Reaction: One Tree Hill 7.07

27 10 2009

In lieu of a live-blog Monday, I offer you my old-school reaction post.

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EPISODE 7.07: I and Love and You

  • Previously on: Brooke finds out Alex was naked in front of Julian, she fires Alex, Quinn admits to David she went home with Clay, Clay tells Quinn that Nathan is against them hanging out, Clay invites Sara to stay the night, Dan said 14 months ago, he was given days to live, Dan tells Renee he has a proposition for him, Renee says Dan’s plan could ruin Nathan, Rachel says Dan wants to bury Nate and Renee will get paid more, she agrees.
  • This episode was directed by James Lafferty (Nathan).
  • On the set of Dan’s show.
  • People are taking their seats.
  • Dan looks nervous and Rachel says she’s excited.
  • Dan says it will be a big show.
  • Rachel reminds Dan that he reached out to Nathan, who rejected him and “he was never going to forgive you anyway.”
  • Q1: Sometimes the truth is all we have.–Dan
  • Dan walks away and Rachel looks perplexed and nervous
  • Nathan is standing in Jamie’s room looking at basketball jerseys.
  • Haley’s hair looks amazing straight!  But I still don’t like the color.
  • Haley says Jamie is going to stay with Skills and be kept away from the TV–exactly what they should’ve been doing all along!
  • Nathan says his first memory is sitting in Dan’s lap, holding a basketball.
  • He says Dan spent his entire life trying to get him to the NBA and “now he’s going to take it away.”
  • I guess they know Renee is going on Dan’s show.
  • Julian is on their porch, watching Brooke from afar, who is looking longingly out to the distance.
  • Clay wakes up, and sees Sara looking distressed and out the window.
  • He walks outside and there are clothes and other belongings everywhere.
  • He picks up a film cannister.
  • Dan checks on Renee in the dressing room.
  • She’s concerned that the show is live.
  • Dan says it’s better since the audience and ratings will be bigger.
  • And he tells her after today, everyone will know her story.
  • She says she’s nervous and he tells her to “speak from the heart” and smile.
  • Renee asks what happened between Nathan and him.
  • Q2: I murdered his uncle.  Among other things.–Dan
  • Clay is handing Quinn a box of stuff.
  • Apparently it was all her things strewn across Clay’s yard.  David dumped the stuff there.
  • Quinn apologizes and says she’ll talk to him.
  • I don’t like that.  David seemed like a great guy.  I don’t like that they’re giving us reasons now to dislike him and sympathize with Quinn.
  • Quinn asks Clay if he’s coming to watch “the show”–Dan’s show, I guess–and he says he’s going to stay here.
  • Quinn tells him he hopes everything turns out okay.
  • Q3: “You and Nathan are both really great guys.  You deserve better.” “So do you, Quinn.”–Quinn and Clay
  • He watches her go longingly.
  • He goes back inside and Sara is laughing.
  • Sara is naming all of the women in Clay’s love life–the girl from the body wash commercial, Alex and Quinn.
  • Clay takes out a beer and Sara tells him it’s too early.  She says she wants grape kool aid.
  • Clay tells her to stop and…
  • Q4: “It’s okay if you like her.”  “No it’s not because she was somebody’s wife.”  “So?  I was your wife.” “Yeah, but you left me.”–Sara and Clay
  • Yep, this is the wife that was spoiled a while back. And as some people have already said, I think she’s death and he is hallucinating this.
  • Sara says things change, and that Quinn’s beautiful and he likes her.
  • Q5: She’s not you.–Clay
  • Clay says he has to watch “my and Nathan’s career possibly end” and tells her she can go but she says she’s “not going anywhere, babe.”
  • Haley helps Quinn carry her things in.
  • She vaguely explains what happened with David.
  • She says she’ll watch the show from her room, to give her and Nate space.
  • Did Haley just call her “Quinny”?
  • Haley looks a little nervous.
  • She finds Nathan outside and tells him it’s going to start.
  • Q6: “It’s been a good life.” “Yeah, it’s been a wonderful life.  You know when this show is over, it’s still going to be a wonderful life because I love you and your son loves you and nothing that happens in the next hour is going to change that.”  “God, I needed to hear you say that.”  “Good. I  really needed to say it.”–Nathan and Haley
  • It’s really remarkable how far they’ve come and how together they are. I love it.
  • But, if anything ever happened to one of them, I don’t think the other would survive.  They are just too connected to each other to live alone.
