Live-Blog: 90210 2.07

20 10 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.07: Unmasked

  • Previously on: Silver tells Kelly about Jackie dying, Kel tells Jackie to Leave Silver alone, Silver moves inw ith Jackie, Sasha finds out the truth about Dixon, Naomi is trying to get into CU by dating Richard, the dean’s daughter, but also meets a CU guy named Jamie, Debbie wonders if Kelly has a crush on Harry, Harry calls Debbie Kelly
  • Liam is surfing and then goes back to his sweet car.
  • He pulls out and someone hits him.
  • It is Ivy, who is more upset about her surf board breaking than Liam’s car
  • She offers money but he refuses
  • He asks for apologies but she defends herrself
  • Liam calls her a little girl.  Ouch!
  • Q1: Maybe I do owe you an apology.  I am so sorry you such a sexist ass.–Ivy
  • They tell each other “screw you” and she leaves.
  • Naomi is hanging with Richard.
  • He just called her “babe.”
  • I wonder how long this is supposed to be from when they first met.
  • Naomi suggests they jointly talk to the Dean–his mom–about green living on campus.
  • Jamie comes back and Naomi is clearly uncomfortable.
  • He invites them to the PiPhi crush party but Richard turns him down
  • When he leaves, Richard makes fun of him and Naomi goes along with it
  • She brings up talking to his mom again but he blows her off.
  • Jamie comes back in his towel, and he shares a look with Naomi
  • Dixon is at Sasha’s place.
  • He wants to go out but she doesn’t want to because she can get in “trouble.”
  • He said the whole
  • Q2: I am not sneaking in the window, Katie Holmes-style.  Dawson’s Creek?  Forget it.  You were too young.–Sasha
  • Best. Line.Ever!
  • Debbie tells Harry he was working late.
  • Harry says Kelly wasn’t there.
  • He already apologized for calling her Kelly.
  • Okay, he says that was 2 days ago.
  • Debbie says she thinks if he did like Kelly, it makes sense: they fight a lot and a few months ago she got a vibe from her.
  • He says he called her Kelly because work was on his mind.
  • He agrees that things have been stressful a lot but they need to make time together.
  • He suggests Debbie come by West Bev tomorrow for lunch.
  • Silver is at school, on the phone with a doctor or something, demanding pills for her mom who is “in a lot of pain.”
  • Kelly comes up to see how she is.
  • Silver says she’s fine but Kel says she doesn’t look fine.
  • Silver reminds Kel that Jackie has cancer.
  • Kel says she knows but it’s not a reason to live with her.
  • Silver says she’s dying and that’s a reason.
  • Q3: I’m her daughter. At least one of us is acting like it.–Silver
  • Liam tells Teddy he can’t reach Dixon.
  • They are about to go surfing.
  • Liam and Teddy topless=HAWT!
  • They spot a great surfer, who is joining their team.
  • Liam is shocked and pissed to find out it’s Ivy.
  • Ooh, a teacher that isn’t Ryan!
  • Silver walks into class late, saying she was at a doctor’s appointment.
  • Silver and Teddy are forced to be partners for an assignment.
  • Q4: So, your place or mine?–Teddy
  • Silver says she’ll just do the assignment.
  • And then she calls him “pompous and arrogant” and says he screwed with Adrianna.
  • Teddy says he didn’t–they just want different things.
  • Annie and Jasper are kissing at school.
  • They are all lovey-dovey, talking about how great it is when they talk and how bad it is when they aren’t.
  • Jasper is making a film, and calls Annie his muse.
  • She agrees to be in his movie.
  • Dixon apologizes to the coach for missing practice.
  • He kicks Dixon off.
  • Dixon says it was a family emergency and begs for another chance.
  • Ivy is talking to the whole surf team, and they’re all impressed with her.
  • Liam makes a snide remark, making fun of her.
  • Dixon is still on the team but on probation.
  • Billabong will give a surf board to the winner of tomorrow’s competition.
  • Oh, great. Another sponsorship.
  • Ivy makes her own snide mark.
  • She and Liam start to spar again.
  • LOL Ivy blames her period for “acting crazy.”
  • Liam is SO uncomfortable.
  • Q5: Woah, you actually bought that.  You are worse than I thought you were.  Later, sucker!–Ivy
  • Naomi runs into Jamie in the dorm hallway.
  • He asks her what she’s doing with Richard since he’s clearly not her type.
  • Naomi says he’s nice and they’re getting to know each other.
  • Jamie offers to talk Naomi to her car.
  • They end up sitting in the seats at the football stadium, bonding.
  • WTF! Naomi said CU’s colors are maroon and black.  Try again.
  • Weren’t they orange and black?!  Or am I just making that up?
  • Naomi says her grandfather passed away a few years ago.
