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17 11 2009

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EPISODE 2.10: To Thine Own Self Be True

  • Previously on: Naomi wants to go to CU and is using Richard to get in, Naomi likes Jamie who is Richard’s roommate, Adrianna starts doing drugs who are given by Jasper, Jasper tells Annie he’s not a drug dealer and tells Navid not to mess with him, Annie sleeps with Jasper, Silver finds Jackie unresponsive
  • This is the third and final episode of the sweeps period.
  • We pick up with Jackie being rushed into the hospital.
  • I already want to cry.
  • Silver is freaking out but they tell her they will “find her when there’s news.”
  • Naomi tells Navid she wants to join the Blaze so she can “pad her resume”
  • Navid worries she’ll be a flake
  • Naomi says she needs it to get into CU.
  • He relucantly agrees.
  • She wants a segment called “Clarke After Dark”–for sex advice
  • I miss the real After Dark. Sigh.
  • Navid tells her he thinks Adrianna is back on drugs.
  • Naomi then confronts her and Ade says she’s clean.
  • Naomi asks why Navid would say it if it weren’t true.
  • Adrianna says things are weird with them and maybe he’s mad she moved on.
  • Naomi points out the Ade has lied to her about doing drugs before.
  • Adrianna swears clean and says Naomi should know how she acts when she’s on coke–and this isn’t it.
  • Um, maybe it’s because she’s doing pills this time?
  • Adrianna says she will talk to Navid and straighten this out
  • Kelly comes to the ER waiting room.
  • Silver explains Jackie went into cardiac arrest and they got her heart beating again but now she doesn’t know what’s going on.
  • This is exactly what happened with my aunt in March. Not sure I can handle this.
  • A nurse comes in and tells them Jackie is too weak to fight much longer but she’s conscious and they can go into see her.
  • Kelly says she can’t go in to see her.
  • Silver is disappointed and goes without her.
  • Dixon is still giving Debbie and Harry the cold-shoulder.
  • Harry tells Debbie he’ll get over everything eventually.
  • Annie is chipper, though, and her parents notice. They want the “dirty deets.”
  • She says she’s seeing a guy named Jasper.
  • Annie says he’s an amazing filmmaker who is like a “genius.”
  • Harry jokes that he’ll check his transcript.
  • They want to meet him and Annie says she wants him to come over for dinner.
  • Debbie says it’s a great idea.
  • When Annie leaves, Debbie’s happy she’s seeing someone and Harry’s happy she’s telling them about it.
  • Jasper is in Annie’s bedroom!  I guess he snuck in. Was her there overnight?!
  • Debbie knocks and Jasper hides.
  • She wants to know what he would want for dinner. Annie quickly answers and she leaves.
  • Q1: Should I come in through the window for dinner or should I use the front door?–Jasper
  • Weird to see Annie so happy. She’s been happier for weeks now but this is a whole new level.
  • Apparently Ivy’s mom has a recording studio.
  • Dixon tells Navid and Liam he wants to use it to somehow get revenge on Jen.
  • He explains that they can have Ivy say what Jen said in the recording Liam had, and then they mix it to sound like Jen and play it for Naomi.
  • Ivy joins them. She really is one of the guys. I don’t really enjoy her even aside from that.
  • Dixon spies Annie with Jasper.
  • Navid tells Dixon to keep an eye on her since Jasper is a drug dealer.
  • Naomi is practicing for her sex segment
  • First topic: reaching ecstasy.
  • She’s actually at Jamie’s dorm room. They’ve been dating.
  • Navid calls but she ignores it.
  • Q2: I think Katie Couric got her start unpacking crap.–Jamie
  • Richard walks in on Naomi and Jamie. And his mom–the Dean–is with him!
  • She insults Naomi for supposedly being with Richard but she’s clearly with Jamie.
  • Jen and Ryan are getting ready for a fancy night out.
  • Ryan says they’ve spending a lot of time in her “world” but he wants to bring her into his.
  • She assumes she means West Bev but he means his life outside of it.
  • He suggests going camping: hiking and sleeping under the stars.
  • She reluctantly agrees.
  • Jamie notices Naomi is upset and asks her what’s wrong.
  • Naomi said she thought Richard wouldn’t be around.
  • Jamie says it was going to come out sooner or later.
  • Naomi says she wishes she knew he was coming with her mom.
  • Jamie doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal.
  • He then put 2 and 2 together: she was using Richard to get to the Dean to get into CU.
  • He’s taken aback that Naomi could do something like that.
  • Naomi says she knows she made a mistake and her dream was to meet someone like him and now she has.
  • Jamie is still POed. He says Richard has been devastated, not understanding why Naomi is treating him this way.
  • Q3: You’re a user.–Jamie
  • You tell ’em, Jamie!
  • He doesn’t want to date her anymore. She’s floored.
  • Navid is filming promos for the Blaze.
