Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.06 and Gossip Girl 3.06

19 10 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 7.06: Deep Ocean Vast Sea

  • Previously on: Quinn goes home with Clay, Nathan tells Clay to stay away from Quinn, Millie is a hit at modeling, Brooke asks her to model-full time; Brooke is upset that Julian is working with Alex; Dan sees the tabloid, Rachel criticizes Nathan and Dan; Haley has doubts; Dan offers to help and Nathan refuses; Haley tries Renee’s number; Dan has a proposition for Renee
  • Nathan is apparently filming a commercial.
  • Or was going to.
  • The shoot is called off.
  • I have no idea how a sexy commercial would help Nate’s rep, anyway.
  • Brooke and Julian flirt in bed.
  • Julian looks incredibly sexy in bed.
  • He kills the mood by saying Alex is coming over.
  • He swears “it’s all business” and says Alex has “come around.”
  • Q1: “Once a hoebag, always a hoebag.”  “If I recall, you…” –Brooke and Julian
  • Quinn is shooting photos on the beach, when Clay comes running up.
  • Quinn says she’s afraid of the ocean…or, rather, the immensity of it.
  • Clay tells her to start small but she rather “yank the band aid.”
  • I’m assuming this will be relevant somehow.
  • Nathan calls Clay, obviously upset.
  • Quinn makes a joke about Clay being a super agent and saving the day.
  • We have yet to see Clay prove the above comment.
  • Millie slept at Alex’s…and didn’t tell Mouth.
  • This is apparently the day after last episode.
  • Eeek! Alex texted Mouth from Millie’s phone…in her own words/voice, not Millie’s.
  • Dan wants Renee to go on his show.
  • She doesn’t understand why he would want her to do that.
  • Haley confronts Nathan and tells him he’s not telling the truth.
  • He swears he is.
  • Haley points out that her number “is all over [his] old cell phone bill.”
  • Nathan explains he shouldn’t have to explain.
  • But he says: women always try to get in touch with him and he replies telling them to leave him alone because he has a wife that trusts him–except she doesn’t.
  • Sorry but that doesn’t add up to me.
  • How do women just get his phone number and his e-mail?
  • If they do, they must be hacking something and that’s illegal.
  • And since when do celebs personally reply?
  • They have managers, AGENTS and lawyers for that!
  • Nathan is not bright.
  • 90210 promo
  • Millie comes home and apologizes to Mouth.
  • Mouth reassures her that he thinks she’s pretty enough to be a model.
  • She wants to know why, then, he can’t be happy for her.
  • He says he wishes she would celebrate with him, not Alex.
  • Clay tells Nathan they are going to “lose a few battles.”
  • LOL Haley just corrected Nathan on similies versus metaphors.
  • That banter was like before they got back together.
  • Man, she’s pissed.
  • Clay says Nathan has lost some deals because of the Renee fall out.
  • And the Bobcats are slowing their neogitations.
  • Clay insists they all have faith in each other and they’ll get through it.
  • Haley tells Clay he better have a career still, because of how “dark” he got last time when he almost lost it.
  • Clay says “it’s a staring contest.”
  • Dan tries to explain to Renee why he’s doing this.
  • He says he was in Nate’s position once–denying his own child.
  • And he says it was the second worst mistake he ever made.
  • I’m assuming killing Keith was the first.
  • Dan says, at the very least, he wants Renee to supported financially from Nathan.
  • Renee says Nathan will never forgive him but he says he’s OK with that.