  • Dan is introducing Renee (last name Richardson) with pictures of her and Nathan, as well as him and Nathan, on screens behind him.
  • He says she is four months pregnant with “this NBA player’s child” and “that NBA player happens to be my son.”
  • Dan poses the question: “Is she lying or am I about to become a grandfather again?”
  • The intro was so talk-show-like.  Pretty well done.
  • Haley and Nathan are watching from their couch.
  • Dan says people should be skeptical of believing things and you should “test and judge them to be true” first.
  • The audience boos Renee as she comes on stage.
  • Sara and Clay are watching.
  • Sara says she’s pretty and Clay gives her a look.  Well, she is pretty.
  • Dan asks Renee to set the stage, the night they met.
  • Renee says they had been at the same “parties and club” before but were never introduced.
  • Dan says this was 4 months ago.
  • And Renee says she remembers because it was “the night of the Memphis game” and Nathan had a season-high that night.
  • Flashback to Nathan and Clay at a party, celebrating.
  • They take a shot when Renee walks up.
  • Renee asks for a picture.
  • Q7: Dude, having you around is so much better than a puppy.–Clay to Nathan
  • Q8: But seriously, I’m proud of you and I love you and you absolutely deserve this.”
  • I guess we are on Tree Hill time because 4 months ago (whether we’re going from November or September when this storyline started) sooooo wasn’t basketball season.
  • Clay takes a picture of Nathan with the girls.
  • Back to present day, and Clay is telling Sara “we were really hammered that night” and “it was the longest road trip of the year.”
  • Sara interrupts and says…
  • Q9: “You were lonely.”  “I’m always lonely.” “On the count of two…”–Sara and Clay
  • Flashback to Clay and Sara about to jump off a bridge–what we saw spoiled a while back in news articles and photos.
  • A bunch of people are jumping off the bridge.
  • Clay and Sara are both nervous but it doesn’t look like they know each other.
  • Q10: “I’m not really a fan of heights.  Beer pongs, I can do.  It’s a wonderful college tradition.  Streaking through the quad, that’s another one.” “I did that.”  “Really?  Man, did I pick the wrong school.”–Clay
  • So is this college or post-college?
  • They definitely made Sara look younger.  Clay kinda does, too, somehow.
  • He introduces himself to her and says they should jump together.
  • They hold hands and…
  • Q11: “On the count of 2.” “Wait, on the count of 2? Nobody goes on the count of 2.”  “Yeah, I know, but it’ll be our thing.  Something we tell the grandkids abut.” “We can talk about streaking on the quad.”  “Yeah, nobody wants to hear that from their grandparents.”–Clay and Quinn
  • Kind of loving this!
  • They jump, and she kisses him.
  • Q12: “Tell that to the grandkids.”
  • Back to present day, Dan is telling Renee he wants to go back to her childhood.  He says she was a cheerleader and shows a picture.
  • Renee seems hesitant.
  • Dan continues: she was also homecoming queen and a hostess at a club.
  • Renee interrupts and says there was no nudity involved.
  • Dan says he understands and says “My wife was a stripper.  A little nudity.”
  • He chuckles and Rachel looks annoyed and rolls her eyes.
  • Dan asks Renee if she’s ever been married and she shakes her head no.
  • Dan points out that she knew Nathan was married.
  • She says she “felt bad about it” and wishes that he weren’t.  And she says she was attracted to him.
  • Dan points out that attraction isn’t a choice.
  • He asks if Renee has ever been in love (she says yes) and he says it feels good.
  • Dashboard Confessional playing in the background.  Love it.
  • Q13: Falling in love is the easiest thing you’re ever gonna do.  It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing–Dan
  • Scene cuts to Julian walking up to Brooke.
  • Q14: That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell.  But falling in love, there’s nothing better.  It’s the best it ever gets–Dan
  • Cut to Quinn watching and unpacking.
  • Flashback to Quinn in her dark room when David comes in and calls her amazing.
  • They share a lovey-dovey moment, and he promises to get her a real dark room some day.
  • Quinn points to a picture and says how happy he was.  She says she doesn’t need a dark room as long as he’s always that happy because he deserves it.
  • Q15: “How did I get so lucky with you?”  “Technically, you haven’t gotten lucky just yet.  But I think you’re about to.”–David and Quinn