  • He realizes how boring they are and wonders if he should let Naomi do her sex segment.
  • Adrianna interrupts asking why he told Naomi she’s using.
  • He says again that he saw her buying drugs and has seen her demeanor change since they broke up.
  • Q4: I’m perfectly fine. And you know why? Because you really weren’t that hard to get over. The more I thought about things, I realized we were only together because I needed you. And that wasn’t love. So yeah I’m over you. And that’s not drugs. I guess I was never really in love with you.–Adrianna
  • Um, ouch? We don’t believe her, right? She’s just mad he knows the truth.
  • I still think they’re endgame. Maybe I’m wrong.
  • Jen has like 6 suitcases filled with designer camping equipment.
  • Q5: I point a knife so sharp I could butterfly you in 15 minutes.–Jen
  • Ryan says they can’t bring any of it–including the fondue set–because the point is to just live simply.
  • Kelly brings coffee in Silver garage/bedroom thing back at Kelly’s.
  • Silver thanks Kelly for staying at the hospital and bringing her home.
  • She tells Kel that she always took good care of her and she worries
  • Silver urges Kelly to go to the hospital and see Jackie.
  • Kelly says they don’t have much of a relationship anymore and she’s OK with that.
  • Silver said they can work it out.
  • Kelly says she has 20 more years than Silver of bad memories with her mom. She cites her mom never accepting her and urging her to diet and change her looks.
  • Water under the bridge, Kel. Especially since they solved all those issues in BH90210. Grrr!
  • Naomi goes to see Richard. She wants to apologize for “a lot.”
  • Richard says it’s OK if she likes Jamie.
  • Naomi admits she was lying all along. She only wanted to date him so she could get to his mom.
  • She explains she always wanted to go to CU and thought dating the Dean’s son would get her in.
  • He’s shocked and disgusted.
  • She says she would “take it all back if I could.”
  • He tells her just to stop.
  • Annie tells Harry not to tell “stupid jokes” during dinner.
  • He says he already checked Jasper’s transcript.
  • Annie says Jasper is sweet and sensitive, not like other “typical high school boys” and has really been wanting to meet them.
  • Dixon comes in and says he’s going out with Navid.
  • Debbie and Harry want him to stay for dinner.
  • Dixon calls Jasper weird and Annie retorts that at least he’s not 40.
  • Dixon then accuses Jasper of being a drug dealer, according to Navid.
  • Annie says Navid doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  • Debbie and Harry are shocked. Any more back-and-forth and they’ll have whiplash!
  • Cue the doorbell. It’s Jasper. Awkward!
  • Jen and Ryan are sitting by the campfire.
  • Q6: I’m just happy your idea of roughing it includes a bottle of Pinot Gregio.–Jen
  • Ryan’s about to start a fire when thunder rumbles.
  • Jen asks if he checked the weather. He says it never rains in Los Angeles.
  • It starts to pour.
  • Jen is completely POed and stomps back to the car.
  • Navid tells Liam he should try to seduce Jen and get her to admit what happened, as Naomi watches from beyond a curtain. LOL
  • Liam rejects the idea.
  • Annie, Jasper, Debbie and Harry are awkwardly sitting in silence in the living room, eating dip.
  • Annie says she and Jasper are working on a film together. She again calls Jasper a genius.
  • Jasper says Annie is his inspiration.
  • Harry asks him what else he does besides filmmaking.
  • He says nothing really.
  • So Harry asks who else he’s friends with.
  • Annie answers for him, saying the kids are West Beverly “suck” and are “lemmings.”
  • Debbie says just because she had a falling out with her friends, doesn’t mean everyone there is bad.
  • Annie starts to freak out more but Jasper calms her down.
  • Debbie and Harry excuse themself.
  • Jasper says he’s “blowing it.”
  • Annie explains that Dixon told them the drug dealer “rumor.”
  • Jasper tells Harry and Debbie he’s had trouble fitting in but his life has changed with Annie.
  • He says he’s devoted to Annie and wants what’s best for her.
  • Debbie says they
  • Naomi shows up to help Navid unpack the Blaze stuff, and instead encounters Liam with ahevy box.
  • He asks her for help but he drops the box and injures his hand.
  • Sexual tension to the max as she puts his hand on her knee and puts ice on it.
  • Q7: If I could take back what happened last year, I would. I think about it every single day.–Liam
  • Hello Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper!
  • Navid interrupts their moment.
  • Kelly is at the hospital calling Silver on her phone. She says she was waiting in her car outside but Silver never came out.
  • So now she’s waiting outside Jackie’s room.
  • But the room is empty. Kelly is stunned and starts to cry.
  • Ryan is drenched in the rain, packing everything up as Jen sits in the car drinking wine.