  • Q6: I’m sure you were lots of people’s favorite.–Jamie
  • Q7: I wish you weren’t dating Richard, ’cause I really want to kiss you.  But you are. So I won’t.–Jamie
  • He then says they should go.
  • Annie and Dixon are still at odds with each other.
  • Dixon says Jasper is “sketchy.”
  • Annie defends him, and says Dixon himself is “sketchy.”
  • She says she knows he’s been sneaking out and lying to their parents.
  • Dixon doesn’t explain himself.
  • Naomi complains to Adrianna about being torn between Jamie and using Richard.
  • Richard invited Naomi to a dinner where she can meet his mom.
  • Naomi makes a comment that she can’t end up with nothing like Adrianna.
  • Silver is on the phone at school, begging for a night nurse for Jackie.
  • Silver’s supposed to hand in the class project but she says she forgot it.
  • Teddy takes the blame, saying he’s the one that forgot it.
  • Teddy says he’s not a bad guy and Silver said no one asked him to do that.
  • Kelly goes to Harry’s office.
  • He puts on an Obama mask.  Creepy, not funny.
  • Harry can tell that something is wrong.
  • Kel reveals that Silver moved out and that Jackie has cancer.
  • She says she can’t talk about it now but maybe they can grab lunch later; she can use someone to talk to.
  • Harry calls Debbie and cancels their lunch. Idiot.
  • Dixon and the guys are talking about Halloween comments.
  • Teddy comments that Dixon is never around but he swears he’ll be there.
  • They ask if Navid will come but Dixon says no, since he dosen’t want to run into Navid.
  • Sasha calls Dixon to hang out after school, but Dixon has a surf meet.
  • But then he tells her about the Halloween party so he can’t come over at all.
  • Sasha is annoyed that he wants to go to a “high school” party, and be with his friends, while she hardly ever sees him.
  • Hm, I don’t think that’s true.  Hasn’t it been established he sees her all the time and has been ditching his friends?
  • Kelly and Harry are eating in his office.
  • She’s talking about her problems with Silver.
  • Debbie walks in, shocked to see Kelly there.
  • She storms out and Harry follows but Debbie says they won’t talk about this here.
  • I still see this as a problem on Harry’s end.  He’s going through his own issues with his marriage and Kelly seems enticing to him.
  • But she hasn’t done anything to indicate she’s interested.  Talking to someone about a problem, something they’ve done in the past, isn’t an indication of anything.
  • Still, Debbie has every right to be upset.  Harry isn’t acting appropriately.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • It’s the surf meet, and Liam and Ivy are in the same round.
  • The winner of the whole tournament, though, wins the surf board.
  • I just remember Dixon used to do lacrosse.  I guess not anymore.  Was that ever addressed?
  • Ivy and Liam taunt each other in the water, each claiming they will win.
  • Liam cuts off Ivy during the race.
  • Reminds me of Dawson and Pacey in the regatta.
  • Yep, that’s exactly what it was.
  • Ivy is pissed!
  • Silver tells Naomi and Ade she can’t go to the Halloween party because she needs to do that assignment.
  • They tell Silver that she’s taking too much on with her mom.
  • Silver starts to flip out, saying no one understands.
  • She says she has too much work to do to have this conversation, and they leave for the party.
  • Liam and Ivy are the last 2 left in the competition.
  • Ivy claims to have a cramp and when Liam goes to help, she takes off in the competition.
  • Liam misses his chance.
  • She wins and gets the surf board.
  • Liam is pissed!
  • Dixon shows up to Sasha’s, much to her delight.
  • He says he’s not staying…and then breaks up with her!
  • Dixon says the relationship isn’t working because they can’t ever go out, or be with each other’s friends or do anything like a normal couple.
  • Sasha asks why is he realizing this now when he knew this to begin with and “roped [her] back in and made [her] care.”
  • Dixon apologizes and she tells him to leave.
  • At the Halloween party, Teddy is Dracula, Liam is–um–himself, and Dixon is a BBall player with an afro. Patrick Ewing, maybe?
  • Dixon tells them about the problems with Sasha.
  • Teddy asks if it’s really over, and he says it’s “absolutely over and
  • Q8: My friends and I can’t decide.  Are you supposed to be Johnny Depp or a Jonas Brother?–Random girl  to Liam
  • Ade is dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Naomi claims she’s dressed like a CU sorority girl.
  • She kind of is dressed like the pretentious Alphas did!
  • Naomi and Ade say they don’t know how to deal with Silver.
  • Teddy overhears, and is shocked to hear Silver’s mom has cancer.
