What’s YOUR Top 10? Part 2

2 09 2009

So, as you’ve noticed by now, I like doing a series of posts and finding YouTube videos to include.

But everytime I go on YouTube, I get lost in the sea of amazing clips and fan-made tributes, trailers and collections.  The Related Videos feature will one day be the death of me.

Honestly, it can be exhausting going through video after video to find the very best. So I’m going to turn it over to you.

I asked this in early July, but didn’t get very many responses.  Let’s change that this time!

Below are a bunch of categories/ideas and I want you to find your favorite videos to support them.

1. ____’s Top Kisses (example: Dylan and Kelly’s top kisses)

2. Movie Trailer for _____ (example: Movie trailer for Leyton)

3. Show X as Movie Y Style (example: One Tree Hill, The Notebook style)

4. ____’s Funniest Quotes/Scenes (example: Blair’s funniest scenes)

5. _____’s Best Moments (example: The O.C.’s best moments)

6. Show X Alternate Universe (example: Summer and Nathan)

7. ____’s Best Quotes/Scenes (Dawson’s best quotes)

There’s so much good stuff out there and my only regret is there isn’t time to watch it all.

Help a gal out, will ya?



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