Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.10 and Gossip Girl 3.10

16 11 2009

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EPISODE 7.10: You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son

  • Previously on: Dan goes back to Tree Hill, Brooke thinks she’s pregnant and worries about Julian, Brooke’s not pregnant and gets mad at Julian, Alex thinks she might relapse, Julian thinks she’s lying, Mouth confronts Millie about doing drugs, Millie does coke, Clay tells Nathan to trust him for his career, Clay and Quinn kiss, the Bobcats don’t pick Nathan
  • This is the third and final episode of the sweeps period.
  • Paul Johansson (Dan) directed this episode.
  • We pick up right where left off.
  • Nathan says he “lost his job” because the Bobcats signed someone else.
  • The roster is filled–point guard signed and they only have so much money to spend.
  • Q1: As of 5 minutes ago, I’m not going to be a Bobcat–Nathan
  • Q2: I want him to look me in the eye and tell me why he lied to me.–Nathan on Clay
  • Julian accuses Alex of lying, since the coke vial was empty.
  • He doesn’t understand where the “blow” went and asks Alex to explain what happened.
  • Q3: Until then, don’t call me. Ever.–Julian
  • Millicent does the cocaine as Dan’s voiceover says everyone is “thieves” and “addicts.”
  • Q4: We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else.–Dan
  • Brooke won’t let Julian in.
  • He apologizes through the door.
  • She’s in bed, looking sad.
  • Rachel is at Tree Hill High, looking at old Ravens trophies and cheerleading pictures.
  • She looks sad or, at least, nostalgic.
  • Such a trip to see that picture again!  Feels like yesterday yet so long ago at the same time.
  • Nathan is at Clay’s, saying they need to talk.
  • Clay didn’t know the Bobcats passed. He’s shocked.
  • Nathan is shocked that Clay doesn’t know. It’s his job to know and it’s already on SportsCenter.
  • He asks Clay what he’s been doing.
  • Enter Quinn.
  • Who just called him “baby”?!
  • Nathan points out that he wanted the Bobcats so he could stay close to Haley and Jamie.
  • Q5: I asked you to do two things for me. Make sure I play for the Bobcats and stay away from Quinn. You’re fired. Enjoy your date.–Nathan
  • Kind of feel bad for Clay because it doesn’t seem he did anything poorly as Nathan’s agent.  And, of course, I feel bad given what we know about Sara. But I guess that shouldn’t matter?
  • Clay is on the phone now with someone from the Bobcats, asking what happened.
  • He points out they were in negotiations but the guy just apologizes and that’s that.
  • Clay says he took a “calculated risk” but he made a mistake.
  • Quinn offers to help but he turns her down.
  • He says he needs to call other teams to see what he can do and tells her she should get going.
  • Quinn worries that it’s her fault–that she has distracted him.
  • He tells her it’s not her fault.
  • She suggests he call Nathan and talk to him.
  • Pretty sure Nathan made it clear he doesn’t want to talk!
  • Skills and Lauren are in bed together sleeping but Skills checks his phone.
  • He’s waiting for a call about a sports coordinating job that Julian was going to hook him up with.
  • Millicent is in the living room getting rid of her “fat clothes.”
  • Mouth doesn’t understand why she’s doing this at 3am.
  • She says she’s “never been better” and will come to bed when she’s done.
  • Quinn comes home and finds Haley still up.
  • She’s mad at Quinn for being involved with Clay and siding with him.
  • Quinn is not pleased that Haley’s mad.
  • Julian slept on the couch–which Brooke is happy with.
  • Julian explains that he just went last night to help Alex.
  • But Alex was fine, which proves Brooke’s point about her.
  • She claims she’s not upset about that and so he asks what she is upset about.
  • Brooke says she thought was pregnant but she’s not so they’re “good.”
  • He says he and they would’ve been “good” if she were pregnant.
  • Julian apologizes and says he “messed up.”
  • He asks if she’s sad about not being pregnant and she says “a little.”
  • Millicent is going through Alex’s closet again.
  • She says she needs new clothes.
  • Alex notices that Millie is up early.
  • She says she never slept and Alex looks suspicious.
  • Clay is leaving Nathan a message.
  • He points out they’ve been friends for a long time and asks to be called back.
  • Sorry, 14-and-a-half months is that a “long time.” Lucas, where are you when we need you?!
  • Nathan sees the voicemail from “Clay Evans” but ignores it.
  • Dan finds Rachel in Tree Hill.
  • Q5: I came down here last night to take a trip down bad memory lane.–Rachel
  • Rachel explains they should do a sweeps show from the hallway–where Dan killed Keith and Jimmy killed himself.
  • Dan points this out and Rachel says she was in the Tutor Center that day and can provide “authenticity.”
  • Q6: “Isn’t that a little insensitive?” “Not as insensitive as murdering your brother.”–Dan and Rachel
  • Flashback of Dan shooting Keith.
  • I love flashbacks but that one didn’t work for me.  It didn’t fit with the feeling of the scene or how they’ve used that scene before.
  • Rachel tells Dan to think about it.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Alex is at Brulian’s, saying she knows who took the coke but she can’t tell him.
  • Julian says it doesn’t matter. He just spoke with his dad and they aren’t moving forward with the script.
  • Apparently there’s similar ones already in production. He calls it bad timing.
  • Alex calls it “over” like they’re dating and he says it is.
  • Wonder if he’s telling the truth about it.
  • Clay is on the phone again (his bosses maybe?) explaining what happened.
  • Yep, his bosses. He apologizes.
  • Nathan tells Quinn firing Clay was business and Quinn says it’s personal.
  • He points out that Quinn is living in his big guest house and he just lost his job.
  • Clay calls and Quinn tells him to take the call.
  • She says Clay is going through stuff and they need to talk.
  • Victoria shows up at Clothes Over Bros.
  • Brooke is surprised but Victoria says Brooke asked her to come.
  • In reality, Brooke called after midnight but didn’t leave a message–a sign that something’s wrong.
  • Victoria guesses it’s Julian and Alex. How does she know?
  • Victoria also comments on the modeling going to Millicent’s head.
  • She gets a phone call–it’s Millie’s agent.
  • Brooke is shocked that she has an agent.
  • Q7: So do those Spencer and Heidi people. Go figure.–Victoria
  • Millicent wants $500,000 for being a CoB model!
  • She says that’s what Alex got and Brooke says Alex was an award-winning actress.
  • Millie says Alex was fired so now all Brooke has hers.
  • Brooke points out all the things she’s done for Millie over the years and calls her an “ungrateful employee.”
  • Q8: No, I’m an ungrateful model and that costs more.–Millicent
  • I really like seeing Lisa Goldstein like this.  It’s so different from the old Millie–and that’s the point–so it shows the range she can play.
  • Nathan visits Haley in the Red Bedroom Records studio.
  • Q9: “If you’re writing the next Dead or Alive, I don’t want to interrupt.” “Bon Jovi, really?” “Hey, I love that song.”–Nathan and Haley
  • Q10: Do I have to go platinum for us to keep the house?–Haley
  • Nathan asks if he did the right thing in firing Clay.
  • Haley points out Clay has been a good friend and got him where he is but now he’s without a job and Clay’s been sneaking around with Quinn.
  • Nathan says he hasn’t told the agency yet that he fired Clay because Quinn said he’s going through stuff.
