Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

22 06 2009


Malibu in Memphis, Tenn.: Who are they casting as Alexis on One Tree Hill?
No one has snagged that role yet. Alexis doesn’t appear in the first episode of One Tree Hill season seven, so producers are takin’ their time to find the right person.

Nanda in New York City: Help us, TV Gossip Girl: Do you have any good Chuck and Blair spoilers? Please?!
You Gossip Girl fans can all exhale: Chuck and Blair aren’t breaking up any time soon.

Debbie in San Diego: Any idea who Annie hit with her car on 90210?
AnnaLynne McCord tells us the 90210 cast just found out last week, and “It’s really bad.” Hit the comments with your guesses as to who it is or who you want it to be! As for Naomi in the upcoming second season, AnnaLynne teases, “Obviously there was a horrible ending for poor Naomi. She is over Liam, and she is over Annie. She goes through the first half of the season really trying to prove that to herself. I don’t think she’s really over him, but we’ll see that push and pull.” Speaking of Liam, Matt Lanter spills, “We’re going to get into his family life a little bit more. It’s 90210 so I’m sure there are going to be some new romances and some jealousy and backstabbing.”



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