Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

13 10 2009


Hailey in Rhode Island: I’m dying for Gossip Girl scoop! Will Nate and Serena get together? Or Dan and Blair? I keep hearing rumors, but I have to know if they are true.
One of them is. And I know you smarty-pantses (or wait, is the plural smarty-pantsi?) will figure it out: Nate and Serena are definitely circling toward somethin’ somethin’ (yee!), while I’m told there is nothing in the future (at least not yet) for Blair and Dan. The Gossip Girl writers wouldn’t Dair, would they? (Ba-dum-bump.) And in all seriousness, Blair and Chuck are still strong.

Kristin in Islip, N.Y.: Does the Gossip Girl threesome involve Rufus? I was told it involved Serena’s little brother but can’t be sure. And I’ve missed you!
Not as much as I’ve missed you! And awww…now I’m tearing up…Not so much because I’m all verklempt at our reunion, but because the idea of Roofie in a threesome kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little. (Sorry.) It’s not Rufus. The participants are cuter and younger, but not as young as Eric van der Woodsen.

Rebecca: What’s the word on 90210?
Jackie Taylor (Ann Gillespie) is going to be killed off, from cancer.

Credit: E! Online



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