  • She looks sad and conflicted, like she cares about Nathan and really isn’t lying about this.
  • But that can’t be true,r ight?
  • Millie comes to CoB and is shocked to see Brooke has a new assistant.
  • She says she can still do her old job and be the model.
  • Brooke says she should just focus on the model part.
  • Jim (I think that’s his name) tells Mouth how Nathan is going to lose his endorsements.
  • Mouth is clearly upset and takes off.
  • Quinn is still taking photos on the beach.
  • And here comes Clay again.
  • And here comes the stupid Superman reference again.
  • Quinn asks if he needs a friend and he says” you have no idea.”
  • Alex is nervous while Julian is reading her script.
  • He tells her it’s “genuinely good.”
  • Alex says Millie inspired her–because she is “tragic” and “with no confidence.”
  • Alex says she wants to hang with Julian more.
  • He explains that Brooke is already jealous enough.
  • But says they can work more later.
  • Haley tells Nathan they can still pay Renee, so that she takes back her story.
  • Nathan says it’s too late.
  • Haley tells her he’s being stubborn.
  • And Nathan still refuses.
  • I am glad to see them fighting about this.
  • I like the tension and I like that they are showing why a couple might be conflicted over this whole thing.
  • Quinn and Clay are sitting on the beach.
  • Quinn says she’s worried about the Nathan situation and Clay says a lot of riding is on it.
  • He says he’s not in “Tree Hill for a vacation.”
  • He says he screwed up a while back and his client list shortened.
  • He was kind of forced to come to Tree Hill and lay low.
  • Then the Nathan scandal happened.
  • Quinn points out they have something in common.  I’m not sure what.
  • Clay says he needs to leave, because he promised Nathan he’d stay away.
  • Quinn objects but he leaves anyway.
  • Chase is at CoB, looking to get something from Mia.
  • Brooke points out they’ve been together for a long time.
  • I guess it’s a year now?
  • Brooke tells him how worried she is about Julian and Alex.
  • Q2: “What are you doing today?” “That depends. Why are you looking at me like I’m a piece of steak?”–Brooke and Chase
  • I guess she’ll get him to model now, too?
  • Mouth walks into Nate’s backyard, where Nate is working out.
  • Q3: “I hate to kill the messenger, Mouth, but every time I see you, you have bad news.”–Nathan
  • Mouth tells him that the sports station is going to reveal the news about the broken endorsements.
  • Nathan tells Mouth he heard he was demoted.
  • Mouth says it’s because he wouldn’t do the story on Nate.
  • Nate tells him to do the story.
  • Alex claims she’s in a relationship with Julian because he agreed to work with her.
  • Millie basically tells her she’s insane.  Which she is.
  • Woah! Alex just called Millie a plus-size model!
  • Jesus. I hope they address how wrong that is.
  • Haley calls Renee and says if she pays her, she wants a public retraction.
  • Renee says fine–but it won’t be the truth.
  • And the payment must be $250,000–the cost of raising a child til age 18.
  • Renee gives her Haley until that night to decide because “otherwise [she] has other options.”
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Julian walks in on Chase half-naked, as Brooke tries to fit him for clothes.
  • He’s clearly not happy.
  • Q4: “Care to tell me why you were mounting your ex-boyfriend in the back room?”  “Because you weren’t available.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Brooke says she realized she can make money by selling guys clothes, too.