  • Haley says he needs to look out for himself. He goes to make the call.
  • Julian comes to see Skills at the River Court.
  • The sports coordinating job is with SportsArc.
  • Woah! SportsArc!
  • I didn’t think they’d actually use James Lafferty’s actual company!
  • Julian explains Skills probably needs to work in Los Angeles at first before he can work from home in Tree Hill.
  • Julian gets a text from Alex, saying she needs to see him. He leaves.
  • Alex tells Millicent she needs to stop doing cocaine.
  • Q11: “You’re funny bitch.” “You need to stop doing cocaine. And don’t call me bitch.”–Millie and Alex
  • Alex points out Millie is doing her coke and has no experience and should trust what Alex is saying.
  • Alex says she can’t be around cocaine and won’t have friends who are doing it.
  • Millicent swears she’ll stop.
  • I like this side of Jana Kramer, too.
  • Q12: “I need a hug.” “Why?” “Because I need to stop my drug, too.”–Alex and Millie
  • Brooke tells Victoria that Millicent must be high if she wants $500,000.
  • Q13: That’s not high, that’s smoking crack!–Victoria
  • Q14: That little bitch has been a pain in my pilates ass since she rolled out of rehab.–Brooke on Alex
  • Victoria explains she can’t fire everyone–Alex AND Millie
  • The sports agency is making a presentation to Naley. They said they can get him a deal.
  • Clay walks in and interrupts, asking what deal they could get him.
  • He accuses the company of not being truthful and playing a game and coming in for the kill now that Clay is out of the picture.
  • Nathan says he called them.
  • The execs says Clay should resign.
  • Clay says he made a promise to someone that he wouldn’t quit and he’s not going to betray that.
  • Sara, I guess?
  • The execs fire him and bar him from the offices.
  • 90210 promo
  • Dan sees Mouth sitting alone at the diner and asks to join him.
  • WTF?
  • Have they ever shared a scene before??
  • Dan tells Mouth he appreciates what he did for Nathan but it’s too bad his job doesn’t. He wishes him good luck.
  • Mouth says it doesn’t matter–the team didn’t sign him.
  • Dan is surprised. He didn’t know.
  • Mouth says TV can erase mistakes or hold them against you.
  • Dan makes a comment about mistakes not going away.
  • Millie calls someone and says she needs a favor.
  • Quinn is packing her clothes.
  • Haley accuses her of running away.
  • Q17: Before you say anything else, remember I can kick your ass.–Quinn
  • She’s going to Clay’s.
  • Haley can’t believe Quinn is making this about her and Clay when it’s really about Nathan.
  • Quinn explains Clay didn’t do anything wrong. He thought Nathan deserved better and so he tried to get better.
  • She says what’s wrong is what Naley is doing now.
  • Brooke comes home to see roses.
  • Julian’s there, too.
  • Q18: “They’re beautiful.” “So are you.”–Brooke and Julian
  • Brooke says she’s not doing well and Julian says he knows but she says he doesn’t.
  • Julian says he know he said they should slow down but whenever they do get pregnant, it will be great.
  • Brooke says it won’t happen–she can’t have kids.
  • She bursts into tears, apologizes and walks away.
  • He follows her into the bedroom and tries to comfort him.
  • He says he loves her and that’s all that matters. And they’ll get a second and third opinion.
  • Mouth comes home and hears girls laughing.
  • Millicent is in the bathroom with McKenna, another model.
  • Mouth asks what’s going on and she says it’s just “model stuff.”
  • Mouth is suspicious.
  • He goes into the bathroom when they come out and finds a rolled up bill and traces of cocaine on the vanity mirror.
  • He comes out and asks Millie what’s going on.
  • Millicent blames things on the diet pills but Mouth shows her the bill and asks if she’s doing drugs.
  • Millie says McKenna was doing it.
  • She goes off on him for judging her and accusing her.
  • As she’s screaming, her nose starts to bleed. She realizes and bursts into tears.
  • Mouth storms out.
  • That just became really intense and really sad.
  • But don’t think Millie will change her ways.
  • Dan and Clay see each other on the beach. Clay walks past.
  • Q19: A lifetime spent chasing a dream and you piss it all away.–Dan
  • Dan tells Clay he better explain what happened with Nathan’s career.
  • Q20: Why? What are you going to do? Shoot me?–Clay
  • Dan grabs him and starts to drown him in the water.
  • Dan calls it a “baptism.”
  • Clay struggles as Dan taunts him to fight back.
  • Dan says he learned how to fight through Keith and through prison.
  • Dan eventually stops and Clay asks him if he’s out of his mind.
  • Q21: Your new life starts today, kid. Go make it your own.–Dan
  • Clay is telling Quinn what happened with Dan.
  • She thinks it’s a little funny. He eventually agrees.
  • He admits he “had all this coming” and was arrogant both in life and with Nathan’s deal.
  • Quinn says he didn’t deserve to be fired or attacked by Dan.
  • Clay thanks her and says he wants her here.
  • She says she moved out and he tells her to stay there but she says she can’t.
  • So where is she going to go?
  • Victoria is at TRIC, talking to Grubbs. (Who does actually bartend in real life.)
  • Q22: I’m looking for a lover…and you just made the list.–Victoria
  • Chase comes over.
  • Q23: Your name is Fetch or Dash or something.–Victoria
  • Q24: “I didn’t just date your daughter. We were lovers.” “For about 30 seconds from what I’ve heard.”–Chase and Victoria
  • Q25: “We should shave her head and look for the mark of the beast.” “I thought she was hot.”–Chase and Grubbs
  • Alex comes up to the bar and flirts with Grubbs.
  • She starts doing shots.
  • Millie comes up and asks why she’s doing shots. She’s supposed to be sober.
  • She says she never got the text she was waiting for–the one from Julian.
  • She asks Millie to stay with her tonight.
  • Clay is in a different bar when Dan comes up.
  • He tells Dan that his wife died and he thew himself into his work.
  • It was a good but long quote. Sorry, guys.
  • Q26: This is far from my darkest day.–Clay
  • Dan asks him to get a drink.
  • Q27: I may be in a dark place but at least there’s hope for me with Nathan. I wouldn’t say the same for you.–Clay
  • Alex and Millie are going to leave TRIC.
  • Millie suggests calling a cab but Alex says that’s not how they “roll.”
  • Victoria makes a call, saying she wants to report a drunk driver.
  • Dan is in the hallway, standing where he killed Keith.
  • Another flashback.
  • This one worked better.
  • Quinn comes back to Naley’s, saying she wants to say goodbye to Jamie.
  • Haley asks if she’s staying with Clay but she says she’s staying at a hotel.
  • Haley says she used to look up to her but she seems lost and selfish.
  • Quinn just says she hopes everything works out for Nathan and leaves.
  • A cop pulls Millie and Alex over. Millie is driving.
  • The cop asks Millie to step out.
  • Clay finds Nathan at the River Court.
  • He apologizes for not getting Nathan what he wanted and says he’ll miss representing him.
  • Q27: You were also the best friend I ever had. I’m going to miss that more.–Clay
  • Millicent calls Brooke from jail. She says she got arrested and needs her help.
  • Brooke says she can’t help her and hangs up.
  • Julian asks who called and she says nobody.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: **In two weeks** Clay goes to Sara’s grave, Alex dumps the cocaine and Millie frieaks out, record company wants Haley to go on tour next week, Brooke is upset Julian told Alex “the truth and lied to me.”


