Tuesday Night Reaction

14 05 2009

90210 (Zero Tolerance)

  • Yes, I missed last week’s episode.  Yes, I read a recap.
  • Previously on focuses on Naomi/Jen, Silver dissing prom, Adrianna/Ty, Liam taunting Annie and Ryan/Jen
  • Keep in mind the original 90210 only had one prom, the senior prom in season 3. Season one had the spring dance.
  • Harry’s video about prom rules is actually pretty funny.
  • This is the sophomore prom, so I guess each grade gets their own.
  • Weird to think of them as sophomores.  Seems so young!
  • Episode title comes from the fact that there will be “zero tolerance” for alcohol at prom after parties.  Similar to original 90210 forbidding alcohol/drunkenness at prom.
  • Dorkasaurus=Charlie
  • Mariah Carey/Glitter reference a little old
  • Liam drew picture instead of writing essay.  I knew kids like that in high school.
  • Why does Ryan have to look so dirty and greasy?
  • Great news for Ethan apparently but what is it?
  • Naomi and Jen moving into a beautiful house with Naomi’s money.
  • Do Kelly and Harry actually discuss bad-cop, good-cop before each student meeting?
  • Meeting with Liam.
  • Awkward confusion over his father/stepfather.
  • Liam threatened with military school.  Would probably help him, actually.
  • LOL Silver doing spray tan.
  • This spray tan girl is annoyingly perky.
  • Will all her advice for Silver backfire?
  • Naomi looks very settled in her new bedroom for just having moved in.
  • Wow, Liam asked Naomi to prom.  She is hilar trying to play it cool and then absolutely freaking out.
  • Who is this professor with the dummies?  Never saw him before.
  • Is Liam’s taunting of Annie being a nice girl foreshadowing when a time when she will explode?
  • Charlie is kind of adorable.  Reminds me of a young Mark Schwahn (creator of OTH).
  • Annie agrees to go with Charlie but I’m not sure why exactly.
  • Annie not having a date similar to Brenda not having a date in the original.
  • Ethan accepted to All-American Lacrosse Camp.  Is this setting up Ethan’s exit?
  • Why’d Ryan give that news?  What did he have to do with it?
  • Apparently Ethan has a dad in Montana.
  • We forget Ethan is “like King Jock” because he doesn’t act like it.
  • Ethan should go to the prom with Rhonda! LOL
  • Or with Annie, for old time’s sake.
  • Will Ethan tagging along with Silver and Dixon backfire?
  • Really like the lavender dress.
  • Did someone bring all these dresses to Annie’s room?? Who does that??
  • Have a feeling Naomi’s credit card will be rejected.
  • Silver looks so beautiful!  I love that dress!
  • Yup, I was right about the card.
  • Jen’s going to prom?!  Since when do chaperons/teachers bring dates?
  • Naomi asking Jen the right questions but Jen’s probably still lying.
  • Jen blames economy but there’s got to be more to it.
  • Prom is on the Paramount lot?  Really?  Hardcore.
  • Nice that everyone’s trying to help Silver be comfy there.
  • Red carpet?  And paps?  Seriously??
  • Doesn’t even look like Annie’s wearing a prom dress.
  • Uht oh, Ty is there.
  • Naomi and Dixon nominated for prom king and queen.
  • Here’s the cameo by The Veronicas.
  • Everyone is dancing really funnily.
  • Jen hardcore flirting with Ryan.
  • Uht oh, here comes Kelly (who looks great!)
  • Didn’t occur to me that Jen and Kelly would know each other.  Guess Jen’s been out of HS for like 5ish years and Kelly started there less than 9 years ago so I guess their paths could’ve crossed.
  • Kelly is clearly uncomfortable.  But she did tell Ryan no commitment or no strings or whatever.
  • Harry going to ruin plans for after prom party.
  • Understand why Charlie’s hurt.
  • Don’t like Naomi’s prom dress.
  • LOL Liam is sitting at prom listening to his iPod!
  • Yup, Harry interrupts the band and ruins the party plans.
  • Charlie’s going to get Annie back!
  • Jen knows about Kelly and Ryan just from vibes??
  • Wow, Jen is holding a grudge from high school.
  • Seems Kel is, too.
  • Why are they harping on drama from years ago?  It’s so over and done with.
  • Quote of the episode: “Being that you’re a guidance counselor, maybe you can give me a little guidance?  Tell me, Ms. Taylor, what does he like in bed?”–Jen about Ryan
  • Wow, they’re calling it the Prommies.  Doesn’t get more cheesy than this.
  • Surprised Ethan wasn’t nominated.
  • Oh, wait.  He is!  Good for him.
  • Dixon wins prom king and gets a hardcore crown and really fake Oscar trophy knock-off.
  • Silver wins as a write-in candidate!
  • Hope people did this genuinely and not to be mean.
  • Aw, Dixon convinced everyone to vote for her!
  • Wow, she gets a really beautiful crown!
  • Silver being brave to go up there and give a speech.
  • LOL Silver’s rant about prom.
  • Dixon looks shocked.  Ethan looks pleased.
  • Silver’s “weird zombie prom-loving loser” comment pretty much insulted like half the class, I’m sure.
  • LOL Naomi immediately takes the crown after Silver rejects it
  • Ethan rejecting camp.  Looks like Silver inspired him.  Maybe this won’t be his way out.
  • Woah!  That girl just called Annie a rat!
  • Silver says she’ll come back to West Bev but Dixon clearly not happy.  Insulted by zombie comment.
  • Ethan is obviously crushing on her!  It’s kind of cute.
  • Who is calling Jen?
  • Kelly’s going to confront Ryan!
  • Tells him Jen’s a compulsive liar.  Certainly seems that way.
  • This side of Kelly reminds me of her original character, especially in the way she’d warn people about Valerie.
  • Ha! Ryan thinks she’s jealous and Kelly point blanks says she’s not interested.  Good for her!
  • Woah!!!!! Jen is married to some dude name Oliviae!
  • A “walk to New York.” Very cute.
  • Liam’s from the East Coast?
  • Uht oh, Kelly spills the beans that Liam kind of had to go to prom.
  • Good for Naomi for calling him out.
  • But wait!  The black orchid shows that he did make an effort!
  • LOL Liam used her Facebook page!!!  Hilar.
  • So Liam does like her??
  • Aw, yes he does!  He finally admitted it.
  • Harry and Kelly kind of shared a moment there.  Foreshadowing?  Wouldn’t mind seeing a storyline with them.
  • Navid confronts Ty—>they start fighting—>Adrianna says she’s in labor.
  • Episode should’ve ended there. That would’ve been a good cliff-hanger.
  • Naomi and Liam are having a real conversation for once!
  • Aw, there’s fake snow!
  • Kind of a sweet moment between them.  Sure it won’t last.
  • Promo: Some sort of love quadrangle with Jen, Liam, Naomi and Annie.  Season finale!



One response

14 05 2009

If by her original character, you meant the self-righteous and judmental person who couldn’t keep her nose out of everything if her life depended on it, including other people’s men, then yes, she was very much like her original character last night. If they go somewhere with that lingering moment between her and Harry, it will just give me further reason to hate this character.

I really hope that they change their minds about Dustin Milligan.

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