and baby love!

4. Katie Holmes (Joey, Dawson’s Creek) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek)


Here’s what makes this one interesting: they got together and broke up before their characters ever did on the show! AWKWARD!   But Holmes reportedly told Rolling Stone, “I fell in love, I had my first love and it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will treasure it always. I feel so fortunate because he’s now one of my best friends.”

3. Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) and Vanessa Marcil (Gina, Beverly Hills 90210)

Private House

BAG’s second appearance on this list has a special distinction: he and Marcil are the only real-life teen drama couple to have a child.  They met on the set of 90210 in 1999.  Kassius was born in 2002 but the relationship ended a year later.  They seem to remain on good terms, though, with Marcil calling him “amazing” in a recent interview.  Their characters also had a short-lived relationship on the show.



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