  • That was kinda cute, kinda hot.
  • Maybe I would’ve liked his Quinn.  Still don’t like the version we’re seeing now.  I understand people change, and they change because of other people and other things.
  • Back to present day, with Dan saying to Renee “and then you kissed.”
  • Hmmm. How did they get to the kissing point?
  • Dan says the kissing escalated and Renee kind of shrugs.
  • He says they’re going to talk about “love and loss…and then we’re going to find out if Renee is telling the truth.”
  • Nice way to go to commercial, very meta.
  • Really interesting to see this side of Dan.  I miss him.  In general.
  • Not even halfway through the episode.  Loving it so far.
  • But I’m a sucker for flashbacks, anyway.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Quinn is still going through her stuff.
  • She pulls out an envelope–Cinema Grant Application
  • Flashback to her and David in bed
  • David tells Quinn he took a different job (or an added job?  I’m not sure) at work and she asks why.  He says he’s tired of being poor.
  • She asks about his documentary and says she picked up the grant forms, something he’s always wanted apparently.
  • He says he’ll still want it a year from now but money is more important now.  He wants to get her a house and a dark room.
  • She says she only needs him to be happy and inspired.
  • Q16: Well, this will make me happy.  And you’ll keep me inspired.–David
  • She agrees and makes him promise he’ll fill out he forms.
  • Back to present day.
  • Q17: Falling love is easy.  A lifetime of love, now there’s a miracle.–Dan
  • Cut to Brooke and Julian
  • He says he loves her and she points out that she fired Alex and yet he’s still working with her
  • He says it’s about her script
  • Brooke asks: “You like her script or you like her?”
  • I have to say, I don’t think she’s overreacting.  Given her past with Lucas and Peyton, I understand her worry and concern.  She’s seen that being just friends can lead to something more.
  • And Julian swore up and down he wasn’t like that so she gave him a chance.  And now she fears, once again, that betrayal is in fact on the horizon.
  • Dan reminds the audience he is on his second marriage.
  • He says divorce doesn’t just happen and marriages don’t end in an instant.
  • Quinn perks up.
  • Cut to Clay and Sara still watching.
  • She asks him what happened to his wedding ring.
  • He says he doesn’t know and she asks if he just wasn’t to remember.
  • How long ago was that jumping scene we saw?  How long were they married for?
  • Flashback to another scene with them.
  • He is in a suit, explaining this is his “shot.”  I guess this is him trying to get his start in the sports agency business.
  • Sara tells him to go casual for the interview.
  • She pulls put a wedding band from the drawer and puts it on him, saying that it shows maturity and stability.
  • Q18: “Only I’m not married.”  “Then marry me, you knucklehead.”  “Yes!”–Clay and Sara
  • Wow, that was a really great proposal!  I love that a) we got to see it and b) it wasn’t like any other we’ve seen on the show (or any other I’ve seen anywhere!)
  • Back to present day, where Dan says people aren’t happy because “we become experts at sabotaging our own happiness.”
  • Cut to Julian putting his arm about Brooke
  • Dan continues, saying it’s choices that get us where we are and “we’re not victims.”
  • Q19: We’re assassins when it comes to love and happiness.–Dan
  • I wonder if he rehearses what he’s going to say, or comes up with it on the fly (Dan, not Paul Jonhansson)
  • Dan says Renee is beautiful, smart and wants love–“but who did she choose to sleep with–allegedly?”
  • Nice that he threw “allegedly” in there.
  • Dan says Renee may be telling the truth and pay deserve compensation but “she’s not victim.”
  • Renee looks uneasy.  I would be, too.
  • Dan says people need to stop victimizing themselves.
  • Cut to Quinn, also looking uneasy.  Perhaps this hits home for her.  That’s obviously the point.  Not sure how I feel about that.
  • Q20: “Renee, you says my son Nathan is Scott is the father of your unborn child, right?” “Yes.” “I believe you.”–Dan and Renee
  • Cut to Haley looking shocked and Nathan looking stoic and then dejected.
  • First time we’re seeing them in a while now.  I liked that.
  • Dan says he’s going to prove she’s telling the truth with a lie detector machine.
  • Renee, again, looks uneasy.
  • So I imagine Dan knows she’s lying and is going to expose her this way.