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • Jen wants to go home but Ryan says the rain will stop soon.
  • Jen says they should cut their losses.
  • Ryan says the whole thing was a mistake. He says he makes “sacrifices in the relationship” but Jen doesn’t.
  • Q8: I walk around on eggs shells and it’s not fun.–Ryan
  • But, he says, he does it because it what she wants to do.
  • Jen says she had no idea and thought he was enjoying himself.
  • He says they can’t drive down the mountain in this weather so when it stops, he’ll take her home.
  • Silver finds Kelly crying in the hallway.
  • She tells Silver she was right–she should’ve said goodbye when she had the chance.
  • Silver says it’s not too late–Jackie is just in a private room now.
  • Annie tells her parents she knows the first half of the night was awkward but it got better.
  • She thanks them for giving Jasper a second chance.
  • Harry tells Annie they don’t want her to see Jasper anymore.
  • She freaks out and says the rumor is a lie.
  • Debbie says it’s more than that.
  • Q9: “Jasper is odd.”–Debbie
  • Debbie points out that Jasper has no friends.
  • Annie again says that the kids at school suck.
  • Debbie says she’s not a “loner” and Annie screams that they don’t know who she is.
  • Jackie tells Kelly she’s glad she came. She apologizes for being a “terrible mother.”
  • You weren’t Jackie! Don’t you worry! Stupid new 90210.
  • She tells Kelly that she turned out so well and learned to be a good mother to Silver.
  • Um, what about Sammy?
  • She tells Kelly she’s amazing and beautiful and strong and caring. She says she’s proud of her and sorry for everything that has happened.
  • I’m crying because it’s sad and because this whole thing shouldn’t be happening.
  • And because not everyone does get to say goodbye. I didn’t.
  • Kelly says she forgives her.
  • Jackie says she’s been tired but had to hang on until Kelly came to her.
  • Q10: I love you, Kelly.–Jackie
  • Naomi sees Jamie at the beach club. She asks why he’s there.
  • He says he knows she apologized to Richard and he’s “impressed.”
  • She says he was right–she needed to be honest.
  • Jamie now chalks up what she did to a “mistake” and says he overreacted.
  • Q11: It’s hard to stay mad at the girl I’m falling for. And I am, Naomi. I’m falling for you.–Jamie
  • Naomi says she needs to be honest with him, too.
  • She says she did want to meet someone like him but she’s “hung up someone else,” someone she thought she was over.
  • Q12: I hope he’s worth it.–Jamie
  • He gets into his car and leaves.
  • Annie is on the phone with Jasper.
  • He thinks it went well the second-half, too.
  • She says her parents say she can’t see him.
  • Jasper tells her to calm down. He says getting mad won’t help anything and “what’s done is done.”
  • He says they’ll figure out a way to be together.
  • His calmness is so strange.
  • Not anymore though! He hangs up and throws his phone.
  • Naomi barges into Adrianna’s room.
  • She says she had the perfect guy but ended it.
  • She turns her back and sees Adrianna hide something.
  • Naomi pulls it out: a bottle of pills.
  • She realizes Ade lied to her…again.
  • She asks her if she’s “ever gonna stop this.”
  • Q13: You know what? Do what you want. I’m over it.–Naomi
  • She storms out and Adrianna takes some of the pills.
  • Ryan wakes up in the car and sees Jen has set up the whole campsite.
  • Oasis’ Wonderwall is playing in the background. Not sure if it’s the Oasis version, though. I like it either way.
  • Jen apologizes for forcing Ryan to do what she wants.
  • She’s surprised he was so honest and says people in the real world aren’t honest.
  • Ryan says there’s nothing she can say that would lead to him liking her less.
  • Q14: I’m broke and living off Naomi.–Jen
  • Ryan doesn’t care. WTF, Ryan?!
  • He says he’s not dating her for her money, but in spite of it.
  • He asks her how she lost her money.
  • She says she lost it while with her husband, who she is divorcing.
  • Ryan is shocked. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was married.
  • Jen says she didn’t tell him because he would ask why the relationship ended.
  • Here comes the waterworks. From Jen, that is.
  • And she says it ended because he cheated on her.
  • Ryan says he would never cheat on her.
  • Silver and Kelly are on either side of Jackie’s bedside, all holding hands.
  • Jackie flatlines.
  • Kelly reaches out for Silver’s hand.
  • They both cry over Jackie’s body.
  • Why aren’t they fading to black? Should end it right there.
  • At West Bev, Jasper pushes Navid into a wall and he falls down the stairs, hitting his head HARD on the floor.
  • The bell rings and everyone comes out of class. Jasper blends in with the crowd.
  • Ivy and Liam see Navid and run over.
  • Now we fade to black.
  • Preview: *In two weeks* They are planning to take Jen down. Jen say she’s slept with a lot of men and Liam was the most boring. Naomi overhears.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