  • Julian calls it “Clothes For Bros.”
  • They banter back and forth, with Brooke making it clear she can work with chase on just “business” since he is with Alex.
  • Mouth tells his boss he wants to go back on the air–and he has scoop.
  • He gives his boss a quote–from Nate, I think.
  • The boss is impressed.
  • Nathan is moping on the couch.
  • Quinn tells Nathan to back off on Clay and her.
  • He says she’s acting like a child and if she wants to sleep around, she can.
  • Quinn basically calls him a hypocrite but he tells her if he doesn’t like it, she can leave.
  • He calls him a coward and walks away.
  • Alex says size 0 bikini bottoms are too big for her!  That’s just sick!
  • Alex tells Brooke that Julian must be in love with her because she got naked for him and he didn’t care.
  • Julian apparently didn’t tell her about that because Brooke is pissed!
  • Mia sees Julian in the diner.
  • Q5: Your tall dark and handsome is getting naked with my short, hot and bossy.”–Julian to Mia about Chase and Brooke
  • Julian asks him how someone so ditzy can produce something great–like Alex is doing.
  • Mia says sometimes a person needs someone else to bring out their potential–like Haley did with her.
  • Um, I’m pretty sure that was Peyton.  Or, at the very least, Haley AND Peyton.
  • Rachel tells Dan it will be so great for them if Renee agrees to the interview.
  • Dan says he hasn’t heard from her and Rachel says she’ll take care of it.
  • Clay is drinking in a bar, when a girl he knows approaches.
  • He says the girl always finds him, and she says she just follows the other girls.
  • He asks her to stay the night, and they leave together.
  • She looks like a skinnier version of Alice.  Weird.
  • Haley tells Nathan she called Renee and the offer.
  • I really don’t like the way Haley looks these days.  Hate the hair color and she looks sloppy.
  • Haley says with or without Nathan’s “permission,” she’s paying Renee.
  • Brooke is beyond pissed off at Alex, complaining to Chase.
  • Chase suggests that Alex is like Brooke in high school!
  • Glad they’re bringing attention to that.
  • Clay is talking to the girl about Nathan’s problems.
  • He says he blames himself for being a bad influence.
  • He also says he doesn’t think Nathan did it.
  • She tells Clay that he should fix it then.
  • He tells her to stay the night and she asks if that’s what he really wants, and he says it’s what he needs.
  • So is this an ex?  Or like a sister?
  • Mouth is on air, talking about Nathan…
  • …but he derivatives from the teleprompter and says the news shouldn’t be judging Nathan or making stuff up for the sake of a story.
  • Go Mouth!
  • Unfortunately, I’m sure he’ll pay for this.
  • Nathan and Haley are ignoring each other.
  • As Mouth’s voiceover says you shouldn’t succumb to pressure, Millie steals some of Alex’s diet pills.
  • I guess they’re going to do a bulimia/anorexia story?  Not sure I want to see that.
  • Could be interesting, though, since Millie older and not the teen age.
  • Brooke looks through her high school photo album.
  • There’s a pic of her topless with her pompoms in front of her.
  • I’m guessing she sees the Alex parallel.
  • Ooh, a Brooke-Peyton photo!  Very nice!
  • I wish I had Mouth’s whole spiel.  It is soooo good and classic moral, ethical journalism!
  • Q6: I’m Marvin McFadden and this is sports.  Or at least it used to be.”–Mouth
  • I wish Nathan heard this, and knew what Mouth did for him.  Maybe they planned it together?
  • Nathan tells Haley paying Renee won’t help.
