Official Announcement for Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series

1 09 2009

Last week reported that the Dawson’s Creek Complete Series set would be released November 10.  As expected, they were right–and now they have more information to share.

This screenshot comes DIRECTLY from their Web site. For the full story, click the link.

DC news 3

Some thoughts…

1. Interesting choice not include Kerr Smith (Jack) on the cover art and what we can see from the inside art.  Yes, there was a core four but it really became a core five for a lot of viewers.  What do you think?

2. A little disappointing but not surprising that most of the extras aren’t new.

3. The new ones seem interesting–but we all know you can play Dawson’s Creek trivia anytime with me!

4. Not clear if the episodes have the original music, or the edited soundtracks that appear on the individual season sets.

5. Not clear if the “bonus CD” is a new compilation or one of the previously released CDs.

6. Interesting that it mentions an official Web site.  I assume they are referring to, but I don’t see how that counts as an extra.  It also hasn’t been updated in a few years.

7. Not clear if *all* the deleted scenes from prior sets, including the extended version of the series finale, will be included.  If it’s not, I highly suggest you still purchase that disc separately.

8. I wonder if any of the cast will comment on the set as we near the release date.  I’m sure someone from somewhere will ask them about.




2 responses

1 09 2009

I have pretty much all the same reseverations about it. I have all the seasons so I see no point in wasting my money, but it would be nice if they included Jack. I mean the first season was only 13 episodes … he was in the rest of the series. And I was wondering if they would have the Paula Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait” theme song instead of that other one that really started to get on my nerves. I actually would mute the volume and plug my headphones into my iPod to hear the “real” themesong. lol And sometimes the song change seriously bothered me. For example when Jen is talking to that psychologist in the fourth season she makes a point of saying how she can’t get the song “Sweet Jane” not by the Cowboy Junkies but by Lou Reed out of her head. Originally, they played that song as the coda for the episode, however, for the DVDs it is replaced. Many times music is supposed to be symbolic. And I know a lot of times they can’t obtain the rights to use it for the DVDs. In this case one of the producers said that it was changed to update the show with better music, maybe to attract younger viewers. 😦 Either way I wish they would not of made so many changes.

1 09 2009

I hear ya, Alyssa. I have all the seasons, too, but I probably will buy the complete series for the sake of having it and seeing the 2 or 3 new extras. I’ve purposefully held off on the getting the One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl DVDs, as I suspect they’ll get complete sets, too, in the future. (Though, in an ideal world, again I’d have the individual seasons and the complete series. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees!)

Your point about Jack really drives it home–he was in approximately 114/127 episodes and they’re giving him no love for it. Wonder what Kerr’s reaction will be.

Your question about the theme song is a great one. While I got used to the new one (I even know the lyrics by heart now), it would be disappointing not to have the original. But if any of the songs are changed, I imagine the theme song will be as well.

I understand your frustrations–it’s weird watching the DVDs and expecting a certain song, even defining a scene by its song, but then realizing it’s been changed. I don’t recall the specific producer’s comment that you mentioned but I remember reading that it was purely about music rights/costs and they felt it more important to release them with the changes than not at all. A similar situation happened this year/the past few years with Everwood. We at least used to have to keep track of the changes but it seems that’s no more.

Regardless, you’re right–the changes are disappointing.

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