23 responses

17 11 2009

Adrianna is such a bitch, first kissing Teddy behind Navid’s back, then breaking up with him, then making him feel like crap for not taking her back, now this? Not to mention what a pathalogical liar she is… Navid and Naomi were trying to help her and she couldn’t be more of a bitch.

17 11 2009

Lol I love that comment about Ryan & Marissa (oh how I miss them 😦 )

17 11 2009

It was Wonderwall but it’s a cover by Ryan Adams. The first time I heard it was on The O.C. the season 1 valentine’s day episode I loved it so much ♥ so this is yet another song that they used from the The O.C…. but I’ll let it slide since it was used really well 😉

17 11 2009

Adrianna is definitely *acting* like a bitch but I’m not sure she *is* a bitch. I’m attributing it to the drugs.

Glad you liked my Ryan and Marissa comment. Liam has sooo been a Ryan Atwood copy all along but that scene just took the cake. It’s all too reminiscent of Ryan trying to get Marissa back after she saw him with Caleb’s hot girlfriend. And I miss them, too. Today SoapNet aired the season 1 episode where Ryan and Marissa finally kiss again after the whole Oliver (and Theresa) fiasco. I’m sure we’ll get a scene just like that with Liam and Naomi in due time. But I’m sure it won’t make me melt like The O.C.’s did.

Good call on the song. You’re totally, right. Someone tweeted almost the same exact sentiment, too!

17 11 2009

Oh I just realized how the Ryan parallel works with that line! Good call. And you are so right, they said he was supposed to be a Dylan-esque character but all I see is Atwood 😉 … I think that is kind of the theme now. They seem to be adopting more of an O.C. slant than a BH 90210 one, especially with the music.

17 11 2009

I have to say, though, I wish Liam was neither Dylan-esque or Ryan-esque. I know imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery but most of the time it just comes off as stealing from the earlier shows and in a way that falls far short.