  • Haley says it *could* help.
  • Nathan tells Haley if she’s willing to do this, it proves she doesn’t believe him.
  • And if he fathered a child but is denying it, that makes him Dan Scott.
  • Glad he’s addressing the parallel!
  • Q7: If you’ve lost faith in me, all the money in the world isn’t going to fix it.–Nathan
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Nathan apologizes to Quinn for their fight.
  • Quinn says she’s sorry Renee is doing this and she knows he would never hurt Haley.
  • And then she says she’s the coward–she’s not running away from her problems, she’s walking away from something that’s perfect.
  • But she admits she doesn’t know how to let David go.
  • Nathan says it takes time and she’s welcome to stay in the house as long as she needs.
  • I totally get Quinn’s storyline and why she feels this way but I am so sick of seeing her pouting.
  • Mia surprises Nathan with a pool tabletop picnic
  • Q8: “Did she get all your measurements?”  “All but one. How much I love my girlfriend.”–Mia and Chase
  • Really cute.  Wish I got the second part of that.
  • Millie crying in front of the mirror, looking at herself in the bathing suit.
  • Mouth is shocked to see her crying.
  • Millie says she doesn’t think she can do this.
  • She says with her old job, she felt good about herself–but not special.  And this makes her feel special but not good.
  • Mouth tells her she’s special.
  • But she wants the whole world to believe that.
  • Q9: Who am I kidding?  I’m not a model.  I’m just Millicent.–Mouth
  • Mouth gets down on one knee, and puts a shoe on her–Cinderella style.
  • He tells her she’s obviously the same girl who modeled the other night.
  • He says she deserves to feel special, and if modeling does that, then she should do it.
  • But I guess feeling good about yourself doesn’t matter?
  • I guess they’ll come back to this.
  • Alex and Julian are kinda sorta working at her hotel room.
  • But Alex is busy staring at his ass.
  • Brooke walks in and fires Alex.
  • Q10: I would be insane to let high school me anywhere near the man I love.–Brooke
  • So glad she realizes who she used to be–and the problems with it!
  • So she again says Alex is fired and tells Julian she’s pissed at him for not telling her about Alex getting naked for him.
  • And she tells him that he’s sleeping on the couch.
  • Q11: Ciao, bitches!–Brooke
  • She leaves, and he follows.
  • Rachel tells Renee that Dan is doing this to “bury Nathan” and that helps Renee, because she’ll get more money for it.
  • This convinces Renee to do the show.
  • Haley tells Nathan she didn’t pay Renee.
  • Nathan tells her he would never cheat on her.
  • Q12: “But I don’t want to see you lose your dream.” “Lose her?  She’s right here.  And I’m never letting go of her.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Perfect ending!  End it right there!
  • But no!
  • Skip to the girl sleeping in Clay’s bed, and him watching from the couch.
  • Now Mouth and Millie in bed, but she gets up to take the diet pill.  Of course.
  • Quinn is waking the beach again, and inches towards the water.
  • Fade to black.
  • Lame ending!  Who wants to see her get the last scene?  It should’ve ended with that Naley scene.
  • Preview: Dan welcomes Renee on the show, Nathan is upset that he has to deal with it (and apparently the show shoots in LA), Brooke says she’s hurt Julian doesn’t wants to get married, he says he doesn’t know when he said that, the girl tells Clay it’s OK if he likes Quinn but he says she’s “not you”


