News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and The O.C.

16 09 2009
  • Last night’s 90210 earned about the same rating as the premiere last week, 2.4 million viewers.
  • The first soundtrack for 90210–creatively titled Soundtrack 90210–will be released October 13th, featuring never-before-released songs by top bands that will all play on the show this season.  Stay tuned for exciting news about this and TDW!
  • Check out my latest comment on my Twitter Directory for an interesting development with Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) or someone claiming to be him.
  • Ray Wise (Daniel Hunter, Beverly Hills 90210) has joined the cast of Dollhouse.
  • The CW sent out a press release touting Gossip Girl’s ratings and market shares for Monday night.
  • Variety is now reporting that Gossip Girl actually did better than One Tree Hill last night, with 2.55 for GG and 2.45 for OTH.
  • Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) and Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) will be presenters at Sunday night’s Primetime Emmys.
  • E!Online has a semi-spoilish interview with Joanna Garcia (Bree, Gossip Girl).  Nothing really new, though.
  • has an article on some of the One Tree Hill cast being at the charity fundraiser and one on the new season.
  • The Mark Schwahn preview for the next episode of One Tree Hill is on YouTube.
  • There is a new SoGoPro podcast featuring Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill).
  • MTV has an interview with Mischa Barton (Marissa, The O.C.).  The O.C. is mentioned a little bit, and a bit more in this interview with the Los Angeles Times.



4 responses

16 09 2009

wow, gossip girl didnt do that much better than one tree hill. i do think it has to do with the time switch, and the fact that the cw doesnt give a lot of publicity to one tree hill, and it does to gossip girl.

im not watching gg next week, two and a half men are on!

16 09 2009

I think the time switch was to help GG profit from OTH’s success. OTH did better all last season when it aired after GG, that means it gained viewers–people who weren’t watching GG tuned in to see OTH. So theory goes, if you switch them, maybe all those extra people who are watching OTH will now stick around for GG. Maybe it worked this week. The real test–the coming weeks, months–has yet to come.

If you’re not watching GG, then my live-blog of it will especially come in handy for you! 😉 But in all seriousness, that’s part of the test the show faces. This week, GG (and the other CW shows) didn’t have much competition. But as more shows start to come back, there will be many other options and reasons *not* to tune in to GG. It doesn’t bode well, but the network has clearly decided total viewers doesn’t matter to them. They seem to care more about doing well in the specific demographics, DVR viewings and iTunes downloads and having general buzz.

17 09 2009

Yeah i dont think the cw really cares about ratings. doesnt the network pull in royalites from have past episodes of oth air on soapnet, because if that is true you know the network is pulling in some money from the show.

17 09 2009

I’m pretty sure the royalties have nothing to do with The CW. Rather, it’s a deal worked out with the show’s distributors, which is Warners Brothers and Tollin-Robbins Productions. They profit it from it, as does Schwahn, the producers, the writers and the cast.

In regards to The CW, though, I do think they care more about buzz and ratings–Gossip Girl has proven that. They also don’t care to compete with the other networks for ratings (primarily because they’ll never get theirs that high) except in the demographics. But when looking at just The CW, One Tree Hill was one of their top shows last season. That does, in a way, make it profitable for them. So, I think, as long as the ratings stay high and they don’t tire of an “old show” and find something they want to risk replacing it with instead AND the cast and crew want to stay on, the show has a future.

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