At least the Jasper pushing Navid down the stairs wasn’t quite the same as Donna and Ray on BH90210. And someone on Twitter joked they expected “Hide and Seek” to start playing during the slow-mo part of that scene. At least we avoided something like that…for now.

17 11 2009

Alyssa – i was totally about to comment the same thing about the song being in that oc episode! you beat me to it. haha

17 11 2009

So, I understand that tonight’s episode was quite significant to old fans so I’ll probably be upsetting some (most) of you… With all due respect to everyone who watched and loved the old BH90210, this is not that show. The new 90210 was created for a new generation of kids, with mostly new characters. Old setting because it was popular and it worked well. Old characters because they know it will attract in some older fans. But we all know (and knew all along) that there’s no way the current writers can satisfy the old fans. Not all of them, not most of them. The way Jackie drank.. it’s no surprise that she became ill. And she died as a plot device to put stress on not just the character of Kelly, but the (more important) character of Silver. Let’s be honest.. if BH had lasted until now, would they not have killed her off too? Who knows if her and Silver (or Erin as they may have called her) would have been in the exact same position as they are now. I certainly can’t explain why the writers do they things they do or every reason why they brought the old characters in but what I am sure of is that they did not intend to simply spite all the old fans. Old fans who, by the way, don’t have to watch the new 90210 if they are truly displeased with it (just saying <3). I have personally never watched the old BH and I think that's why I can give a good perspective on the *new* show (or perhaps I should refer to it as a spinoff, because it's by no means a replacement). I am the generation this new show was created for. A generation that hasn't seen the old 90210. We were excited to hear that it has the glamorous stars of the old BH but we aren't as interested in them as the kids (and why should we be?). Personally, I think the show is terrific. Looking at it as it's *own show*, I think 90210 is great! With that all being said (if anyone is still reading this lol), here is what I thought of the episode..

I felt like the Jackie thing was dealt with pretty well.. of course, we all wanted to see both Silver and Kelly get closure, and they did. It will be interesting to see how this affects them in the weeks to come..

Adrianna.. so annoying. I found myself yelling (ok I wasn't really yelling) at the TV when she gave Navid her whole BS speech, and I felt really bad for him. It's awfully sweet of him to still look after her and she's only deceiving herself.

Naomi showed some character this episode but she's still despicable. I don't want her reconnecting with Liam.. he needs to get rid of Jen but him and Naomi are done! Liam and Ivy is a good thing, and I really wish they would have had more of them (together) in this episode.. it was really cute when she jumped on his back in the hall scene near the beginning of the episode. They would make such a great, light, fun-loving couple. Be a nice change from all the drama, don't you think?

Annie.. I addressed her crap in the last blog and there's nothing more to say. She's an idiot.

I really hope Navid isn't hurt (it didn't look that bad of a fall) and Jasper is so going to get what he deserves.. when I watched that scene, the first thing that came to mind was the major ass-kicking Dixon and Liam are going to put on him when they figure out he did it. Next week's episode will definitely be interesting.. on almost all fronts. For any grammatical errors I failed to see in looking over this.. I apologize 🙂

17 11 2009

Jordan: First off, thanks for taking the time to write such in-depth thoughts.

