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21 09 2009

I am giving away two albums signed by Jack Savoretti, whose song “Wonder” will be featured in the coda of tonight’s One Tree Hill.

Savoretti, who hails from London, digitally released his latest album “Harder Than Easy” in the U.S. last week.

Read on for my interview with Savoretti and for instructions on how to win one of the autographed CDs.


TeenDramaWhore: When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

Jack Savoretti: The first time I ever heard songs like “Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel , and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan I realized the power of music behind words, and how words can be brought to people in song rather than just on paper… Music allows you to put your own meaning on words you use everyday, and that’s when I started using music, and therefore became a musician.

TDW: Who are your music influences?

Savoretti: My influences are pretty endless, as I find new ones everyday, but the first had to be the likes of Paul Simon, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Band , Bradley Nowell (Sublime), Bob Dylan, and Italian singer songwriters in the likes of Fabrizio De Andre.

TDW: How would you describe your sound?

Savoretti: I wanted this album to have all the sounds that have influenced me from the old American music that has been such a part of a culture that I love, to the sound of the Mediterranean with which I grew up with.

TDW: Do you think the music scenes in the U.S. and Britain are different?

I think the music scene in the UK and the US has always been different and always will be. To be fair, the music scene in every country is somewhat unique. People make music, and people are going through different things in different countries, and the music always reflects that. That’s the beauty of music.

TDW: Will you be touring in the U.S. at all?

Savoretti: It’s definitely in the cards. I think every musician’s dream is to tour the USA.

TDW: How did you get involved with One Tree Hill?

Savoretti: The folks from One Tree Hill have always been extremely generous to new artists like myself . There seems to be a great relationship between the show and music. It seems to play a role in the show as important as the characters, and is often used to define a character. I have been very fortunate to have been involved with the show.

TDW: Why do you think the song “Wonder” was chosen?

Savoretti: I can’t really say why. The writers of the show have been kind enough to think it fits.

TDW: Have you seen the episode yet?

Savoretti: I can’t say I have , as I am in London, and we are always a couple months behind you guys.

TDW: Will you be doing anything to celebrate its airing?

Savoretti: I have a feeling I’ll be smiling a lot more than usual …

You can find out more about Jack Savoretti on his official MySpace page or follow him on Twitter.

Comment below with your favorite One Tree Hill music moment–not a performance, but one specific scene with a specific song playing in the background. Tell me why you love that scene and why the song works perfectly.  The two best submissions will each get a CD autographed by Savoretti. You have until Wednesday at 11:59pm central time to comment!

Be sure to come back at 7pm central for my live-blog of tonight’s episode and on Sunday for another exclusive interview.

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14 responses

21 09 2009

Episode 309: “For Blue Skies” by Strays Don’t Sleep

It fit so perfectly with everything going on with Nathan&Haley AND Lucas&Brooke. The song flowed so well throughout the entire scene.

21 09 2009

This was a no-brainer for me because this song is now my ringtone!

In season 4 after Lucas has his heart attack Peyton is struggling in every sense of the word. She feels hopeless and helpless and doesn’t know if Lucas is going to be okay, which is especially devastating because she and Lucas FINALLY get together moments before his heart attack. So what does Peyton turn to? MUSIC. She shows up at the record store, and Max (Mark Schwahn) recommends that she listen to La Rocca’s Non-Believer. The chorus of the song says “do you take the non-believers? Cuz I’m a non-believer…” The song captures exactly how Peyton is feeling because she wants to believe that heaven exists, but she’s unsure. The scene in which she plays this song for Lucas and puts the headphones in his ears as he lays in the hospital bed, is without a doubt the best music meets scene moment on One Tree Hill to date.

21 09 2009

i think the most recent that comes to my mind is from last season the Wakey Wakey song “War sweater” It was very powerful as Lucas is bringing Peyton into the hospital he is worried and broken and at that moment lost. What will happen and what will he do as he just watches. “what will your legacy be?” Nathan and Haley, Dan “what will his legacy be as he sits at the headstone? Juilian and Brooke. It all seems to fit together! I love that song now! I am sure I could have described this a little better but this would be my pick! thanks guys.

21 09 2009

My favorite music moment is the opening montage for the fourth season finale, with Live’s “Lightening Crashes,” when Haley was going into labor and Karen’s life was hanging in the balance. I just thought it fit really well with all of the scenes in the beginning of that episode because when they say “a new mother cries” and “an old mother dies,” it’s was just perfectly directed toward Haley and Karen. It was just really well done.

21 09 2009

Season 4 Episode 11, final montage of leyton scenes. I adore the use of Matt White’s “Wait For Love” with the really cute leyton moment- the “I think we’ve waited long enough” bit. I adore this scene, not only is it an amazing leyton moment, but the song fits so perfectly and makes it one of the most memorable leyton scenes ever.

