Mischa Barton on The O.C.

17 09 2009

“I was 16 when I went to do ‘The O.C.,’ and it was a great experience, it changed my life. It made me famous and everything.”

“I was younger than all the other kids, and it was just me and two boys in the beginning. Rachel Bilson [Summer] came in eventually, but in the very beginning of that show it was just me and the two boys who were season regulars. It was really overwhelming to have all that press on me.”



One response

17 09 2009

It’s got to be tough for a kid in the entertainment industry. Adult responsibilities, some 16-hour days, agents, managers, publicists, photo shoots, fans — it must do things to your head. The people who get through it the best seem to have a lot of support from family members who know what they’re going through. Even then it’s difficult. I love the shows, but I would not want that life.

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