You’re right–what you said is upsetting to me, an “old fan.” Trust me, I do realize this is a separate show with its own priorities. On that level, I completely understand what they’re doing and I can’t blame them for writing things that advance their own characters and their own world. But it is frustrating to see them (ab)use BH90210 when its suits their purposes. Without BH90210, there would be no 90210. That was even the show’s original marketing campaign–we’re bringing you a show that will continue the BH90210 legacy. That faded fast as we’ve seen the ties and connections to the original show dwindle. That part doesn’t bother me as much. I know BH90210 was just a selling point, a platform, a jumping-off point. And now that they’re way past the launch, they can create their own world. But when you bring back the old world (which I wish they didn’t do at all, just like I wish this show didn’t even exist at all), at least do it justice. Do it accurately and do it with sensitivity. Yes, it can be hard to create drama AND satisfy old fans but then at least do the former part well. I don’t think it’s asking a lot to review the original show’s history so they can get the plot points and character traits down right. It would’ve been so easy for them to go back and review key Jackie episodes but it’s so obvious they didn’t. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had a) all the mistakes and b) all the redundancy. And I don’t think we can equate Jackie’s drinking (which started and ended in season 1 of BH90210 only to be revived in 90210 as if it was a lifelong habit) with her getting breast cancer. And sure, it is possible that Jackie would’ve died in the original but that’s not the point. The point is the original ended a certain way and selfishly or not, after 10 years of faithful viewing, fans want it to stay that way. (And truthfully, when it comes down to it, I pretend all that has happened on this new show doesn’t even exist. Things are still just as left it.) I know they don’t mean to spite the old fans but I think they’ve got to be pretty dumb to be making the mistakes that they are and not think (even without the mistakes) that some viewers wouldn’t be bothered. You’re right–old fans don’t have to watch. Many of them don’t. I am an exception, of course, both because of this site and because as such a die-hard original fan, I like to know what this 90210 is doing and how it is or isn’t using the original (and because I like to have knowledge of what’s going on with teen dramas in general, just since I like the genre so much). You’re also right on who the new show was ultimately created for, which is why, again, I understand on some level why they do what they do. But because you haven’t seen the original (and for the record, I was 3 when it started and then started watching religiously at the very mature age of 9), it’s hard to notice the issues that I point out, much less have a problem with them. But I appreciate you saying all of this and respect your opinion on it.

Yes, I can agree (with all my issues aside) the Jackie storyline was done well and served its purpose. While I’m not sure we’ll be seeing how it effects Kelly, I know we will with Silver.

You were SO yelling at the TV during the Adrianna-Navid part. Just admit it! 😉 What she said was incredibly mean. Drugged or not, I think I’d have a hard time forgiving that.

Definite growth with Naomi tonight but not enough. I think we all know (just like Blair on Gossip Girl) this was a rare moment that served the storyline but she’ll soon revert back to her old ways, if she hasn’t already. I don’t see what Liam sees in her and the only reason I’m drawn into their storyline is because I’m a sucker for “we want to be together but we can’t (for whatever reason)” storylines. While I’m not a fan of Ivy, I will admit it was totally cute when she jumped on his back.

While I thought Navid’s fall (or his landing, rather) did look quite bad, we already know he’s OK. If you watched the promo closely, you can see him joking around with the guys and he’s 100% A-OK. I always think it’s bad when you have a cliffhanger and the promo after it is about something else entirely different, but then to have said promo essentially make the ending’s shock null and void? Fail. But I would expect, even with Navid okay, that there is still going to be fall out (maybe an ass-kicking, like you said) and that’s the larger point. Maybe while trying to take down Jen, they can divide and conquer to take down Jasper, too. It has the potential to be interesting but one correction: no episode next week. Next episode airs December 1.

Any grammatical errors–and I didn’t notice any–are forgiven. =)

17 11 2009

Did they say Jackie had breast cancer? I must have missed that. I suppose I just assumed from the way they portrayed her drinking (falsely, I’ll cede you ;)) that she would have had some liver problems at some point in life..

I definitely see your points on being an old fan. I always knew that viewpoint, but I just figured I’d give some thoughts on it.. in the face of adversity ;). I’m sure I would feel the same way if there were an OC spinoff, for example. Although I would embrace that sucker for all it was worth.. I miss the old gang so much!

I *was* yelling at the TV but very quietly so my parents wouldn’t make fun of me.. (senior in high school, in case you were wondering haha)

I always forget to watch the promos! Ok, good to hear navid will be alright. And grrrrr I hate it when they take breaks in between episodes! Do you remember a while back when gossip girl got chopped up with months between episodes? And the writer’s stike.. argg. Oh well, I’ll survive.

17 11 2009

I found myself wanting to fastforward through the Jen/Ryan scenes tonight. I’m so tired of both characters.

17 11 2009

Yep, it was breast cancer. And that will be driven home in the next few episodes.