  • Liam runs into Ivy, and they start fighting again.
  • They decide to have a rematch–a “suicide competition.”  First one to wipe out, loses.
  • Everyone goes to watch and cheer them on.
  • Too much time being wasted on surfing scenes!  I guess it’s more plot-driven tonight in the past, though.
  • Jasper and Annie pull up to the beach club.
  • Jasper says they’re shooting a scene for his movie.
  • Annie’s all excited.
  • He explains that she needs “borrow” a car.
  • Annie says that’s stealing but he says it’s borrowing and tells her to “live a little.”
  • Annie says he can’t do this but he tells she has to in order for the movie to work.
  • Everytime Jasper calls Annie his muse, I cringe a little.  It seems really creepy and sketchy.
  • He gives in to her but then she changes her mind and agrees to do it.
  • Harry brings home flowers, and Debbie says it won’t help.
  • He explains that Kelly was upset about her mom and he had to help.
  • Debbie says Harry lied and he says he omitted.
  • Debbie says it’s not appropriate for Kelly to be confiding in “her married boss” who she has a crush on.
  • Sorry, I don’t think Kel has a crush on him.  I think it’s already been established that they’re friendly, so it makes sense that in a crisis, she opened up to him.  It hasn’t been established she has any other friends.  If anyone has the crush–or is at least intrigued, I think it’s Harry, not Kelly.
  • Teddy goes back to West Bev to talk to Silver.
  • He says he’s really sorry about her mom.
  • She tells him to save his pity and asks why he cares.
  • Teddy says his mom died 3 years ago and she might want to talk to someone who knows what she’s going through.
  • Silver reluctantly agrees to talk to him.
  • Teddy says that’s why he moved to the East Coast–to take care of his mom.
  • They bond over the stress of caring for a sick person, instead of being a normal high school student.
  • Teddy says he understands that it’s “hard as hell” and they couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t help.
  • Silver says she’s tried not to admit how hard it is.
  • Teddy tells her he can handle it.
  • I like this side of him.  I think people want to see more of this.
  • Silver says it’s so overwhelming, she just wants to scream.
  • He offers to show her how he “used to blow off steam.”
  • Ivy gives Liam the surf board, saying he deserves it.
  • She says she’s sensitive to “gender stereotypes” because no one ever took her seriously as a girl surfing.
  • Liam says he knows she’s good but she’s “lousy with apologies.”
  • He’s talking about the car again.
  • Liam says he’s been underestimated, too.
  • He doesn’t like being blamed for things that aren’t his fault. He’s obviously referencing the Annie/Naomi/Jen stuff.
  • She finally apologizes and they banter flirtatiously.
  • He kind of hugs her, and Naomi sees.
  • It gets kind of awkward and Liam makes a joke, then she walks away.
  • Jasper is filming Annie taking the car
  • Kelly calls Harry to see how Debbie is and says she hopes it didn’t have to do with her.
  • Harry says it did–that Debbie thinks Kelly has a crush on him.
  • Kelly says that’s ridiculous but it looks like she does actually have a crush on him!
  • Maybe it’s an innocent crush?  She hasn’t made any indication that she’d pursue it.  Hmmm.
  • Harry looks stressed.  Because he agrees that she likes him or he believes that she doesn’t so he’s disappointed?
  • Adrianna says she’s not having a good time at the party because she’s still thinking about Navid.
  • Naomi tells Ade she can leave when Jamie shows up.
  • He kind of sort of kisses her hello.
  • What happened to NOT doing that?
  • Naomi tells Adrianna she broke up with Richard, prompted by seeing Liam with Ivy.
  • She says she won’t get over him if she’s in a “fake relationship.”
  • Jamie has potential, she says.
  • Adrianna tells her she did the right thing.
  • I wonder if she’s lying.  Did she really break up with him?
  • Teddy and Silver are hitting tennis balls off a roof top.
  • I can see how this reveals some of the stress.
  • I think we all know where this is going.
  • Dixon sees Sasha as he’s leaving the party.
  • She apologizes for being “needy.”
  • Dixon says that’s OK but they are still in 2 different places in their lives.
  • Sasha says she’s pregnant!
  • Fade to black.
  • I knew this was coming.
  • Preview: Liam says Ivy’s “not a girl” but then they kiss, Navid says Adrianna isn’t her problem, Adrianna is crying and Naomi is worried she will start using again, Jasper and Annie kiss, Jasper is a drug dealer, Dixon tells his parents he got a girl pregnant
  • The next episode is in two weeks, November 3.



