Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

28 07 2009


Olivia in Cape Coral, Fla.: Is Mischa Barton going to be on The Beautiful Life or what?
Sources close to The Beautiful Life remain hopeful that Mischa’s health will hold up enough for her to be on the series, but no one knows for sure yet. Her character, imperious supermodel Sonja, has already been written in to the first several episodes of the season, so if Mischa can’t make it, things will get messy fast.

Kiera in San Diego: Got any new scoop on Gossip Girl?
We sure do. Thanks to Gossip Girl show runner Josh Schwartz, who tells us: “Well, you know Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) is coming back even though she is at Mercy. She is going to have a very unexpected roommate and a very unexpected love interest.” Start hitting the comments with your ideas for that unexpected love interest. And hey, if you were wondering if it’s hard for Josh to juggle both G.G. and Chuck, wonder no more: “I’m really lucky that both shows have great staffs, crews, writers and producers, so I just go where I’m needed.” There you have it.



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