Happy Birthday Luke Perry!

11 10 2009

Perry (Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210) turns 44 today!

He is my all-time favorite teen drama guy!

Check out all the cuteness below.

luke perry collage



2 responses

13 10 2009

hey my name is Bobbieann and I am the Biggist fan of you and I have all the series up to 7 and im waiting on more 90210 with you and Brenda I hope that they put Brenda back in 90210 yall too make a very good couple I was pissed when Brenda left the show but I just wanted to see how it end after Brenda left and I just had the feeling it was going to wine up the way I thoght it went and I cant belive I thought it went like that and the other thing I was pissed about was kelly to and I hope that if they ever put Brenda back in 90210 I want you and her back together I would love that and I hope to hear from you soon later

23 10 2009

Right now rewatching the first season of BH on Soapnet I am reminded of the Dylan we all love and how torn I was between Dyaln and Brandon. Happy Birthday and many more to you “D”

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