Live-Blog: 90210 2.06

13 10 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.06: Wild Alaskan Salmon

  • Previously on: Annie meets Jasper and they get close, Jen tells Naomi she’s broke and married, Adrianna and Teddy kiss and Silver sees, Navid and Ade have sex, Teddy confronts Adrianna and they make out, Silver slams Jackie in public, Ade tells Silver that Jackie has cancer
  • Silver is in her room reading info on breast cancer
  • In comes Kelly, and Silver closes her laptop
  • I don’t think Kelly knows
  • Kel is being normal, Silver is being awkward
  • Silver says she has something to tell her but she doesn’t know if she should.
  • Kel says to just tell her.
  • Really strange that Kelly is going to hear this from her little sister.
  • Yep, Silver tells her.
  • Silver tells the whole story about seeing Jackie at AA and finding out about the cancer, etc.
  • Kelly says she’s not surprised Jackie didn’t tell her since they ended on bad terms previously
  • Silver asks if they should call her.
  • Kelly says they should do nothing about it.  She’s sorry Jackie is sick but they can’t get sucked back in to her drama.
  • Silver says it’s not drama but Kel says it always is.
  • I think the roles would’ve been reversed.
  • But I guess Kel’s been hurt many more times and for a lot longer, so she’s a lot more weary.
  • Jasper and Annie are at school, talking about movies.
  • They joke about being unpopular.
  • Jasper flirts with Annie…by calling her nice.
  • Annie sort of asks him out, by telling him to take her to the movies.
  • They set it up for a few days for now.
  • Mark’s football player friends are making fun of him since he lost Annie to Jasper.
  • How long since last ep?! I hate when they don’t tell.
  • Jen is grooming a horse. Random.
  • One of her suitors is there, flirting with her but she’s resisting.
  • Jen sees a horse she likes. I imagine this will be significant for some reason.
  • Naomi comes up with her own horse, and makes a snide comment about the suitor (I guess he’s given them access to the horses).
  • They are now riding together (N & J), and Jen says she is divorcing but needs $100,000 for the lawyer.
  • Naomi objects and freaks out when Jen says she signed a pre-nup.
  • Jen says she just has to prove that cheating violated the pre-nup and she’ll get money.
  • Naomi says if  she doesn’t prove it, N’s out the money.
  • They start to argue about the money and who’s the adult.
  • Jen touts that she went to Yale and Naomi
  • Q1: You could’n’t even keep your high school James Dean happy.–Jen
  • This is funny because Dylan on BH90210 was always referred to as a James Dean-like character.
  • Ade and Navid are at dinner.
  • They’re kind of flirting but Ade also looks uncomfortable.
  • Navid admits things are “off” with them but chalks it up to her going through an adjustment.
  • Adrianna tunes out when she sees Teddy across the room.
  • The slow-mo and the music make it clear she absolutely has feelings for him.
  • Ade interrupts Navid and says she can’t do “this, us anymore.”
  • Q2: I can’t be your girlfriend.–Adrianna
  • She says she’s overwhelmed by the last few months and the many changes in her life.
  • Q3: I have to figure out who I am before I become Navid’s girlfriend. I need some time alone.  We need to break up.–Adrianna
  • What’s sad is that this is partially true but it also has a lot do with Teddy and she’s not being honest about that.
  • Navid, understandably, is shocked.
  • Navid is in Liam’s creepy basement, telling him about his break-up.
  • Strange that Navid went to Liam about it.
  • Oh, nevermind, Dixon just showed up, too.
  • Navid says he’s “dying here.” Aw.
  • Dixon makes a joke about the basement.
  • Liam awkwardly hides something that he’s been building.
  • Navid is going over again and again how they were talking about what to order and all of a sudden Ade dumped him.
  • Adrianna is at home with her Sidekick, texting Teddy.
  • She writes “I just broke up with Navid.  Guess I’m free.”  She changes it alone instead of free and hits send.
  • Teddy instantly replies and asks when they are going to hang out. Adrianna is all smiles.
  • Jen is at Ryan’s apartment.  They are drinking beer and talking about her troubles with Naomi.
  • What does Ryan see in her?  A gorgeous woman with mystique?
  • Jen and Ryan trade innuendo about sex.
  • They are interrupted by a call.  Jen thinks it’s Naomi but it’s “Eduardo.”
  • She ignores the call but Ryan is peeved and turned off that she “juggles guys.”
  • Jen says “obviously we are dating other people.”
  • Ryan unconvincingly agrees.
  • Jen goes back to kissing him but he’s clearly not happy.
  • Mark approaches Annie at her locker.
  • This is the first time I noticed this on the screen: Based on the series Beverly Hills 90210 by Darren Star.
  • Mark says he’s sorry about the text and never meant to hurt her.  He also blames Naomi for the sext.
  • Mark asks to hang out again but Annie turns him down.
  • Annie says she’s “maybe” dating someone and Mark says Jasper is a “psycho” and a “seriously messed up guy” who “pulled a knife” on someone last year.