EPISODE 3.10: The Last Days of Disco Stick

  • Previously on: Tripp’s wife is happy he got elected, Serena says she has a crush on Tripp, Dan, Vanessa and Olivia have a threesome
  • This is the third and last episode of sweeps.
  • Title is referencing a lyric to a Lady Gaga song.
  • Q1: As a famed literary liar once told Oprah, memory is subjective.–Gossip Girl
  • Dan is walking down the street all happy.
  • He’s fantasizing about the threesome.
  • As Gossip Girl says, he’s “embellishing.”
  • Serena is leaving messages from Blair, saying nothing happened with her and Tripp
  • Q2: As James Frey knows all too well, the truth comes out.–Gossip Girl
  • Q3: I don’t converse with liars or Monica Lewinskeys.–Blair
  • Blair tells Chuck she’s trying to work the theater kids at NYU.
  • Chuck says he needs to show some elite guy’s son around town.
  • Q4: Two girls, four boobs, one Dan Humprey.–Dan
  • Q5: I know things. I ‘ve been to Europe. Chuck Bass is my best friend.–Nate
  • Nate says Dan did it wrong–the third girl has to be a stranger.
  • Dan says it all went well and asks why he’s being a “buzzkill.”
  • Nate explains he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a girl friend. He says Dan had both but probably blew it.
  • Here comes Vanessa.
  • She says she hasn’t seen Dan all week.
  • They awkwardly make plans to hang out.
  • The theater kids are saying Lady Gaga, an alum, didn’t respond to a request to hold a concert.
  • Blair suggests her stepfather, Cyrus Rose, a famous entertainment lawyer can help.
  • They make fun of her.
  • She tries to bond with them over cabaret but they rejct her.
  • Olivia is on the phone with Casey, saying she doesn’t want to do the vampire sequel.
  • Q6: It’s like Heathers with witches.–Olivia
  • Heathers starred BH90210’s Shannen Doherty.
  • Olivia says she has so much at NYU, like him.
  • Dan adds Vanessa.
  • Olivia is uncomfortable but he doesn’t notice.
  • He says he wants to apply to the playwrighting program.
  • He also says he has plans with Vanessa and, again, doesn’t catch on that she’s uncomfory.
  • Lily and Jenny are trying to find Jenny a date for some gala.
  • Chuck comes by to give Lily some papers.
  • He explains he’s showing around an ambassador’s son or something.
  • Lily suggests Jenny shows him around.
  • She looks at him–he’s quite cute–and agrees.
  • Blair asks Olivia how she can win over “shallow, superficial actors.”
  • Q7: Calling them shallow and superficial didn’t work?–Olivia
  • Olivia says she was invited to the cabaret gathering but is going to use it to help Dan. He just needs to change his plans first.
  • Tripp finds Serena in her office.
  • She says she was leaving him note about an article.
  • She explains she thought he wasn’t going to be there.
  • He says his meeting ended early.
  • It’s quite awkward.
  • Serena says so, too.
  • Tripp says it won’t be for long–he’s moving to Washington tomorrow.
  • Sooner than planned, at his wife’s urging.
  • He says it’s for the best because he’s been distracted.
  • Q8: “Nothing happened.” “Why does it feel like it did?”–Serena and Tripp
  • Tripp’s wife comes by, saying only the home office is left to be packed.
  • She volunteers Serena to help because she trusts her.
  • Q9: Don’t forget, congressman. Your marriage could end up in a million little pieces.–Gossip Girl
  • I’m guessing younger viewers don’t get the repeated references. Or the Lewinsky one.
  • Nate is on the phone with his mom, saying they can’t let grandfather manipulate him.
  • He says grandfather had to be the one behind the hoax with Tripp.
  • Serena interrupts saying she knows things are weird with them but he’s the only one she can talk to.
  • She says she might be getting involved with a married man.
  • He asks why is he the only one she can talk to.
  • She says because the man is Tripp.
  • Olivia comes into the dorm room, where Vanessa is.
  • Apparently they haven’t seen each other in a bit.
  • Vanessa asks if Olivia is avoiding her because of what happened.
  • Olivia says no.
  • Vanessa says she feels better, especially since Dan agreed to hang out that night.
  • Olivia says Dan can’t go. She made plans for them a month ago for the cabaret/Tisch thing.
  • Nate tells Serena that Tripp has too much to lose.
  • Serena says she knows that but she can feel her heart beat whenever she sees him.
  • Q10: I haven’t felt this way since Jude Law and Alfie.–Serena
  • Nate makes a snide remark and Serena apologizes for thinking she can count on him.
  • He says she can.
  • Jenny is walking around with the guy. Have they said his name?
  • She’s happy when they run into the elite from another school, thinking they’ll be jealous.
  • But they laugh when he grabs a little boat to sail.
  • The cabaret kids, including Dan and Olivia, are charged with rewriting a fairytale.
  • Blair joins them, saying she’s the producer, costar and director.
  • She says they’re going to use the rewritten fairytale in a musical set to the Lady Gaga’s music.
  • Dan is sorry he ditched Vanessa but Olivia says Vanessa is fine.
  • Jenny leaves a message for Chuck, essentially saying she’s bored and above this and has a rep to protect.
  • The guy comes over. He used the boat to make a drug deal!
  • She’s completely shocked.
  • Dan calls Nate for advice.
  • Nate makes a joke to Serena about being able to help everyone because he’s had an affair with a married person and been in a love triangle.
  • Serena calls Tripp and tells him she’s not coming over.
  • He says he’s disappointed but she says he knows it’s not a good idea for them to be alone.
  • Tripp asks to at least have lunch to say goodbye.
  • Nate shakes her head no so she says no and quickly hangs up.
  • Nate says he won’t let Serena out of his sight until Tripp leaves town.
  • Nate’s mom has come to see Tripp. He’s perplexed.
  • Dan goes to see Vanessa and apologizes for canceling their plans.
  • Vanessa is confused when Dan says Olivia just made these plans last-minute. (Remember, Olivia said she made them a month ago.)
  • Dan wrote a new version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Another reference that probably went over many heads: Julie Taymor. (I love Across the Universe!) Add in Alfie and Morrissey, too.  Maybe I should start believing them when they say the average viewer is 27?
  • Dan brings in Vanessa to direct the production.
  • Lady Gaga commercial. Of course.
  • Olivia apologizes to Vanessa for not inviting her in the first place.
  • Olivia is surprised that Vanessa has already read the script