EPISODE 3.06: Enough About Eve

  • Preview: Dan likes Olivia a lot, Vanessa warns it will be hard, Blair says Chuck and her like playing games, Serena says it will backfire, Vanessa says her parents are anti-college, Carter explains what happened with the Buckleys, Serena starts to worry about him
  • Blair is having another one of her period dreams, where she’s dreaming something terrible happens to her in a different era.
  • I *hate* those!
  • This time it was spoofing All about Eve (hence the episode title), where Blair was Bette Davis.
  • She dreamt Vanessa was picked for something over her.
  • She’s upset, because she’s Audrey Hepburn, not a “plain-Jane.”
  • Cute that Blair was sleeping at Chuck’s, though.
  • And now he’s comforting her.
  • He says he knows this is about NYU and tying to control it.  And he says she will someday.
  • Nate is helping Tripp (his cousin) campaign for congress, even though the election is a year away.
  • Serena says she hasn’t spoken to Carter, even though she left him tons of messages.
  • Nate reveals that he heard the Buckleys are sending Carter to an oil field, to pay off his debts.
  • In Texas.  Where people won’t treat him well.
  • Nate says he has an idea, though, on how to help.
  • Rufus says with married life, each day is better than the day before.
  • He, Dan, Jenny and Vanessa are packing up the loft.
  • Or at least some stuff.
  • Are they leaving?
  • Jenny reads an article aloud about Vanessa succeeding at NYU.
  • Vanessa might get to give a big speech at an event.
  • Rufus says she should tell her parents.
  • But V says she can’t because they’re against the idea of college, especially private colleges.
  • She’s love it, though, if her parents changed their mind but she doubt they will.
  • Dan says Olivia just came back from Japan.
  • He’s worried about having her meet the parents so soon but Jenny and Vanessa encourage it.
  • He will invite her to Vanessa’s things.
  • Nate says she knows the guys in the Buckley family play a poker game and take big money.
  • He explains that Serena will play and win the money–apparently half a million!
  • Blair’s minions (who look younger than the Constance crew did!) are following her around.
  • Blair is feuding with Vanessa again.
  • V  won the right to give the toast at the freshmen dinner.
  • Blair is POed.
  • Olivia and Dan are being all cute and flirty as they walk the NYC streets.
  • Dan invites her to meet Rufus and co., and she is thrilled.
  • Apparently her past BFs were all acots.
  • Vanessa leaves her mom a message, inviting her to the toast.
  • Blair is writing a speech–even though she’s not the one supposed to give it.
  • The alumi in charge–Josh Ellis–is now talking to Olivia.
  • She was first asked to give the speech but said no.
  • Now she changed her mind, which Josh accepts and he says they’ll forget the other girl–Vanessa!
  • So Vanessa, Blair and Olivia all want to give the same speech.
  • Blair is meeting with Josh about the speech.
  • She completely slams Vanessa and says she would do a better job and would earn more money for the school.
  • Josh explains what happened with Olivia, and that she’ll be speaking.
  • Josh says Olivia’s boyfriend convinced her.
  • Not quite, if Dan is her boyfriend.  Or is he?
  • Blair still tries to convince him otherwise but he says this is it.
  • Vanessa is waiting outside and assumes Blair is still trying to steal the show.
  • Blair says Olivia is actually doing the toast.
  • Q1: Poor Vanessa.  Always the understudy, never the star.–Blair
  • Vanessa is clearly upset, and points out that she urged Dan to bring her in the first place.
  • Blair points out that V’s mom is coming and now she has nothing to show for it.
  • She also says she always wins and V, if she keeps being honest, will always lose.
  • Serena and Nate approach the poker gamer.
  • Funny to hear the Texan accents.
  • Nate pays up the $25,000 for Serena to play.
  • Wonder where he got that from?!
  • I guess his family is still wealthy, but he just has access to that kind of cash?
  • Vanessa’s trying to convince Dan to not go to the event with Olivia…but she’s not saying why.
  • She lies and says Olivia is nervous about meeting Rufus and co. and that’s the real reason they shouldn’t go.
