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28 07 2009

Look at the recent release dates for the Beverly Hills 90210 DVDs:

Season 4: April 29, 2008

Season 5: July 29, 2008

Season 6: November 25, 32008

Season 7: April 7, 2009

According to the past schedule, then, we’re due for another release but it’s way too late for the summer cycle.  They could be going right to fall, but they usually announce the set a few months before it officially goes on sale.  For instance, the season 7 DVD was announced in January–4 months before it was released.

By that calculation, we should be hearing about season 8 any day now, especially since we haven’t already.  And my anxiousness is getting the best of me.

I keep checking my number one source, TVShowsOnDVD.com, but they’ve been silent.  And if they don’t have anything, then there’s nothing.

Which makes me a) sad and b) nervous.  It took a long time for season 1 to come out–the pilot was released separately a whole 2 years before and a whopping 4 years after the series ended–particularly because of struggles with rights to the show and the music.  I can only fear that the same is what’s holding up the last 3 seasons and I can only hope that it won’t hold them up for good.

Another theory is that they’re planning a package release for the last 3 or working on a complete series collection, a la Dawson’s Creek.  But they’d make a lot more money first releasing them individually and then enticing fans to buy the series (I know I would).

Of course, they could just be taking their sweet time and maybe working on some awesome extras (especially since the last few sets didn’t have any).  They could also be waiting for the 19th or 20th anniversaries of the show’s premiere, coming up in October of this year and next.  It’s also a lot harder when you don’t have a new season to promote, an advantage shared by One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.

So what’s going on?  I have no idea and it’s killing me!



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28 07 2009
David Lambert

One possibility you haven’t considered is this one:

Paramount Home Entertainment essentially had released Season 1 in Nov. 2006, then S2 was 6 months later, then S3 about 7 months later. Then they sped it up to around 4 months between releases.

Essentially, the studio reserved 2 slots, then 3 slots per year for a BH 90210 release. And so yes, the next slot open would be around August 2009.

But what’s coming out on August 11th? Season 1 of the new “remake” 90210 series! So it is probable that the studio simply gave one of the DVD release slots for the old show, over to the new show. Their logic in doing this would be that fans of each version of the show will surely cross over, and that in these tough economic times they don’t want to ask fans to pay for two season sets…just one. So they spread out the releases to make it easier on the wallets of consumers.

IF that’s the case, then the next release slot for BH 90210 would be around December. Right now Paramount is announcing their release slate for near the end of October, which means we’re as long as a month and a half from getting info about titles that would come out in the first half of December.

If we don’t hear anything about Season 8 by mid-September, THEN I would get worried. Until then, I recommend that you don’t lose any sleep over it. But if you’ve held off buying any of the already-released season sets, then I would suggest you go fill in the holes of your collection. The better sales are of existing titles, the more the studio will see the benefit (i.e., profit) in continuing with more releases! 🙂

28 07 2009

David, thanks for your comment.

That theory is very plausible but unfortunately sucks for fans like me. I have bought all the DVDs thus far but have no intention of getting season 1 of the new 90210. Sigh.

Let’s check back with each other in mid-September, then, and keep our fingers crossed!

29 07 2009


29 07 2009

Nice eye!

24 08 2009

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