  • Q11: Dan, sometimes when girls live together, their cycles sync up. No hormones, yours or theirs, will get in the way of my play.–Blair
  • The guy tells Jenny she wears designer clothes and bosses people around–he thinks it’s boring.
  • He says he likes having danger in his life.
  • She says it’s kind of thrilling.
  • He asks if she wants to join him on the next drug trade.
  • Nate and Serena are laughing as they take a walk. They talk about Serena pretending to be his girlfriend when Nate was really seeing Catherine.
  • They share a cute moment.
  • Tripp calls Serena and Nate tells her not to answer it. She has to cut contact.
  • Nate vows to distract her by getting her drunk.
  • Serena is willing and they hug.
  • Nate looks really hopeful. I hope he still has feelings for her!
  • This very much felt like an early season 1 moment. Love it.
  • Olivia and Vanessa clash while directing.
  • Flashback to the threesome, per Olivia’s perspective.
  • Q12: Vanessa, you’re in love with Dan and everyone knows it.–Olivia
  • They each quit the production and storm off.
  • Q13: What’s going on? You bozos have a threesome or something?–Blair
  • Blair echoes what Nate says, that the third person had to be a stranger.
  • Promo for 90210 and the Warriors in Pink campaign.
  • Blair is trying to convince Olivia and Vanessa, separately, to come back to the production.
  • Blair threatens to go to TMZ and Gossip Girl about the threesome. LOL
  • Serena and Nate are drinking at a bar.
  • She says they haven’t been out drinking alone since that night where they slept together.
  • Serena calls it “the night everything changed.” Damn straight.
  • I love that they are mentioning this! Please go in this direction!
  • Nate suggests they sober up before something happens again.
  • Serena says it’s 3 years later and she can hold her liquor now.
  • Tripp calls and says it was his wife behind the hoax, not grandfather. That’s what Nate’s mom told him.
  • He apologizes to Nate, since Nate was the one who took the blame.
  • Tripp is very upset and drinking in his office.
  • Nate tells him to just relax and think some more before leaving his wife.
  • He tells Serena that it was Dan who called.
  • Jenny and the guy are at a club. Jenny is a little freaked out that they are doing this but she says she’s “good.”
  • Other groups are performing their fairtytale cabaret acts.
  • Olivia and Vanessa each return to take part in the production.
  • Dan tells Olivia that whatever happened the other night that made her worry is on Vanessa’s end. He was into it because of Olivia, not Vanessa.
  • Olivia says it’s not Vanessa who worried him. It was him.
  • He looked at V and kissed her like he never did her, Olivia says.
  • She tells him he’s kidding himself if he tries to deny his feelings.
  • Hmmm. I would be more on board with this if we had seen more on Dan’s end previously but this seems out of nowhere. I can’t buy it. I can buy V having feelings for him but not the other way around. I can accept Dan growing to have feelings for her, though.
  • Blair and co. are performing their Lady Gaga-inspired Snow White fairytale. It’s kind of painful.
  • Olivia comes in singing LoveGame. I don’t like her voice.
  • Olivia makes the lyrics pointed towards Dan, insinuating about Vanessa.
  • The guy–who apparently is named Damian–used Jenny to pass the drugs to the other guys. She’s clearly uncomfy.
  • He gives Jenny her own pill to try.
  • Chuck interrupts. He says the hotel found Damian’s stash.
  • Damian tells Chuck he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  • Q14: I’m Chuck Bass. Even your peons must know what that means.–Chuck
  • Nate tells Serena it took him a long time to get over what happened between them.
  • He says that at the masquerade ball (season 1), he went to tell her he loved her but accidentally told Jenny instead.
  • Serena is shocked. “You loved me?” she asks.
  • Nate says of course he loved her. She’s the most beautiful (and some other things) he knows.
  • They’re about to kiss (!!!) when Tripp interrupts.
  • Damn him! That scene was great! I’ve been waiting how long for them to have a scene like that?!
  • I’m going to have to relive all these Nate-Serena scenes on YouTube later. I hope this isn’t the last of them.
  • Dan has to kiss Vanessa on stage but he’s clearly reluctant.
  • When he does, it flashes back to the threesome.
  • And damn, that kiss then did mean something!  That kiss, that look was pretty chill-inducing.
  • Blair gets raves for her show and they tell Dan he should apply to the playwrighting program.
  • Blair says she has a surprise for everyone.
  • Tripp has told Serena and Nate what happened with his wife.
  • He thanks Nate for being a great friend.
  • She’s surprised that Nate knew because he didn’t say anything.
  • Tripp asks Serena to take a walk.
  • Nate stops her, saying he didn’t tell her about Tripp because he’s a married man and she can’t cross that line.
  • Serena says the line is blurry now and leaves with Tripp.
  • Blair says Cyrus did know Lady Gaga. They used to play cards together and PokerFace is about him.
  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.
  • Cue Lady Gaga performance.
  • Who is very obviously not singing.
  • Dan tells Olivia she abandoned him during the show.
  • She says she needed Dan to kiss Vanessa again to realize for himself that his feelings for her are real.
  • Olivia says she’s going to take a movie role and she’ll be back in the fall.
  • Vanessa interrupts.
  • Q15: We saw each other naked and there’s no going back. But we’re friends.–Vanessa
  • She apologizes for fighting earlier and says she hasn’t liked Dan in that way in years.
  • Dan kind of looks hurt.
  • Chuck tells Jenny she’s better than Damian and that lifestyle.
  • He says, from the first day they met, he saw a look in her and knows she wants a more dangerous lifestyle.
  • But he warns her to be careful and not to fall so far no one can bail her out.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing these two get together…
  • Tripp and Serena kiss.
  • Jenny texts Damian that she had a good time and wants to do it again.
  • Nate is along at the bar, brooding.
  • Lady Gaga is still performing.
  • Vanessa is flirting with one of the cabaret guys as Dan looks on uncomfortable.
  • Preview: **In two weeks** It’s Thanksgiving. Hotel camera catches Tripp and Serena making out in an elevator. Nate is not happy when Chuck tells him. Tripp’s wife says “your affair ends now.” Blair says someone is pregnant. Nate chases after Serena and tells her not to go but Tripp is waiting for her.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