21 09 2009
Dominique N

One of the best music moments was season 2 episode 22 where Jimmy Eat World played at Tric. It shows each character and their precise issues at the moment in flashbacks and then back at them watching the show. The lyrics in the song describe exactly how different characters problems are and words that can describe them.

“there’s no one in town i know
you gave us someplace to go
i never said thank you for that
thought i might get one more chance ”
These are great lyrics to describe how Karen is when Andy leaves. And as we all know, they do rekindle and get married in a later season! 🙂

“if you were with me tonight
i’d sing to you just one more time
a song for a heart so big god wouldn’t let it live ”
This is said when Brooke says her speech about Shaw about tragedies. It shows that Shaw had his heart broken like she did, and these lyrics also work here.

Also the instrumentals in the background when Nathan and Lucas are talking is great. And when Nathan asks Luke if he saw anyone he knew, Lucas said no, but it was Haley. He is bleeding but says he cannot feel anything. Its a good metaphor for how his relationship is with Haley. Overall this music moment is very memorable and one of the greatest songs showed on One Tree Hill, along with some of the best lines ever mentioned in a single episode.

“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic. But gaining your heart’s desire is all you can hope for. This year, I wished for love. To immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy. Cause I wouldn’t give it back for the world.” – Peyton Sawyer
NO ONE can tell me they don’t remember this line and this song playing in the background! 🙂

21 09 2009

Mine would have to be the CODA for 5×12 ‘Apologies’ by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. It starts off when Lucas goes home to find Lindsey there leaving. Then the rest of it is when Dan confronts Carrie for kidnaping Jamie, and when Jamie comes home. Thenit ends with Dan walking in. As soon as I heard it I loved it. Everytime I hear it I think of the episode. I just think it fit with the Lucas/Lindsey scene and the end when everyone is waiting for Jamie to come home, and he finally did. :0)

22 09 2009

My favorite One Tree Hill musical moment has to be from season 4 episode 9. When the Tree Hill Ravens won the State Basketball Campionship. Because this was the moment that Lucas finally realized that Brooke wasn’t the girl he wanted standing next to him when his dreams came true it was always Peyton he wanted. Lucas realized this the moment when he made the game winnig shot. That Peyton was the girl of his dreams, and who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And during the Championship celebration both him and Peyton could finally admit there true feelings for each other, and where finally together. The song that played during all this was Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez which fit perfectly in the scene and made the moment that Leyton fans where waiting four season for worth the wait. And also the lyrics fit into the moment perfectly.

Heartbeats lyrics

One night to be confused
one night to speed up truth
we had a promise made
four hands and then away

both under influense
we had devine scent
to know what to say
mind is a razorblade

to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough
for me, no

one night of magic rush
the start a simple touch
one night to push and scream
and then releaf

ten days of perfect tunes
the colors red and blue
we had a promise made
we were in love

to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough
for me, no

to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough

and you, you knew the hands of the devil
and you, kept us awake with wolf teeths
sharing different heartbeats
in one night

to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough
for me, no

to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough
for me, no

22 09 2009

My favourite is season 6 episode 6 where Milly makes a list of things for Brooke to do, and the music is Dreamers by Jack Savoretti. At that moment with that perfectly chosen music everythings seems possible even going to outer space. And right now im at a moment in my life where i cant reach my dreams and they are the only happiness in my life now. So i kinda escape in my dreams all the time, but that scene and that music gives me streghts to struggle and keep fighting and reach my goles and make my dreams come true in my life somehow.

22 09 2009

I have given this a lot of thought since I first heard of the contest taking place. After much contemplation, I can’t pick just one. It’s tied between two for me. (Sorry!) The first is the coda in 3.22, which was the season 3 finale. The song was, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” by Led Zeppelin. I think it spoke volumes how a serialized show on a non-cable and non-major network was able to obtain rights to have the song incorporated into the show. It world well with the feelings portrayed at the time and the action that was taking place as the lyrics swirled through our ears with the music. The thing about Led Zeppelin is, each of their songs have different melodies. None of them are the same. To me, that is paralleled with One Tree Hill in the sense that nothing is ever the same or what we expect it to be.

The other music moment that I think was perhaps the most emotional and affected me most was the coda for episode 3.16, “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept.” The song was “God Bless the Child” sung by Michelle Featherstone. All I can really say is WOW! It was such an important episode, powerful, thought-provoking, emotional, and most of all displayed how socially aware the show and producers are with the world around their audience. School violence is very much a big part of life nowadays, even children are bringing guns to elementary school. I think that Lindsay knew what she was doing by just putting that one song in the episode. We didn’t want the importance or message to be taken away or more subdued by the music. The words in the song strike me straight to the heart…… the one lyrics in particular, “God bless the child who is broken and bruised.” Close-up shots were taken of every character and it made me see the correlation between the lyrics, the character and the audience. We all have our struggles, our trials, our tribulations and we are one in the same. It was an episode that broke so many and I admit, I wept for hours afterwards. But in life and from experience, there have been few times where a show or a movie has made such a personal impact and a social one. And I pride in the fact knowing One Tree Hill is that show.