  • Are those things really all that good?  I never believed in them.
  • Nathan is dumbfounded and says “this is unbelievable.”
  • Really, he should be happy because the test should expose what he already knows: she’s lying.
  • Unless, of course, she isn’t.  But we we know she is, right?
  • Haley kind of looks intrigued, like she knows where this is going.
  • They are hooking Renee up to the machine, and she snaps at Rachel, saying she never agreed to this.
  • Rachel tells her to relax, that it makes good TV and that if she’s lying, it will come out sooner or later anyway.
  • Renee looks more and more uneasy.
  • Haley follows Nathan outside.
  • Q21: Do you believes this?  The guy shot his brother at point-blank range and now he has a hit TV show.–Nathan
  • Yes!  I love every time they mention Keith and what happened, and Nathan makes it clear what it meant to him.
  • Nathan is upset that Dan is doing this with Renee and he has to “sit 3,000 miles away and just take it.”
  • Haley says “screw him” and they shouldn’t watch the rest of the show.
  • Q22: It’s a nice.  It’s a nice life.–Haley
  • Nathan asks her how he she can be so strong.
  • Q23: It’s a question of character.  Who has better character?  It is Renee?  Or is it Nathan?–Dan
  • I think we already know, don’t we?
  • Flashback to Clay practicing his sales pitch with Sara.
  • Sara says he can do better than the guy he’s going after, that the guy is a bad guy.
  • Clay says he if only represents “good guys,” he’ll have no clients.
  • Sara says the guy is just a great player, not great and “the man I love knows the difference.”
  • She tells him he’ll find clients he believes in, ones that will become friends and have heart, and it will change everything for him.
  • Back to present-day with Brooke telling Julian she loves him.
  • But she says he hurt her feelings when he said they weren’t getting married.
  • Julian’s response: “When did I ever say anything about marriage?”
  • Yeah, when did he?  I don’t remember.
  • Brooke says it was when his father was in town.  I still don’t remember.  It was probably said in passing.
  • Julian says he was just venting and it had nothing to do “with the actual concept of marrying you” and he admits he thinks about it all the time. Aw!
  • She says “Good, because that’s what I wrote in the sand.”  The night he told her about the movie in New Zealand, she wrote “marry me” in the sand (like David did on Beverly Hills 90210!) and then she didn’t show him because he told her first that he was leaving.  “Surprise.”
  • OMG! She was going to propose to him!  That would’ve been a-mazing!
  • But I really like how it’s coming out now.
  • Flashback to Quinn entering an empty house, finding David there.  He says “surprise,” indicating that this is their new home.
  • Back to present-day, with Dan saying  the show’s motto: “Step into the light and get yourself right.”  Lame.
  • Dan explains the lie detector process: he asks a question, she answers and the word “true” or “lie” will appear on a screen behind them.  Very advanced technology, I see.  No more reading reports of squiggly lines, I guess.
  • First question: did you meet Nathan at the party as described earlier?  Yes. True.
  • Cut to Naley’s house where the show is still on but no one’s in the living room watching.
  • Second question: did you flirt with Nathan? Yes. True.
  • Third question: did Nathan flirt back?
  • Flashback to the party scene where Nathan accepts the compliment from her that he smells good.
  • So, third question.  Yes. True.
  • Fourth question: is Nathan the father of your unborn child?  Yes.  True.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Again, I don’t really believe these things.
  • Cut to Clay looking shocked, Quinn looking shocked, and no one in Naley’s living room as TRUE appears on the screen.
  • Looks like the same font The CW uses in their ad campaigns. Hmmm.
  • Clay is calling Nathan, for the third time, and leaves a message saying he’s watching the show and wants to talk to him.
  • Kind of surprised they didn’t watch together but I guess it was more respectful for Naley to watch alone.
  • Quinn is walking around the house looking for Naley.
  • She walks back into her room and stares at her boxes.
  • Flashback  to David setting up a screening room in their house.  Quinn is taken aback and looks sad.
  • She says they were really happy with their old car and futon.
  • David says those things sucked.
  • Quinn finds the old picture of him that she likes.
  • David says that guy was “struggling, foolish and broke.”