36 responses

16 11 2009

yay, season 3 flashback ! even if it was a bad flashback, i loved it !

16 11 2009

Bad because it was a bad memory or bad because it was badly done?

16 11 2009

ohh, just a bad memory and a very sad part of oth

16 11 2009

Gotcha. And I agree, of course.

16 11 2009

i still like jump everytime they play that one!

16 11 2009

I’m kind of torn on Clay. I don’t know whether to be angry with him for not doing his job and making Nathan lose his position on the team, or to just let it slide considering all that he’s been through. I got so teary eyed when Brooke burst into tears when she explained that she wouldn’t be able to have children. It’s so sad to think she won’t be able to live out her dream of having a family on her own. But, I think in the end, she will be able too. I’m glad Victoria called the cops on Millie, and I hope she learns her lesson. I can’t believe she would even dare ask for that much money considering she’s a nobody and barely got into the modeling scene. But, I guess that’s the point, to showcase how far Millie has drifted away from her old self. And I don’t blame Brooke for hanging up on her. She deserved it!

16 11 2009

OMFG this is like on of my fav GG episodes!

16 11 2009

i agree with you g90210th!! the whole clay thing is weird, and i can’t help but feel sorry for him. i’m hoping nathan will just forgive him somehow. this is like when lucas had the heart condition and didn’t tellanyone so everyone was mad that he wasn’t playing as well as they knew he could…and then when they found out why they all felt horrible. thats whats going to happen with clay- they will see that he dove into his work after a tradegy and it’s all catching up to him. previews say haley will be on tour in the next episode..or got offered a tour. what about jamie? and i wonder if brooke and julian will like work things out or what…becuase i guess he lied to her? previews said that anyway?? its just sucha good show!

