Teen Drama’s Villainous Characters

26 06 2009

Teen drama has its fair share of villainous characters.  Their actions might make us furious, but we can’t deny that their drama-causing ways spice things up. Not unsimilar to my Biggest Vixens series, it’s time to look at the most villainous teen drama characters.


1. Valerie Malone (played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen)

When Valerie came to town in season 5, she put on a sweet face but viewers learned by the end of her first episode that appearances could be deceiving. Of the next few years, Valerie faked a pregnancy and an abortion, cheated on her boyfriends and sabotaged the relationships and lives of her supposed friends.  As Kelly (Jennie Garth) once said to her, “You are such a bitch!”

2. Ray Pruitt (played by Jamie Walters)

Season 5 also brought Ray Pruitt to town, where he wooed–and then beat–Donna (Tori Spelling).  Hated by fans for his character’s repeated physical and emotional abuse, Walters chose to leave the show.

Come back tomorrow to find out who are the villains of Dawson’s Creek!



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