  • Quinn says it’s not true and David says she has “some crazy romantic notion of who I used to be. Who we used to be.”
  • David says he never wants go back to that and she looks sad.
  • I think he changed, and grew up, and their lifestyle changed and that drove Quinn away, longing for the past, and leading her to where she is now.
  • She finds the grant application in the box and says “it’s a really dark room.”  Touche.
  • Back to-present day with Julian asking if Brooke meant it when she proposed and she says she did then.
  • Brooke says she doesn’t know about  now.
  • He apologizes, and says he didn’t know.
  • He kisses her and apologizes again for hurting her feelings, and he holds her.
  • Kind of the right answer but not really.  The best answer would’ve been saying he does want to get married and proposing right then and there.
  • He hasn’t really proven his love, which is what she is looking for.
  • Dan hooks himself up to the lie detector test.  Is he going to prove that it’s faulty or something?
  • Now Rachel looks uneasy.
  • Dan says Nathan is a good man but sometimes people do “funny things” under pressure and truth is absolute and “can set you free.”
  • First statement: My name is Dan Scott.  True.
  • Second statement: I love my wife, Rachel. True.
  • Hmmmm.  I guess I do believe he does.
  • Rachel shakes her head and asks into her headset, “what is he doing?”
  • Third statement: Nathan loves me. True.
  • I suppose he does, deep down.
  • Fourth statement: I am president of the United States. True.
  • Obviously not true.  And the audience gaps.
  • But this only proves that the machine doesn’t work, not that she was lying.
  • Fifth statement: I’m Santa Claus. True.
  • Sixth statement: I didn’t kill my brother.  True
  • Rachel nods her head, satisfied.
  • Quinn finds Naley outside, and tells them they have to come in and watch.
  • Dan is onstage, showing photos of Renee from throughout the show and analyzing her facial expressions.
  • He says she was surprised when he announced the lie detector test and surprised again when the monitor said “true” after she said she slept with Nathan.
  • Dan says she thinks Renee is a good person and something bad happened to her and she was “clever enough to see a way out.”
  • Flashback to the party and Nathan taking the photo.
  • Clay says the photo can’t look to sexy or it’ll “cost us $20 million next year.”
  • Back to present-day, with Dan saying Renee is “afraid, and lose and desperate.”
  • She knew Nathan was “in a contract year” and she had too much to drink that night.
  • Flashback to Renee leaving a bedroom, with a guy still sleeping in it.
  • In the next room, Nathan is sleeping.
  • Whose house was this?  Clay’s?  Was that Clay in the bed she left?
  • Dan’s voiceover asks if someone hurt her, lied to her or she was just tired of being a good person.
  • Renee says “I don’t want to do this anymore.”
  • The show or the charade?
  • Dan says the “good news” is that she can stop it–the charade–right now.
  • He says she wanted security and saw it in someone who had so much.  But he didn’t react the way she wanted, and then she got “angry” and then the press got involved and then there “was no turning back.”
  • Quinn is watching along with Naley.
  • Dan says there’s experts backstage who study body language, heart rate response and other things.
  • Dan says “You were at the party that night.  And you had sex. And you got pregnant.”
  • She nods.
  • By Clay?! Hmm..
  • Q24: “But you didn’t have sex with Nathan Scott and you’ve never had sex with Nathan Scott.”  “No.”
  • Cut to Haley sighing with relief and bursting into tears.
  • Nathan obviously looks relieved as well.
  • Quinn, too, but she’s also teary-eyed.
  • And Clay is shocked and relieved as well.
  • Q25: Well, whattya know?  Character changes everything.–Sara
  • Dan is comforting Renee on stage, saying “it’s okay” and “it’s over now.”
  • Rachel is smiling and nods at Dan.
  • So who did she sleep with?  Who got her pregnant?
  • Nathan is also comforting Haley saying “it’s okay.”  Like father, like son?
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • It’s nighttime now and Nathan gets off the phone as Haley approaches.
  • Apparently Renee is “dropping everything.”
  • Haley intensely kisses him and says she’s sorry he had to go through this.
  • He admits he never should’ve gotten drunk and she points out he’s still young.
  • Um, so are you, Hales!
  • Whew, okay, she added “We both are” and they “forget that sometimes.”
  • So true!
