Spoiler: Mega Buzz

8 07 2009


When is Gossip Girl going to give Jenny a better story line? — Clarice
MICKEY: Do you hear the Constance girls screaming, Clarice? That’s because Little J was named the new Queen Bee in the season finale. We recently asked Topsy Mopsy, er, Taylor Momsen how she’d fill Blair’s headband. “You know what, I hope she’s a bad queen bee!” she told us. “I’m sure [the writers will] find a way to tie it all together.” My unsolicited idea: Jenny needs a bf who charms Rufus while he corrupts her. She needs to earn that eye makeup!

Will One Tree Hill bring back Rachel now that Peyton and Lucas are gone? — Fernando
Will Robert Buckley be shirtless on One Tree Hill? — Sarah
MATT: Yes, Fernando, Danneel Harris is returning for a handful of episodes as Rachel, though I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe the not-quite-reformed bad girl will become Brooke’s new BFF? What I do know is that Rachel is part of a “great storyline,” says a source. To Sarah, I also have good news for you: Count on plenty of bare-chested Buckley, as he plays Nathan’s sports agent.

Mickey’s Mini Rant: This rant is pre-emptive: Casting Rumer Willis (who I’m sure is an awesome actor) as a lesbian reporter — particularly in the wake of the “bisexual cheerleader” debacle of 2008 — reeks of tokenism. Yes, Nine-Oh needs to diversify its canvas, but is a high-profile, one-episode gig the way to do it?



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