16 11 2009

I have now nor have I ever wanted Dan and Vanessa together. This just ruined Gossip Girl for me now. I can’t believe they are making Dan have feelings for her. I jsut started to like him with Olivia. Dan is my favorite character but they have been giving him bad storylines. Where is the Dan at the beginning of the season that was all about the money, I liked that Dan and thought they were going to give him a great storyline.

As some people know, I like Jenny but her storyline this episode was boring too, she is only great when she is in power or trying to get it. She just got top spot and they are getting ready for her drugged up down fall already.

It has kind of been a freaky friday for me as I liked Nate the good guy today. I knew he always loved Serena from the beginning and I am happy they are now showing it. Tripp was Hot as always but they way he found out about his wifes misdeed was horrible.

I liked Blair as always and the little musical was funny and glad that they are giving Dan a goal. The best storyline would be the predictable, Dan writes a play about his friends lives to get into the screenwriters program, I thought they should of made him write a book instead but this can work too.

I didn’t care about Lady GaGa and hated that they broke Dan and Olivia up. I though it was so random and really stupid to just all of a sudden to put Vanessa and that lead Cabaret guy together, they could of at least had them have a scene together flirting.

Over all I give this episode a 4 out of 10.

16 11 2009

I’ll keep this short, as I haven’t been enjoying gossip girl this season nearly as much as 90210 (I really feel like GG is on a downhill slide), but I felt like I’d address just a couple of things.

First, I am LOVING the new chuck bass. He’s been my favorite character since season 1 and he has matured so nicely… and while he is probably the best developed character on the show at the moment, Blair, my other favorite character, has really been going backwards… she’s always been a bitch and all (though still very lovable) but they are making her downright annoying this season! My main problem with the “new” Blair is that she’s a stripped version of her old self. All the self-entitlement, all the deceit, none of the edge. She used to have layers, and that was what made her so good. This is not Blair. It really makes me want to go back and watch season 2 again…

Also, Serena this season has been getting on my last nerve and it’s really all coming to a head. In the history of selfish TV characters, I don’t think there has ever been one quite as naive and moronic as she is. Yeah, let’s keep Serena away from a *married congressman* because she just can’t control herself! Please.. it’s not hard to leave your bottom-level mail girl job and shut your legs. The lines don’t get blurred just because Tripp finds out his wife is an evil mastermind. He’s still married, and he’s still a congressman. AND she just had Nate making a huge move on her, and she can’t just pretend that they weren’t about to end up in bed together (because let’s be honest; it’s not hard to get Serena on her back). Honestly, I’d rather see her get shipped off to Brown. If she takes Vanessa with her, maybe the show will be awesome again!

That is all…

16 11 2009

Serena and Nate dominated this episode for me so the rest isn’t really important, but for the sake of sharing my opinions:

Olivia/Dan/Vanessa: I wasn’t sure how well they were going to pull off this out of nowhere feelings that have surfaced between D and V, but I’m okay with it I guess. I’m not a big fan of Vanessas and I was just starting to like Olivia with Dan, but I’ll give this a half-hearted chance.

Chuck/Jenny/Damien: I love seeing Chuck be like this. Seeing him stand up for Jenny like a sister, and actually have morals or whatever that was, was really sweet. Not sure what Jenny is getting into, but anything would be better than her ridiculous reign as bitchtastic Queen of Constance and fighting with Eric, cause that was getting old fast.

Blair and her endless struggle with getting people to adore her: I think I speak for many when I say that I am over it. Was it even stated why exactly it was important for the Tisch snobs to like her? It was so obnoxiously used to set up the Lady GaGa appearance. On a lighter note I loved that both Nate and Blair had the exact same reaction to the 3some and I’m sure Chuck would have said the same thing, they’re on another level then Dan lol (and I liked that she threatened to release the info to TMZ and Gossip Girl) …

And finally I am so excited about SereNate! ♥ Nate had me squealing like a little girl! 🙂 … And I was uber-ecstatic that Nate told her about the season 1 masquerade scene … All of his reactions this episode were jealousy and I loved every minute of it! I will be devasted if this isn’t fully explored.

16 11 2009


16 11 2009

erica: Me too. It’s chilling.

g90210th: I hear you on, Clay. But I’m not torn for the same reasons. While I do feel bad that he’s going through this after he’s gone through so much already, the past shouldn’t give him a free pass. But what I’m torn about is whether he really did anything wrong. I’m not sure that he did. I was crushed for Brooke too, though I knew it was coming. Not sure I want a cliche twist, though, where she can have kids after all. After first I was POed that Victoria was being a manipulative bitch again but I see your point about Millie needing to learn her lesson. And it’s possible she would’ve been pulled over regardless. I was also torn on Brooke hanging up on her. I understand why she did but I guess part of me feels that short of committing a murder a la Dan Scott, there should be very few things you can do that should stop a one-time friend from helping you in a time of a need.

Alyssa: I hope you’re going to elaborate! LOL

tiff: The Lucas comparison is a great one and I think you did a great job of explaining what exactly is happening with Clay. As I said above, though, not sure if that means Nathan should just forgive him. There are spoilers out that can answer your questions on Haley and Brulian. =)

MegaChris: I liked Dan and Olivia, too, but I am open to seeing where Dan and Vanessa can go. Not entirely sure, though, that they’re going that route. I like Jenny’s storylines when they involved Chuck. Otherwise, I can just do without. Loved the Serena-Nate stuff and just want Tripp to get out of the way! That’s an interesting idea about Dan writing a play/book but it would be a little too Dawson’s Creek/One Tree Hill for me. I didn’t care about Lady GaGa either. Always knew the Olivia break-up was coming but never knew when, how or why so this was an interesting way for it to go down. I understand what you’re saying about Vanessa and the cabaret guy but I guess the point is this it starting and it will go from there. The episode rates high for me just because of the Serena-Nate stuff.