  • Annie doesn’t believe him but clearly she’s curious.
  • Kelly runs into Harry, who is uncomfortably flirting with her.
  • He wants to have lunch and asked why she’s avoiding him.
  • Kelly blows him off.
  • Silver goes to Jackie’s and is taken aback to find a nurse there taking care of her.
  • Jackie is lying on the couch, in a robe, with her head nearly bald.
  • She’s sees Silver and puts on a wig.
  • Silver is very disturbed.
  • Cut to them having tea.
  • Jackie says she has 3 months to live but that’s “just a guess.”
  • Silver has a ton of questions–when was the cancer found, what was the treatment, etc.
  • Jackie explains she found out last year, they took out the lump but it spread everywhere.
  • Q3: The tick tick tick just gets louder each day.–Jackie
  • Silver apologizes for what she said at the meeting and Jackie says she had right to say it because she was a “lousy” mother.
  • Silver says it’s not too late for them.
  • Jackie asks her to move back home.
  • Silver is speechless.
  • This is so unrewarding because longtime fans want to see Kelly having this scene with Jackie, not Silver.  It would have so much more meaning.
  • Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a Kel-Jackie scene like that. I guess that makes it harder for Kelly to care this time around.
  • Sadly, she’ll care when it’s too late.
  • Promo for The Stepfather, starring Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl)
  • Jasper asks Annie to have lunch with him and she blows him off.
  • Clearly what Mark said has gotten to her.
  • She even cancels their movie plans.  Poor kid.
  • I wonder if Mark is lying.
  • Ryan is on his cell phone in the hallway.
  • Are students allowed to do that?  I doubt it, so why should he?
  • Ryan is talking about needing a wingman.
  • Harry overhears and volunteers himself.
  • WTF, Harry?! Are you going through a mid-life crisis or something?  Act like the married father and principal that you are!
  • Naomi meets Jen at the beach club to talk.  She’s definitely still upset with her.
  • Jen says she’s been feeling “sick” about their fight.
  • Naomi is relieved and they get all lovey-dovey.
  • Jen calls her her BFF.
  • And then says she’s going to move out while the divorce is going on.
  • Naomi is surprised and asks what she’ll do for money.
  • Jen says she’ll made do. The point is not to bring Naomi down.
  • Ryan goes to Kelly’s office to give work for Silver, since she wasn’t in class.
  • Ryan tells Kel that Silver took Jackie to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Kelly is less than thrilled.
  • She goes to visit Jackie, who is pleasantly surprised to see her.
  • Jackie apologizes for not calling and for the things she’s done.
  • Kelly says, it’s okay, they can’t change the past.
  • Then she says she came only to tell her to “leave Silver alone.”
  • Kelly explains that Silver is bi-polar and needs to be okay and won’t be with Jackie in her life.
  • Kelly then leaves.
  • So sad!
  • Annie catches up with Mark, and thanks him for the warning about Jasper.
  • Mark said he owed her and he’s still really sorry.
  • Annie says she’s not dating anyone now, and Mark asks her to “hang out together.”
  • I want to know how he defines hang out!
  • Annie gets in his car and Jasper is watching from afar.
  • They are making him look like a stalker but I’d be watching, too.
  • Jen is at the beach club changing her account but Naomi comes up and gives her a check–for the attorney.
  • Q4: I’m not letting money drive a wedge between me and my best friend.–Naomi
  • Naomi is such a fool.
  • Adrianna and Teddy are at the beach, flirting and kissing.
  • Way to go public uberfast!
  • Ade says she’s having “the best day with you.”
  • Wonder who’s going to see them?
  • I guess no one.
  • Cut to Silver coming home, to find Jackie there.
  • Jackie apologizes for asking her to move in and slips that Kelly was there.
  • Jackie agrees that Kelly was right and promises to stay away. She then leaves.
  • Harry tells Ryan he has a “cute girl” for her. A barista.
  • I guess Harry is here for comedic relief.  But I rather not.
  • Harry goes to the bathroom, and a girl comes up to Ryan.
  • The girl asks about Harry and says he should lose him and come hang out with her and her friends.
  • Harry comes back but so far Ryan isn’t ditching him.
  • Ade and Teddy are on the beach still.
  • She says it feels like, ever since he came back, it feels like they were never apart.
  • Teddy says she was with another guy but it doesn’t seem like it.
  • Ade says she doesn’t want to hurt Navid so they should keep their “relationship on the downlow.”
  • Teddy freaks out how the term “relationship.”
  • Adrianna realizes he doesn’t want one–he just wants the benefits.
  • She calls herself an a idiot and walks away.
  • On the one hand, I don’t know why she’s surprised and on the other hand, Teddy did seem like he wanted only her.
  • I guess the point is he can’t be trusted?
  • Not the first time the girl has dumped the good guy only to find  out the other wasn’t being true.  I can’t think of an example right now, but there definitely is one.  I vaguely remember Valerie (BH90210) saying “I dumped a great guy for you” but I can’t remember to who.