  • Dan buys it, and says he’ll make the night just the two of them.
  • You know, Blair pegs Vanessa as always honest.  But this isn’t the first time she’s being dishonest.
  • Serena is losing at the poker game, but Nate encourages her to continue.
  • Nate puts in more money and Serena says she’s upping the stakes–Carter.
  • The guy says Carter is worth a lot more than they’re putting up.
  • Nate says the guy will bet Carter, and he’ll bet a photo of Tripp.
  • The photo is of Tripp smoking from a bong, which if it gets out would obviously ruin his career.
  • Serena points this out to Nate, and he just tells her not to lose.
  • I like that they both mean well but the odds of this working out are so slim!
  • I like even more that they’re working together!
  • Olivia backs out on the speech.
  • Vanessa overhears and encourages her to be with Dan.
  • Josh calls Vanessa, and asks her to give the toast again.
  • LOL Vanessa just called Blair Machiavelli.
  • Blair says to her followers that this is just part of the plan.
  • I am so SICK of Blair’s bitchiness and the way she treats people!  Really, I can’t tolerate it anymore.
  • She calls Chuck and reminds them of their summer love-sex game.
  • Serena is still playing the game, even though the guy is taunting her about Carter.
  • Serena puts all in–and then loses!
  • Q2: You know a picture really is a 1,000 words–or in this case, an election.–The guy
  • Q3: Looks like Carter is going down to Texas…and Tripp’s career is going up in smoke.–Gossip Girl
  • Vanessa and her mom show up to Lily’s…which I guess now is Rufus.
  • Her mom’s name is Gabriella.
  • She seems sweet enough, even if disapproving of the wealthy lifestyle.
  • Lily says NYU is the perfect fit for Vanessa…and Gabriella’s sweetness disappears, as she says she and V’s father disapprove of private schools.
  • So glad they just repeated what was said earlier in the episode.  Give us something new.
  • Chuck and Blair are the bar.
  • Blair explains that Chuck needs to come on to Josh.
  • Chuck agrees (for what reason, I don’t know… I guess to make Blair happy) and says he needs 5 minutes.
  • Serena and Nate are both kind of freaking out about losing the game and the repercussions.
  • Nate has Serena leave the room, so he can confess on the phone to his grandfather what happened.
  • Serena overhears Nate saying that the bong picture isn’t real.  He lied to Serena.
  • The whole thing was a set-up to get back at the Buckleys!
  • What a shallow, self-centered thing to do.
  • I’m embarrassed that I fell for it and believed Nate was being genuine.
  • I guess this will test his friendship with Serena.
  • At least I hope it does–and I hope it lasts beyond this episode.  I’d like to see tension between them build up again and then lead you know where!
  • Q4: I’m afraid I don’t worship at the altar of shallow Hollywood celebrities.–Gabriella
  • Gabriella is wondering how Olivia got in to NYU.
  • Vanessa defends her, and then Olivia calls.
  • She wants to know why Dan changed his mind about her meeting the parents.
  • Vanessa’s lies are catching up to her–she’s lying to Dan about Olivia and lying to Olivia about Dan.
  • She’s having trouble keeping her stories straight and keeping them happy.
  • Damage is done and Olivia is upset, thinking Dan just doesn’t want Olivia to meet his parents
  • Josh and Chuck are flirting.
  • Josh goes in for it and kisses Chuck.
  • Blair interrupts, and Josh is embarassed to be caught.
  • Q5: Number 27 on the Tribeca scavenger hunt.  Kiss Chuck Bass.–Josh
  • Josh clearly doesn’t care that Blair caught him but says she can do the speech anyway.
  • Q6: I’m upset because I kissed someone that wasn’t you.–Chuck
  • Chuck then reveals that he’s kissed guys before.
  • The whole thing was lame.  All about building the buzz of a gay kiss and then having it be so silly and insignificant.  Sick of crap like that.
  • Gabriella apologizes to Vanessa for being harsh on NYU.
  • Vanessa says she’ll understand after the toast.
  • But V doesn’t know she isn’t giving it!
  • Olivia tells Dan they should go to the dinner so she can meet his parents.
  • So now O, Blair and Vanessa are all going and again all competing over the speech I guess.
  • 90210 promo
  • Age of Innocence reference is funny given the spoof on it last season.
