Breaking News: OTH May Do Another Time-Jump!

8 06 2009

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, One Tree Hill’s seventh season may take place one year after the sixth season finale.

OTH famously did a four-year time jump between the fourth and fifth seasons, earning both critical praise and higher ratings.




4 responses

9 06 2009

i think that would be the smartest move ! (:

9 06 2009

yeah its the only way to get past the ‘where’s Leyton’ thing

9 06 2009

agreed, i would actually like if they did maybe a two year jump.,
but i think you would miss too much then !

9 06 2009

I was sure that they would do another jump. There is no way for them to slide the Leyton issue under the rug if the picked up right after the finale or anytime soon after. Now they can talk about what happened to them and it won’t seem like such a sudden transition.

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