Jordan: I do agree that GG is on a downslide but I’ve never thought it was that good to begin with. I completely agree with you on Chuck and Blair. It’s clear, I think, why Chuck is the way he is now. There’s no explanation for Blair. It’s not just repetitive but, as you said, it’s annoying. I give Chuck credit for believing in her and loving her but I just can’t see why. I do agree that Serena can be pretty dumb and this is a perfectly good instance. Like Blair, she still has a lot of growing up to do. I think being with Nate would be a step in the right direction. You had me LOLing at your comments about her (and Vanessa) but, for some reason, I have more tolerance for her than Blair.

Alyssa: Woo, you came back! Your first sentence is exactly how I feel, too. I’m not a big fan of Vanessa, either, but as I said tonight and last week, I can buy her having feelings for Dan. It seems out of nowhere on his end, though. And I was liking him with Olivia, too. Like you, I am willing to give it a chance but worry that my dislike of Vanessa will ruin it. I’m with ya on Chuck/Jenny/Damian. And while I do get the brother-sister vibe sometimes with Chuck and Jenny, I also get romantic vibes. And when she walked away in their last scene, Chuck just had this look…and I saw so much potential there. It would certainly be interesting for Blair to lose him to Jenny. As I told Jordan, I’m tired of Blair as well. Almost every episode this season has been convincing someone to like her. Is it too much to ask for a more-than-slightly different storyline? And I am completely with you on Serenate! Those scenes, those conversations were long overdue. I can’t wait to watch them and melt all over again.

16 11 2009

This episode of OTH, made me hate quinn more. i couldnt beleive that she had the nerve to try to make naley feel guilty about clay. I can not stand this character, and was so glad that haley told her off.

16 11 2009

Michelle, I’m definitely not feeling Quinn either, never have been. I understand the points she was trying to make with Clay–some of which were hard given she knows things that Naley don’t–but my biggest issues was her siding with him rather than sticking with her family. But I don’t feel Haley/Naley was completely right either regarding Clay and Quinn’s relationship.

17 11 2009

i think that nathan was mad over clay and quinn….asides her being married….ever since quinn has started messing around clay, his job performance has gone done. so i agree 100% with nathan firing him. in the real world if you cant handle your job than you get fired.

17 11 2009

meant down not done… 😛

17 11 2009

Sorry, Michelle. Kinda disagree. I don’t see how their relationship or what of it they had/have affected Clay’s performance as an agent at all. We didn’t see him slacking at all. Rather, we saw him making calls and trying to make the deal. And from what I understand, how Clay negotiated *and* what the team did are both typical for sports. But, despite that, I do understand the “no results, no job” idea.

17 11 2009

Mmmh, where to start… I completely see where Nathan is coming from. It is the job of his agent to get him a desired deal and I’m fairly certain that Clay convinced Nate that going after a longer contract was a good idea. Nathan has to think of his family first. PERIOD. While I feel for Clay losing his wife, it should have no bearing on his job performance, and if it did he shouldn’t have been working. Also, I kind of feel like he was using his “long-time friendship” with Nathan as emotional blackmail to keep his job. The two should be entirely separate. Aside from that, I still really like Clay, and feel for him losing his job. While what he did wasn’t exactly wrong, it still ended up with Nathan’s dream job going out the window.

Now for my weekly Quinn rant, I just cannot bring myself to stand her, at all. She, first of all, should not have been “siding” with some guy she’s known for a couple months over her own family. Secondly, she had absolutely no business getting involved at all. Third, her trying to make Haley feel guilty over her and Nathan doing what was best for their family was just ridiculous. Besides, Clay said it himself that he had pushed for the longer deal because of his arrogance. I didn’t feel it had anything to do with him mourning his wife, he wanted to get a better deal to prove how good he and his client were. So, trying to use his tragedy to make Haley feel guilty was just too much.

Sidenote: I’m not sure what the decision to do live blogs was, but I kind of prefer the reaction post. We got to hear (read) a lot more of your opinion. Just my .09 cents.

17 11 2009

I meant I’m not sure what the reasons behind the decision were.

17 11 2009

Oh, and Chuck Bass is one of the most annoying and ridiculously cheesy characters I’ve ever seen on tv, and I am considering such cheeseballs as Peewey Herman and the Wiggles.

17 11 2009

I totally understand what Quinn was trying to do. She was not choosing Clay over Haley. She just wanted Clay’s side to be heard because to her, he didnt do anything wrong and he was going through a lot of things. And she was not pleased about how Nathan and Haley fired Clay, as if the guy was never their friend. I thought it was unfair to Clay too. And I am just happy that he wasnt alone in this one, Quinn stood by him which is what he needed.

17 11 2009

Aimee – My issue is that was far from her place to be the one saying Clay’s side should be heard. It’s not like they’ve known eachother long, and frankly it just wasn’t her business at all. If Clay was more worried about friendship, then he should have quit as Nathan’s agent a long time ago. It is completely unprofessional to think that your friendship should have any bearing on the business relationship. It was just as equally unprofessional (and frankly, immature) to let the girl that you just started dating get involved in your work. It was none of Quinn’s business, and I think it proved one of Nathan’s reasons for not wanting them involved.

17 11 2009

Sane: I mostly agree with you on Clay/Nathan. I completely understand why Nathan is so upset but I don’t think his dream has gone out the window. There are other teams, other leagues. He already accomplished his goal: he played in the NBA. And from here on out, he may need to make some sacrifices. It’s a gift to play in your homestate but most people don’t get it. Rather, they have to make tough choices. I also agree with you on Quinn, but (even if Clay said it himself) I don’t think Clay was being arrogant or doing anything that another agent wouldn’t have done. But I do agree that both his personal life and their friendship needed to be kept separate. Your comments on Chuck made me LOL.