22 09 2009

One song that made me start watching OTH is Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones in Season 6, Episode 19 in the closing minutes. I was never a OTH fan but i happened to watch that one episode when it was on tv that night. I was blown away by the depth and power of this song as it summarized and concluded the scenes where the characters in the show make tough decisions in their life. We all have moments where we have to choose between love or career (Brooke and Julian), commitment and love (Mouth), fighting our past demons (Lucas) and questioning our future (Peyton). One Tree Hill may be just a show to some on tv, but it accurately mirrors some of the dilemmas we face in life and gives us hope that we’ll manage it somehow.

23 09 2009

Music has always had a large impact on my life. From the age of two I would listen to Elvis and the Beatles all day long, dancing and singing along the best a two year old can. So when I found the show One Tree Hill I naturally gravitated towards it because of its beautiful music. One Tree Hill is not just about the characters and their lives, it is is the music that connects the stories and creates a scene into a masterpiece. Every epic moment from that show can not be remembered without hearing the background song. The creators have worked hard to open it’s audience ears and allow them to walk into a new world with music that they have never stumbled upon before.

When seeing this contest I had many scenes flash through my head with lyrics accompanying them, but one stood out. It may not be one of the greatest moments of this show but it was one that I always remembered. It was the scene when Nathan finally gave into Haley from season 1 episode 8. You can just see in that scene that Nathan was turning into the man he would become in later episodes. Caring, loving, a wonderful father, all because he realized he cared for Haley. He breaks down his shield and lets all vulnerability in. It was this moment with “Dare You To Move” by Switcfoot that I found as one of the greatest musical scenes of the show. As the song dares himself, he takes all the risks and lays it all out on table. As the scene builds and Nathan kisses Haley the lyrics “what happens next/ what happens next/ I dare you to move” plays and Haley goes in for the kiss. There is just so much buildup and it is such a great use of lyrics to reflect off the scene. It was a very good choice of the producers as it was a moment I will always remember and get chills every time I watch it, not something that happens often.

23 09 2009

My favourite music moment was season 2, episode 19. There is a powerful scene where Nathan is in a race car, driving fast to try make the speed take the pain away. its dramatic because he is in such a low place now that Haley is gone and he has just realised that he has to make the decision about whether it was ‘true love’ or not, and if he needs to let Haley go from his life.

As he begins to travel around the circuit by himself, the song “Like a Man Possessed” by The Get Up Kids starts playing. Its has a slow begining, with a light electric guitar riff. As the characters see that he is unresponsive, determined to stay and speed dangerously, ingnoring saftey and their calls to stop, the music become more urgent and powerful, complimented by flashes of sweet moments that Nathan and Haley experieced together before she left.

The music is pounding at this point and every time I watch that scene my heart aches for him and beats so fast in anticipation of coming to the climax of the song. Then, as if the music was created exactly for that moment, we are pulled through the chorus to see Nathan smash into the wall and the song slow. In an erie calm moment of the music the audience sees the outcome of the crash with the music in background, now only listening to the emotive strain of the lead singer.

Despite working with a powerful scene to begin with, it is a challenge to find a song that can match the gravity of the situation, and that is why this song was so perfect for the moment and reminds me of that scene even when I listen to it know, years later.


23 09 2009
Rachel Anderson

EP. #6.23 Forever and Almost Always
Song: Ingrid Michaelson “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”

I felt this was by far the best one to write about because I can relate to it and write from the heart.
As most of you know this was the long awaited wedding of Lucas and Peyton. Some would say they were suprised, but most not so much.
Since the beginning of One Tree Hill we have always known that these two were meant to be. They have been through some pretty tough times and we have all been there to see it, from the high school love triangles to Lucas always saving Peyton (even when maybe he shouldn’t have). This particular part is my favorite because it shows how truly in love they really are, and everything they have been through to have this moment together. As the song plays and they exchange their vows there is a feeling of sadness in my heart but also a feeling of joy and relief, the wait is finally over.
This is very much the perfect song for this scene because the words are so strong and meanful, and it describes just the way that these two feel about each other.
“Like a river flows, surely to the sea
Darling so it goes, somethings are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help, falling in love with you”
And at that very moment I realized that dreams really can come true. “This was the dream and here we are ten years later, we all get to witness today a dream come true.” Lucas once said that because of Peyton, “I believe in true love, I believe in love at first sight, I believe love conquers all,” and so do I believe that too. Tree Hill will never be the same without them but we will never forget the good times they shared with us and all the things we have learned from them over the years, and that’s what matters most.

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