  • Clay is looking at his record player and Sara asks what he’s listening to.
  • He says she knows, that he never changed.
  • She asks him to play it, he says no and she says “for me?”
  • He plays it and it flashes back to it playing in their apartment.
  • She asks him to dance with her and they do.
  • Really beautiful moment.
  • She says she wants grape kool aid and goes to make some.
  • Clay starts talking about pens when she goes pale and passes out to the floor.
  • In slow mo, he runs to her and the paramedics come in.
  • He’s watching in shock and then it goes to a montage of their scenes together from the episode, playing backwards almost.
  • The paramedics cover her with a blanket.  She’s dead.
  • Back to the present-day, when Clay snaps out of it and she’s still sitting there.
  • He says that “sometimes, I can’t see you anymore” and he forgets things and worries that he’s “losing us.”
  • Man, this is just like Andy and Julia from Everwood.  So sad.
  • Me = crying.
  • Sara says he’s worried that by moving on with another girl, he’ll erase her.  She says he won’t.
  • How long were they together?  Why can’t they just tell us that?
  • I guess with a love so strong it doesn’t matter but I’m curious.
  • Clay says he can’t (let someone in) when someone knocks–presumably Quinn.
  • Sara tells him to open the door, “on the count of 2.”
  • He walks over and she counts to 2.
  • He opens the door, and there’s Quinn.
  • He turns around and Sara’s gone.
  • Q26: “You should go home.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was a bad–” “To David. I think you should go home to David.  And I’m sorry, too.”–Clay and David
  • She’s shocked but walks away.
  • Nathan is holding Haley outside.
  • Q26: I love you so much, my beautiful wife.–Nathan
  • Quinn is sitting in her room, crying and holding the picture of David she liked.
  • David is sitting in their screening room, just staring.
  • Dan is in his dressing room, drinking, and Rachel walks in.
  • She tells him he did a good job.
  • Apparently there were no experts backstage, he just made that up to get her to confess. Smart one, Danny.
  • Rachel is unbuttoning Dan’s shirt and asks how he knew she was lying.
  • Dan says Nathan is his son, he raised him and he knows what kind of guy he is.
  • Rachel traces a scar down Dan’s chest.  Guess he did get that transplant after all.
  • He says he knew a con because he’s a con.
  • Rachel says it was a good show and she says “I love you.”
  • He just says “yeah.”
  • I wonder if she really loves him.  And now I wonder, again, if he loves her.
  • Brooke is sketching in the kitchen when Julian walks in.
  • He asks if she’s okay and she says no.
  • She says she needs to know that he feels the same way that she does: that he can see himself being with her forever, because if not, what are they doing?
  • Q27: We’re us, Brooke. You’re the girl I love with all my heart, who I’m going to be with forever.  We don’t have to rush into anything. Forever is a very long time.–Julian
  • She nods.
  • Well, I guess that was nice but doesn’t have the same lasting bond as a marriage proposal.
  • And as Clay taught us, and us Leyton almost did last year, foever may not be a very long time.
  • Not a reason to rush things but still.
  • Clay is sitting on his couch, listening to the music, with Sara across from him.
  • Q28: “It’s not fair. We were supposed to have more time.”  “And you still do.  I don’t want you to be alone, honey.”–Clay and Sara
  • She asks him Clay likes Quinn and why he sent her away.
  • Q29: “I don’t want to lose us.”  “You can’t erase who we were or what we had. We burned so bright together. You won’t lose that.” “I loved you so much, Sara.” “You were perfect for me. And you always will be.  But now it’s time to let go.  It’s okay, honey.”
  • She’s wearing his wedding band.  Awww.
  • Q30: “I love you.”–Sara
  • Flashback to Clay crying over her casket. He puts his wedding banmd on her finger.
  • Back to present-day with Naley still lying together in the backyard.
  • Fade to black.
  • I am hysterical, tears running down my cheeks.  A lot of it is just this episode being super-relevant to me now but just an altogether moving, well-done episode.  The best of the whole season.
  • Wish it ended on Clay, not Naley, though.
  • Preview: Nathan says he wants to spend time with Jamie and “I barely even know this guy,” cut to Julian with camping gear and Chuck asking who he is, Brooke is having a girls night with Haley and Quinn, the guys are camping and Skills brings up Nathan and Brooke’s sex tape

