Win 90210 Goodies!

13 10 2009

I have some 90210 goodies to give away!

And as I hinted a while back, this is the contest pegged to the release of Soundtrack 90210, which hits stores today.

Here’s how to win:

Take a look at the tracklist below and use the comments section to tell me which band is your favorite AND why.

1. Many Shades Of Black by Adele and The Raconteurs
2. Soldier by  N*E*R*D featuring Santigold
3. One Hipster One Bullit by JET
4. Valium by MuteMath
5. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe by OK Go
6. Sierra’s Song by The All American Rejects
7. A Perfect Tourniquet by Anberlin
8. Sunburn by Owl City
9. You’re So Cold by Will Dailey
10. Love Seat by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
11. One Small Step by Parachute
12. Hearts Collide by Sarah Solovay
13. Understand by Darrelle London
14. City Girl by Stars Crashing Cars
15. 90210 Main Title – 2009 Remix by John E. Davis

You have until 12am Saturday central time to comment!

Good luck!



3 responses

13 10 2009

My pick for favorite band is Adele & The Raconteurs. I’m a fan of Adele, as I find that she is one of the best female vocalists to emerge in a very long time. Her voice is unique, and suave, with a rough undertone that gives her songs a powerful quality that’s fun to listen too. She won a well-deserved Grammy this past year, beating out mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Pink, and Leona Lewis. Her songs have a special quality with real meanings, which is why her songs have appeared on a variety of shows, including my favorite teen dramas, One Tree Hill & 90210. Overall, she’s just an amazing singer, with an amazing voice! The Raconteurs are a great band as well, and their hit, ‘Steady as She Goes’ it a favorite of mine! With a band lineup that includes Jack White & Jack Lawrence, their music easily helped contribute to Adele’s voice in ‘Many Shades of Black’.

13 10 2009

My favorite band is Anberlin and I don’t just mean that in terms of this cd. I absolutely love this band and I have followed them and their music since the very beginning. There is honestly not a single Anberlin song out there that I do not absolutely love. This band’s music is something you can sing to, rock out to, connect with, and most importantly, they’re all about sharing a good message. If anyone knows how to put an amazing album together, it’s these guys, and I have faith that their single on this album will be amazing too. Not only has Anberlin mastered the art of a good rock song but these men also know how to deliver the most beautiful of ballads and slow songs. In the beginning not many people knew who Anberlin was and I am so incredibly happy that they’ve made it on the 90210 Soundtrack so that more people can be introduced to their wonderful and insanely unique sound.

9 10 2012
AngelKelly O'Donnell

Adele and The Raconteurs is my favourite band and the song many shades of black when i first heard it on 90210 my favourite TV Show i have the seasons on DVD 1-4 i loved the song the moment i heard it i would love to meet the cast

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