Look What I Bought!

1 09 2009

I’ve repeatedly passed a seemingly cool-looking store for a few weeks now and today I finally had the time to stop in.

It was Beyond the Wall, which sells posters, pins and other paraphernalia.

Noticing that some of the products featured 90s movies and television shows, I immediately inquired whether they had any Beverly Hills 90210 stuff.

The dude said he was pretty sure they didn’t.

I kept looking around anyway, killing time.

On my way out, there in plain sight was this Beverly Hills 90210 cast photo!

90210 1991 cast

Could not believe my eyes.

First off, it was awfully coincidental as I just posted the sister shot over the weekend.  Second, I haven’t seen any 90210 merchandise in stores in YEARS.

I proudly showed it off to the dude, purchased it, and asked again if he was sure they didn’t have any other 90210 stuff.  After all, I found this when he said earlier they didn’t have any.

He said no again.  Wouldn’t have been surprised, though, if I kept looking and found more.  Maybe when I have time again, I will.

I checked their Web site in the meantime, but they don’t have anything at all.  Sad.

Have you found any vintage 90210 merchadise recently?



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