  • Blair tells Vanessa she’s not giving the toast, which means she “won, like always.”
  • So tired of Blair being like this!
  • Vanessa says her mom is there and she really needs to do the speech now.
  • Blair refuses to give in.
  • But I’m sure Olivia is going to be the one giving it!
  • Dan introduces Olivia to Rufus and Lily.
  • But Olivia isn’t being herself–she’s being the bratty celeb people would expect of her.
  • I guess to piss of Dan?
  • But again, this is all Vanessa’s fault.  I imaginet hat will come out.
  • Blair’s follower reveals to Chuck the real reason for Blair wanting to play the game with Josh–to get the toast.
  • He’s peeved,
  • Serena confronts Nate about the photo.
  • Nate says he’s sorry but defends his actions.
  • Serena says he isn’t sorry but will be.
  • She walks away and goes to call the Buckleys.
  • LOL I love seeing Hilarie doing this schtick.  She does it really well.
  • Olivia and Dan both reveal that Vanessa led them to think one way against the other and they realize Vanessa was lying.
  • Blair is getting ready for the speech.
  • She again tells Vanessa that she’s better than her.
  • Vanessa encourages Blair to go off on her–because she’s hiding the microphone and it’s broadcasting for everyone to hear!
  • Smart, Vanessa, smart!
  • Not respectable, but smart.
  • And it doesn’t really matter.  Every time you think Blair’s getting hers and she’ll learn her lesson, she never relly does.
  • Chuck walks away, very upset/pissed off. I don’t blame him.  Blair just admitted in front of everyone that she used to him.
  • And that’s what she does with everyone–she uses them. So sick of it.
  • Vanessa turns to see Olivia and Dan ready to confront her.
  • Vanessa apologizes and says she was freaked out about the toast.
  • Olivia said she didn’t know V was up for it and would’ve just given it to her.
  • Dan says he didn’t Olivia was up for it, either.
  • Vanessa takes responsibility and says she wishes Dan’s parents were hers…and Gabriella overhears!
  • Blair is frantically looking for Chuck and Lily says he left.
  • Blair admits she messed up and Lily reassures her that she did.
  • Q7: Where did you learn to give a pep talk, Guantanamo?–Blair
  • Q8: Without trust, you’re lost.–Lily
  • Carter meets Serena at her apartment.
  • She tells him he doesn’t have to leave, because she settled the debt by helping the Buckley’s avoid the photo scandal.
  • Carter says he wanted to fix this himself and show he could take responsibility.
  • And he still wants to go away.
  • Q9: I think I rather have you hate me than feel sorry for me.–Carter
  • He leaves and Serena is in tears.
  • I guess that’s the end of that.  For now.
  • Torn because I kind of liked them together but this sets up a Serena-Nate storyline.
  • Vanessa has a tearful conversation with Gabriella, who says she just wants the best for Vanessa because she has so much potential.
  • Dan and Olivia try to apologize to Lily and Rufus for her behavior earlier.
  • But they’re interrupted when Josh announces Olivia to give the speech.
  • She’s surprised, as are Blair and Vanessa, who no longer know they put all this effort in when it backfired.
  • I guess it’s the next day now.
  • Dan brings Olivia to the penthouse for a meal with the fam.
  • She apologizes again, and they are more than welcoming.
  • Love the Welcome Back Kotter references!  Old-school classic!
  • Blair asks Chuck for forgiveness.  He doesn’t look happy.
  • She says what he had him do was “just a kiss.”
  • Chuck says he knows she has so little respect for people she manipulates–and he manipulated her.
  • Blair says it was a mistake.
  • Chuck says he’s in  meeting and makes her leave.
  • But there’s no meeting.  He’s just done with her.  For now.
  • Vanessa is waiting for her mom to join her for breakfast, but her mom has already gone home.  Vanessa cries.
  • Cut to the van der Woodsens and Humpreys enjoying breakfast.
  • Chuck is still upset.
  • So is Carter.
  • Blair joins Vanessa at the cafe.
  • Q10: Fortunately, misery loves company.  For now at least.–Gossip Girl
  • Preview: Halloween, Blair being a bitch about trick or treaters, Chuck opening his club and telling Blair she’s not invited, Dan watches a film where Olivia acted in a sex scene with her then-boyfriend