  • Harry is tipsy and complaining about Annie being “mopey” still.
  • And then says Debbie is “in a huff” with him about how to raise the kids.
  • And complains that Kelly is hiding from him.
  • The girl who was flirting with Ryan leaves. He’s totally bummed.
  • Kelly goes to get Silver for dinner and she goes off on Kel for “talking to mom behind my back.”
  • Silver reiteratest hat Jackie is dying but she doesn’t care.
  • Q5: It’s not that I don’t care but I really care about you.–Kelly
  • Silver says she can made decisions for herself.
  • Kelly says she’s can’t, citing her bi-polarness which makes her ill-equipped to deal with stressful things like this.
  • Silver says Kelly can’t make decisions like this for her and Kel says she can because she’s her guardian.
  • Sadly, each of them mean well in different ways.
  • Navid is sitting with Teddy at the beach club and asks him for advice on what went wrong with Ade.
  • Teddy plays it cool, without really giving any advice.
  • Navid says again that he’s “dying” over this.
  • Jen is at the horse farm with the suitor guy.
  • Jen says she’s buying a racehorse.
  • The suitor says it’s risky and she could lose her money.
  • Jen says it’s not her money but it’s hers to spare.
  • Naomi is going to love this.
  • When will Jen pay for her lies?
  • Annie and Mark are having a picnic on the beach.
  • Flirting but also drinking wine.
  • And we know what happened the last time she drank with him.
  • Adrianna is crying and eating ice cream, saying she messed up with Navid and lost “the love of my life.”
  • Q6: It’s Navid, not George Clooney.
  • Naomi tells her she can still fix things.
  • Ryan is taking a drunk Harry home when the bartender gives Ryan her number.
  • Mark and Annie are clearly drunk now.
  • Mark mocked Naomi and it was kind of funny.
  • Now they are making out and Mark wants to go further.
  • Annie is apprehensive about being in public and says they should leave.
  • Mark calls her a tease and a prude and keeps forcing himself on her.
  • Jasper comes up and knocks Mark out of the way.
  • Q7: Take one step near either of us and I’m calling the cops.–Annie to Mark
  • Mark is shocked and walks away.
  • Okay, so I guess that was stalkerish of Jasper but thank god her was there!
  • Jasper apologizes for scaring her but Annie says she’s glad he came.
  • Jasper asks why she got “weirded out the other day in the cafeteria.”
  • Annie takes the blame but explains that Mark put the ideas in her head.
  • Jasper imitates Mark.
  • What’s with all the imitations tonight?  Random.
  • Jasper says everything Mark said was a lie but gives him “props for creativity.”
  • Annie says she’s “not scared off now” and it looks like they’re going to kiss.
  • Harry is trying to make himself a hangover cure, Tabitha style.
  • WOAH!
  • Harry just called Debbie KELLY!
  • Jen and Naomi are at the horsestable.
  • Jen says this horse is her and it’s a gift from her suitor.
  • And says it will make them money.
  • Such lies!
  • Dixon knocks on Sasha’s door.
  • They kiss and head inside.
  • This is Dixon’s second scene of the episode.  Weird.
  • Jasper takes a knife to Mark’s car, scrathing the door and stabbing the tires.
  • Now I don’t know who to believe: is Jasper a little, um, disturbed or not?
  • Silver goes to Jackie and says she wants to move in with her.
  • Jackie is pelased.
  • Adrianna finds Navid at the beach club. (Interesting how much they’re using it in non-summer episodes).
  • Ade says she doesn’t want to be alone and wants to go through stuff with him by her side.
  • Navid says he doesn’t understand how that’s the truth because…
  • Q8: I thought it had more to do with the fact that you kissed Teddy.–Navid
  • Adrianna says she can explain whatever Silver told him.
  • Navid says she can’t explain, especially since Teddy is the one that told him.
    Q9: I want nothing more to do with you.–Navid
  • He walks away, leaving her shocked.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: Halloween episode with everyone in hilarious costumes, Jasper convinces Annie to “borrow’ a car, a guy wants to kiss Naomi, and Dixon tells Sasha he wants to “end things.”
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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?



2 responses

16 10 2009

Thanks for this, it saves me the time of watching myself. I do wish I had seen Jackie on there, I will have to youtube it. It will be intersting to see where they take this storyline, even thought I think Jackies has been through enough on the original show. If they are trying to work on restoring the relationship between Silver and jackies they could have found another way then threaten to kill her off.

17 10 2009

You’re right, Vegas. There are certainly other challenges they could’ve thrown Silver and Jackie’s way. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and even more unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s a threat.

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