Random Question

15 08 2009

There’s been much speculation of whether there will be a 90210-Melrose Place crossover.

When the original Melrose Place debuted, it was a spin-off to Beverly Hills 90210.

In January, it was reported that Ryan Eggold (Ryan, 90210) would be the one to crossover to Melrose Place.

In April, Eggold said he was talking to producers about it.

Then, in July, it was called a rumor.

And just this month, The CW’s Dawn Ostroff said a crossover was possible down the road.

Today, I was looking at Ryan Eggold’s IMDB page and it says he appears in the Melrose Place pilot.

So…what do you believe?

IMDB is usually correct and Ostroff could just be trying to surprise everyone.  Or, the IMDB could credit be based off the earlier “rumors.”




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