7 responses

21 10 2009

This episode was so bla for me, and I didn’t like all the surf scenes or the new surf girl. Although, I did like the nicer side of Teddy. Really missed Navid.

21 10 2009

Really? Another pregnancy storyline? lame. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Liam and Naomi are still hung up on eachother. I didn’t see that great of a connection last year. I mean maybe if they were together for longer then it would be plausible, but it seems like they are turning it into something bigger than it was in retrospect. It was kind of refreshing not having Navid in the ep. and not having Ade in it too much. And as for Jasper…. he creeps me out and I don’t understand why Annie can’t see his sketchiness. on another note I find it funny that they are in small ways bringing in elements from other successful teen dramas. i.e. the Dawson’s Creek reference and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but they are playing a lot of classic O.C. songs, and obviously use A LOT of O.C. locations.

21 10 2009

i don’t know what happened to liam..last year he didn’t seem like the guy who cries weeks over a girl but now he seems like he’s all whiny..what happened to that tough guy?!

21 10 2009

Sane: The surf scenes get old after a while but we’re going to have to get used to Ivy. She’s sticking around for a bit. Could be a lot more of nice Teddy to come as well, and I’m sure Navid will be back soon.

Alyssa: That was my reaction to the pregnancy, too. I am really hoping that it’s different both from Adrianna/Navid and Haley-Nathan-Renee. And every other show that’s tackled this before. I agree with you on Liam and Naomi. I think there is potential if they got back together, but I don’t see the past connection that the show is trying to highlight. It was strange having such an Ade and Navid-less episode, when they’ve been at the forefront this season up until this point. Jasper and Annie had such potential for an interesting storyline but they are going in a direction that could’ve been done with any other guy that wasn’t, say, the nephew of the man she killed. Unless they bring it back to that somehow, it feels like a waste. I loved the Dawson’s Creek reference, but I haven’t really noticed O.C. songs. Definitely O.C. locations, though!

mj: I think Liam–like most high schoolers and even people older–is very lost right now. He’s not sure who he is, who he wants to be or who he can rely on. His tough facade has definitely come down a bit this year but I’m not sure if that makes him a dynamic character or another failure on the writers’ part.

21 10 2009

During one of the surf montages they had “Daft punk is playing at my house” by LCD Soundsystem and I believe that was even one one of the O.C. soundtracks and there are others I don’t recall at the moment.

21 10 2009

omg it sounds like a gud one… although ivy is a new one right? i mean i didnt see or hear her in wild alaskan salmon and oh it seems like things may go back… silver with her bipolar symptoms and ade with her drug problems… poor annie she is gonna be in trouble and dixon lolz oh boy wat can i say abt tht… harry and debbie have relationship problems though not surprised i always knew tht would happen.. come on ppl u live in beverly hills now, its common look at the clarks with their abnormalities all of them… ah episode full of drama cant wait to watch this one

21 10 2009

demon: Yes, Ivy is new. This was her first episode. You’re on the right track with the rest of your comments!

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