Do You Have A Question For Lee Norris?

4 11 2009

I will be interviewing Lee Norris (Mouth, One Tree Hill) later this week.

Since I’ve already interviewed him, I figured this time I would use reader questions.

Please comment with your question by Friday morning.

I cannot promise it will be asked but I’ll do my best!



6 responses

4 11 2009

Since Mouth got the genius idea of the *Internet* on last week’s show and is considering doing his own sports webshow/website as his new career path, interested to see what web-series, podcasts, websites Lee pays attention to in real-life? Is he into web 2.0 & social media like we are? 🙂

4 11 2009

Is the cast planning on doing anymore tours, or charity events because it’s great how they really get the fans involved! Is he interested in directing an episode?

5 11 2009

A Question for Lee: Besides Mouth, who is your favorite character currently on the show, and why?

5 11 2009

Qs for Lee:
– if you could play in any TV series beside OTH, which series would it be? what character?
-If you could visit any country in the world right now, which country will it be?

5 11 2009

I would like to know his favourite episode of oth ?
and how the cast has changed this season with cmm and hilary gone, and with all the new ones ?
ahah, you could probably word that better if you want

5 11 2009

When OTH eventually ends, what are your plans?

If you could describe each of your cast mates with one word, what would it be? (Like one word for each cast member)

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