Most Memorable Guest-Stars and Cameos, Pt. 4

10 10 2009

Part One, Part Two, Part 3

3.  Paris Hilton

Show: The O.C.

Episode: 1.22:  The L.A.

Role: Kate

Status: Cameo

2.  Chris Brown

Show: The O.C.

Episode: Begins with 4.09: My Two Dads

Role: Will Tutt

Status: Recurring

Come back tomorrow to see my pick for the most memorable teen drama guest-star.



4 responses

11 10 2009

I like the first scene that Paris is in too. I love how Summer gets mad cause Paris says “Orange County?… EWWW!” lol it was a great moment.

11 10 2009

I always liked when they used The Valley (or in this case, the cast of The Valley) to poke fun at the show.

11 10 2009

Me too, it was like the writers way to recognize the fact that they can’t take all the drama of the show too seriously. I also liked the line in that same episode where Ryan says (about the actor from the valley) “How does that guy play high school?” lol

11 10 2009

Ah, that was great! The O.C. handled things like that very well.

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