Win a Melrose Place Poster!

16 09 2009

I have one Melrose Place poster to give away, courtesy of WGN.

Here’s how to win it:

Comment below with your idea for a Melrose Place cross-over with one of our teen dramas.

The best submission will get the poster.

You have until Saturday at noon central time to comment.

Good luck!



3 responses

16 09 2009

Awesome contest. And a bit hard because Melrose is very new…
I’ve got a few ideas.

– Jonah filming Brulian’s engagement/wedding.
– Nathan gets a job in LA and Jonah, David and/or Auggie go to see him.

– Naomi, Silver and/or Adrianna go on a roadtrip to LA and meet Melrose’s guys and gals in a party. It can also be the other way (Melrose to BH).

– Serena goes to LA to Auggie’s restaurant. Auggie flirts with her and they sleep together.

Which one do you like?

If I get more ideas, I’ll post them…

17 09 2009

hmm maybe for One Tree Hill Ella can do some adverticement for clothes over bros and hook up with julian 😛 or maybe they can have Rachel get in the middle of Jonah and Riley’s relationship…
for Gossip Girl Chuck may break up with Blair, and pay Lauren for sex which may be her carreer as a whore break… or I could definetly see David and Serena hooking up, maybe he goes to NY?
and well for 90210 there are endless posibilities but I’d definetly like some kind of storyline for, for example, Auggie hooking up with Naomi and getting sued by her for sexual harrasment?

17 09 2009

The storylines that comes to mind:

-What if Melrose Place’s Ella Simm’s is good friends with OTH’s Clayton, as they both work in the same field of agents/publists. Nathan could be offered a spot for an LA based team, so he and Clayton travel to LA and meet with Ella to scope out life in a big city as opposed to small-town life in Tree Hill.

-What if 90210’s Tracie begins to,once again, look for the son she gave up for adoption. In the process, she discovers that her son lived in a Los Angeles’ orphanage. Once there, Tracie discovers that her son befriended Melrose’s Violet, so Tracie goes to the complex to ask Violet about her son.

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