Those are my thoughts.  What’s yours?



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27 10 2009

this looks amazing ! gotta wait til next june til it airs over here though 😦

27 10 2009

I love naley so much too ! I love how they’re complete opposites and they’ve been thru so much together…aw. The who clay Sara thing shocked me.
So sad. I also like haleys hair stright too but the color is alright

27 10 2009

Laura: I cannot imagine having to wait so long! I really feel for you!

thebestlex: Right on about Naley. Wasn’t surprised about Clay-Sara, as I read it a while ago, but I was still completely moved in how it was done. I think I prefer Haley’s hair either darker or lighter, just not orange-red.

27 10 2009

This episode was AMAZING. So moving, in a number of ways. And, although I know there are a lot of ppl who don’t quite like Quinn, I do, and I do even more now. I understand her, and why she left David, and I hope she DOESN’T get back with him…..her points for leaving him were valid. Loved the episode, and loved way to many scenes to remember lol Great episode overall!!!!

27 10 2009

g90210th: I was happy to see Quinn’s background with David. I liked the person she used to be and it’s clear how she changed and why. I particularly identify with some of that at this point my life. That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with David and where he was at in his life. And as happy I was to see their past, the bottom line on the present is still the same: she’s still depressed and moping around. So I have to ask, why exactly don’t you want them back together? If anything, it just seems clear that while they were once on the same page, they aren’t anymore. They want different things, different lifestyles. It happens. People grow apart. I’m living it right now.

27 10 2009

I like the episode even more now after reading your recap. I’m glad that this Renee stuff can finally be over with. I didn’t know about the Sara stuff ahead of time, but I did suspect that she was a hullucination (a lot like on Everwood 🙂 and I think I like and understand Clay more. As for Quinn, I’m tired of her moping too. I don’t understand the whole “you changed” thing. From what I saw it looked like David had always had goals of earning a good living and having nice things. I don’t think we have really seen any reason for David and Quinn to end things. Every marriage has there issues, I wish they would reveal something a bit more plausible or else it is just stupid.

27 10 2009

Alyssa, wow! You don’t know how happy it makes me to know my recap influenced your opinion. Not that I need to make other people think what I think, but it just kind of validates the time I put into these, you know?

Anyway, as to your points. I, too, am glad Renee (apparently) is over and done with. Seven episodes was a long time for this storyline to last, IMO. I am really grateful for the background on both Clay and Quinn. It explained a lot about each of them and what brought them to where they are today. I’m eager to see how this drives Clay–or doesn’t–in the future. Regarding Quinn specifically, I am quite tired of her moping as well. I don’t think it’s unrealistic–I can be the Queen of Moping–but seeing it on TV repeatedly with a brand-new character is really undesirable. That said, however, you are right–it does seem that David always had higher aspirations for himself and their life together while Quinn was more content with “the simple life.” Whether growing apart, though, is reason for divorce I suppose is different for each couple. I guess Quinn just hit her tolerance level and, as someone who identifies with that, it’s hard to judge for her it. You would hope, though, that when you’re in marriage, your tolerance level is super-high and it has to be a really serious issue to end it. But I guess for her this was serious enough. Sucks for David absolutely, but she’s entitled to choose what she does and doesn’t want for her life. It seems, though, that she has chosen so move the eff on! Okay, rant over.

27 10 2009

My opinion of Quinn hasn’t improved with this episode, in fact, it has made it worse. I understand having to move on sometimes, for whatever reason. At the very least, this girl could stop putting the blame on David changing. He didn’t “change”, he grew up and got a real job like most people have to do. She is the one who has some unrealistic, romantic view of how things should be. If this is how easyily she deserts her marriage, I don’t imagine she’ll ever have a lasting relationship. This is the real world (well, the OTH world), not a romantic movie. She should be telling David (and everyone else) that she just had a different idea of how their life would be and it is MOSTLY her fault that her marriage is over.