RE: live-blogging versus reaction posts. I initially did reaction posts because I used to only have TV on my computer when I was at college. So I’d watch the episodes at the same time as everyone else, but because I watched them on my computer so I couldn’t blog on it at the same time. So I would take notes as I watched and type them up later as reaction posts. Now I have a computer AND a TV, which lets me watch and blog at the same time. Live-blogs are all the rage these days and done by many other sites, both those that are mainstream and professional and those that are simply fan sites. It is a boon both to the site and for me as a journalist to be able to point people here during the actual episode. But, trust me, it ain’t easy to do. It’s hard enough just keeping up with the plot, nevermind interjecting my opinion. With the reaction posts, where I’m just typing up my notes and have had time to think about things more (and even pause, rewind and rewatch the episode), there’s more of an opportunity to put in my opinion. With the live-blogs, I try to stick it in when I can without missing the next thing that’s going on and then I use the comments and my discussion with all of you to really give my opinions. Thank you, Sane, for giving feedback, though. I really appreciate it and welcome it anytime! I hope this answered your question.

Aimee: I understand what you’re saying but I think Quinn should’ve just minded her own business. Out of respect for both Naley AND Clay, she should’ve said to him “I’m sorry this is happening. I’m not really sure what happened and I don’t think I’d completely understand if I did. But right now my family needs me so I’m going to be with them. I still care for you and I hope to be your friend; I just can’t be there right now.” Again, I understand the points she was trying to make but I don’t think it was her place to make them.

17 11 2009

I actually like the live blog and I think you do a very good job considering how fast paced the shows are these days. And because you actually read our comments and follow up with your opinions we really don’t miss hearing your thoughts on the episodes. Keep up the great work!

17 11 2009

Thanks, Alyssa. The fast-paced part is one of the biggest issues. The shows as a whole just move scene to scene a lot faster these days, especially in the openings and endings. It’s very overwhelming, especially the transition from OTH to GG. It’s why I’m looking forward to having only one of them air at a time in the winter/spring.

17 11 2009

what did you mean by “This is the third and final episode of the sweeps period.” (about OTH)? ’cause i didn’t get it…:S

17 11 2009

Kevin, the sweeps period occurs 2 (it may be 3) times a year for a few weeks each time. It’s when the ratings are closely monitored and then used to set advertising rates. In order to bring up the ratings, most shows save their best material for these periods. One Tree Hill had 3 episodes airing during this sweeps period. This was the last one. Same for Gossip Girl and it will be the same for this week’s 90210.

17 11 2009

I guess to me it is not a live blog. I live on the West Coast and your post is already up hours before OTH comes on where I’m at. So, to me it feels more like a play by play recap. Although I know you state quite a bit of your opinion in the comments, I know that I really used to love your reactions to each scene. Again, that’s just my opinion and still enjoy the blog either way.

17 11 2009

sane, that’s a good point about the time zone difference. Unfortunately, the TV schedule/industry lives and dies according to eastern standard time (as I’m sure you all know by now). But, regardless, I do intend to make it a play-by-play recap (as best I can) so that if you do not see the episode, you have this to tell you what happened. I do try to incorporate my opinion whenever possible and I’m flattered that you guys even care what I think! And I most definitely care what you guys think–about the shows, the blogs and the site–so keep it coming!

17 11 2009

i guess i understand the whole clay/quinn thing, i just don’t know where i stand personally. i feel like someone needed to be there for clay, and considering who he knew in tree hill, it had to be quinn. i love the new characters though, i think they add a lot to the show and it seems like they fit right into the script. i wish they would make more refrences to peyton and lucas though because in real life their “best friends” or “brother” wouldn’t just be out of the picture..
i also wish jamie would be in more of these…i realize he’s only 7 in the show, but he should know what’s going on, or at least be mentioned in “what’s best for the faimly…including jame” ya know?
i love oth this season though. i mean the new characters and stuff might repulse ppl from watching it – but i think the storyline so far is awesome. and clay is hot:)
do you know when OTH is taking their seasonal break? or whatever…you know when they have like “coming back january 23” thing? cause i know during xmas they don’t follow through cause the views are so low..

17 11 2009

tiff: I understand what you’re saying about someone having to be there for Clay. And I understand why Quinn felt she had to be that person. I just disagree with her choice. Unfortunately, though, I disagree with the new characters fitting it but “different strokes…” I agree with you, though, on referencing Leyton. It just makes no sense for them to be MIA in all that Naley has been going through and Brooke, too. I can just envision Lucas helping Naley and Brooke confiding in Peyton. It just very obviously feels like something’s missing. It’s a total love-hate thing for with me Jamie. Lately when he’s there, I feel like he’s saying unrealistic things. But when he’s not there (and not mentioned), that feels unrealistic, too. I also feel like we’re seeing him a lot less than in the previous 2 seasons.

In regards to the hiatuses, it’s kind of complicated. We have a repeat next week then 2 more new episodes. After that, they go on a break til January 18. There are new episodes through March 1 and then another break. Then the show comes back on April 19 with new episodes for the rest of the season.

17 11 2009

i think the show itself is really good still in my opinion though. even with out lp. i mean clearly, it would nice for them to still be there, but the show is still entertaining and a must see for me.
and thanks for the info!

17 11 2009

Oh, Tiff, you are completely entitled to your opinion. I don’t mean to take away from that and I thank you for sharing it. Trust me, the show is still must-see for me too!

17 11 2009

haha okay! i guess it’s a big risk for a show to take on another series without all their man cast. especially when there were a lot of lp fans out there! and few make it…but i think this show is doing successful in that area. sometimes it seems like its a spin off in a way, but i still love it. 🙂

17 11 2009

A big risk for sure! I’m seeing a lot of mixed reactions. For every person that says they hate it, another says they’re impressed and another says they’re dealing. I think the bottom line, though, is that they’re all still watching (and if they aren’t, new people are) so I guess OTH can say their risk paid off. I definitely agree with the spin-off idea. I kind of wish that’s what this was (not that that’s done well for me and BH90210/90210).

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