Those are my thoughts.  What are yours?



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19 10 2009

Old movie dream was weird

19 10 2009

I Love Aaron Tveit.

19 10 2009

I can’t believe Nate is going to help Carter

19 10 2009

Dan and Jenny became supporting cast in a Vanessa scene. How dare they.

19 10 2009

Hilary Duff is such a bad actress

19 10 2009

I hope Olivia doesn’t turn evil

19 10 2009

Awesome Nate and Serena reveal at Poker location

19 10 2009

PJ is HOT!!!

19 10 2009

It was so obvious that the tell was fake.

19 10 2009

They give more gay action to Chuck then to the actual gay character Eric.

19 10 2009

That is a horrible dress on vanessa

19 10 2009

I like this Nate. Never liked nice Nate.

19 10 2009

OMG, Please don’t make Vanessa and Blair friends. And when did Vanessa become a main character?

19 10 2009

Holy cow.. what a crazy eppy of OTH!!! Im thinking were going into hiatus VERY soon.

19 10 2009

Gossip Girl was great. Nate is turning nasty, Chuck and awesome gay kiss and Blair and Vanessa might become friends.

19 10 2009

I loved OTH tonight. Naley stole the show. Nathan telling Haley she is dream, awwww. That is the Naley that made OTH.

Loved Brooke tonight, she is great. The only thing I didn’t was Quinn, but that is because I don’t like that character. I do have a feeling that they are setting it up to make Clay and Quinn a couple….ugh.

19 10 2009

I’m with ya, Michelle. But according to what I’ve read, they haven’t made a decision yet on whether Clay and Quinn will go the romantic route or stay just friends. Who knows what will happen, though!

19 10 2009

did you notice that serena was wearing the same dress that quinn wore last week on one tree hill. (the purple one)

19 10 2009

well i really hope that mark and the writers see that there arent to many fans that like quinn and love clay. i have been on many oth boards and quinn isnt a very liked character.

19 10 2009

Beka, I noticed it was a purple dress but it didn’t occur to me that it was the same one.

Unfortunately, Michelle, Shantel’s signed on for the season. Hopefully things will improve.

20 10 2009

about the was haley who brought up her potential..peyton wanted the whole band..but haley saw that the special-thing about the band was mia. sorry for my bad english but i’m from germany. i just love ur blog and i always want to comment so i try with my bad, bad english.

and the other thing about the show last night: i really hope they’re making best friends of quinn and clay just like haley and luke used to be because i think that would be much better than another love story..

oh and something else about mia and chase: they must’ve been together for more than just a year..the season started 14months later than season 6 but chase and mia were already together for a while..and i think peyton wasn’t even pregnant at that they must’ve been like the 14months and the 9months of peytons pregnancy!

20 10 2009

MJ-your English is fine! Please feel free to comment as much as you want!

I do recall it was Haley who first suggested Peyton focus on Mia, and not the whole band. But without Peyton, Mia wouldn’t have gotten to where she is. It’s true that Haley supported her as well, so I think, at the very least, Mia should’ve credited them both.

I never thought of a Clay-Quinn/Luke-Haley comparison. I could live with that. I love when the show emphasizes the guy-girl friendships, and we rarely see that anymore.

Ooh, you’re right about Mia and Chase! It’s definitely more than a year!

20 10 2009

Mega, thank you for all your comments! I’m sorry my Spam catcher blocked them at first. Aaron Tveit will be back on screen soon, don’t you worry. It’s definitely interesting the way Vanessa has progressed to a leading player and while Jenny, who was established as one of the leads right from the outset, is floundering in the background. Vanessa, or Jessica Szohr rather, is a regular now so expect to keep seeing more of her–though we should be seeing more of Jenny soon, too. You’re right about Chuck vs. Eric. There’s so much possibility with Eric but they never explore it. I’m not liking conniving Nate, but I can see why strictly nice Nate is bothersome. Hopefully they’ll find a common ground.

20 10 2009

and the purple dress looked so much better on serena than it did on quinn

20 10 2009

Serena definitely rocked in. I didn’t like seeing Quinn dressed up. It just didn’t work for her. She’s too tomboy.

20 10 2009

i personally didn’t like quinn dressed up but thought that she pulled it off better. TDW you should do a who wore it better poll with pics!

20 10 2009

If you find me the photos, I’d gladly do it!

20 10 2009

i couldnt find any of serena! only of quinn. thanks anyways. ps. great site

20 10 2009

Thanks, Beka! Serena photos might surface in a bit, since the episode just aired last night.

21 10 2009

found it for serena:)

21 10 2009

Thanks, mj! Now I just need to find Quinn…

22 10 2009

so this one’s from quinn

22 10 2009

Thank you, mj! I will post it this weekend.

3 11 2009
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