27 10 2009

Hmmm, its so interesting to see how opinions differ when it comes to Quinn and David. Well, IMO I just couldn’t see them back together. Yes, marriage is supposed to be forever, but forever is a loooong time when your husband becomes selfish, and thats exactly what happened. Quinn wasn’t expecting to live out some romantic movie, she was expecting to live life happy and simple with the man she loved. But, he started changing, and not for the better. The job he took was for a year, ‘to earn money’, which is a noble thing for him to do, but he obviously had other intentions, as he never filled out the grant applications like he told Quinn he would do after said working year was over. The scene that helped me realize that I wouldn’t want them together was when David was installing the projector in his screening room. A tiny move like that just showed how he had changed. He promised Quinn he’d build her a perfect dark room, and instead, he forgot about her, and chose to build himself a room of his own. Selfish, and sad. I wouldn’t be against them trying to work things out, or talking it over, and I think that’s why Quinn is so depressed; maybe she realizes she needs to give it another try, or perhaps she’s just so conflicted its driving her to tears every second. Don’t know how their storyline will play out, but that episode was really revealing of how their marriage, but moreso, how David’s character has progressed negatively. Sorry for the long post, just had to get that all out there LOL

27 10 2009

Sane, g90210th–It is so interesting to me to read your (almost opposing) opinions! You both (and Alyssa, too) bring up greats points, some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t. For the record, though, I didn’t see David as being selfish at all, though, I can see where that argument comes from. At the same time, I can see why Quinn can be branded as selfish though I also see where’s she coming from. I guess I see both sides of it and, regardless, I just want some progression with the sotryline in one direction or the other. I can confirm that David is done for now but we’re obviously stuck with Quinn and will see her continue to struggle as she tries to moves on.

27 10 2009

TDW, I’m glad my comment brought you some validation. I think you have done a great service to us fellow teen drama whores ;). You always have all the important updates and very indepth looks at the episodes in the recaps. Thanks for all of it.

SaneN85, I completely agree. From what they have shown us so far it seems like there was never a real conversation between David and Quinn before she decided to end things. I am one of those people that is really frustrated with how our society has changed how lightly people take their marriage vows. If David was changing and Quinn was having issues with the way their lives were headed then there needed to be some communication, or some kind of attempt to work through their problems. It seems like she is throwing it all away so quickly without stopping to remember why she loved him in the first place. Did his changing mean she fell completely out of love with him? Did she ever try to make it work? These are things we need answers to. As of right now I do not feel that there is reason for divorce.

27 10 2009

Thank you, Alyssa.

It also makes me happy to see such great discussions in the comments like this one! Keep it going, guys!

Getting back to you, Alyssa, I agree with your most recent comment. It doesn’t seem like a conversation ever took place or an effort on Quinn’s part to try and make it work. If those did happen, they weren’t shown but I think we are left to assume–based on what have seen–that she saw changes and just bailed. Not cool.

28 10 2009

I almost cried at clay’s story. 😦 i feel so sorry for him..didn’t know why he was acting like a playboy but now i totally understand! i like him even more now 😦 poor guy

28 10 2009

Oh, I totally cried!

28 10 2009

soo.. i just watched this episode and i didnt know about the whole dead wife spoiler. i was completly shocked/moved at the same time, just the way she was referring to the grape koolaid in the beginning and with all the flashbakcs, it was just soo beautiful ! this episode overall was amazing and definetly my favourite of the season so far.

28 10 2009

Completely agree with you, Becky!

29 10 2009

Just a question, maybe I missed something, but how exactly did Clay’s wife die? Did they explain that during the episode? Right now, I’m guessing she was allergic to the koolaid or something. (I kid.)

29 10 2009

They never explicitly said. From what we saw, she passed out and wasn’t able to be revived. So obviously it was more than just passing out–a cardiac arrest, perhaps, probably stemming from either a heart problem or an aneurysm. Happened to my aunt in March. =(

29 10 2009

Oh no. So sorry about that! It’s so interesting how our teen dramas can reflect situations that we’re going through, or have been through…..My best friend just lost her mother, so she’s very much feeling like Peyton right about now.

29 10 2009

i watched this episode twice and at the second time i totally noticed that sara absolutely looks like nicole kidman!

29 10 2009

MJ, i was thinking that while I was watching the episode as well!! There is a definite similarity between the two!

29 10 2009

Nicole Kidman for sure!

I just watched the Clay-Sara scenes again. Crying again, too.

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