I see your points as well. You’re welcome to give thoughts anytime about anything (even this). And, oh gosh, I don’t even want to think about an O.C. spin-off! This one is stressing me out enough!

And, please, I’m out of college (albeit only by a few months) and still living with my parents! They soooo don’t get my obsession or what I do with this site, so no worries there.

I can’t believe you forget to watch the promos! I *live* on promos and spoilers on all that. Yes, breaks between episodes are frustrating but there’s few other options considering there’s only about 22 episodes in a season and more than 22 weeks in a year. Get ready for a lot of repeats, as per usual. And yes, you will survive–by hanging out here!

17 11 2009

Brandon! Where ya been? Haven’t seen you here or on Twitter.

ITA agree on Jen/Ryan. Waste of time.

18 11 2009

Wow! What an episode! I thought it was great, and I just loved the Jackie-Silver-Kelly storyline tonight. I thought it was beautifully written. When Jackie let out her last breath, ahhh such a bittersweet moment! I can’t believe what Adrianna told Navid. That rant of hers was just so incredibly uncalled for, but of course I’m sure it was just a made up speech she spewed on the spot because Navid called her out on her drug usage. I feel bad for him;all he ever did was try to help because he truly cares for her, and she turns around and has to get nasty about it. I didn’t see the point in the Jen/Ryan story tonight. (Though I loved hearing Wonderwall! One of my fav songs at the moment.) I really don’t see how their relationship is adding anything but boredom to the show. I’m so over both of them together. More fun-teacher-Ryan and less annoying-as-heck Jen! For whatever reason, I really like Jasper! I don’t know if it’s that I like his character, or that I really like how the actor portrays him. The whole mysterious-bad-boy aura he exudes is really alluring! And I love those blue eyes! Ha, okay enough of that *blush*. (James Lafferty will forever be my TV crush LOL) I’m curious to see where the writers will take Jasper. At this point, I think they could send him in a million directions that would seem semi-plausible. I thought seeing Naomi let her guard down and apologize to Richard was a nice sentiment, but of course I doubt its any sign that Naomi is growing a conscious. It’s such a contrast to see her be so nasty and mean to Annie, then soft and emotional with Liam, then the ‘mother type’ when it comes to helping friends like Adrianna. I guess that’s the point though; Naomi’s very complex! Not sure which one of her ‘sides’ is my favorite though haha. Can’t wait to see the new episode! Even though I have to wait for it grrr
And I also agree with both you (TDW) and Jordan, when talking about BH90210 and the new one. As an aspiring writer myself, I agree with your point about the writers doing there job correctly and researching the characters of the original before bringing them into to the new one. I would have expected the 2.0 writers to respect the writer’s of the original and keep the characters experiences/triaits intact. I haven’t watched the original BH, but I would be upset over the new version ruining the characters and rewriting the past too! On the other hand, I also understand Jordan when she talks about the new 90210 being made for the new generation, with the majority of viewers not knowing the past of the original. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know that the new 90210 had any discrepencies with the original. All in all however, I’m a fan of the new spin-off, although I do hope the writers/producers do get the facts straight with any remaining BH characters they may re-introduce in the future 🙂

18 11 2009

^^WOW that was a mini-essay, sorry for that! LOL

18 11 2009

TDW – Ever since Teddy hit the canvas, Adrianna has been a bitch. I cannot blame it on her drug use, because that just started last week, and the only thing she can blame on that is her denial-filled rant to Navid tonight.

Also, while we all know that Jasper is a drug dealer, Annie’s parents have no proof of that. So, I don’t think they were right in telling Annie she couldn’t be with him. Yes, there were small signs that she wasn’t being herself around him, but that is not enough (yet) to tell her not to see him. As of right now, all they know is that there are rumors floating around about him, and that he is a loner. I think most people know by now, that if you’re a loner in HS, odds are there are a few rumors floating around about you. Look at Liam, he had all sorts of untrue rumors spread about him. I just think that before they leapt to telling her she couldn’t see him, they should’ve formed their opinion based on something other than the rumor and the fact that Annie is now a loner. She had become a loner before meeting the tool. Just sayin.

18 11 2009

g90210th: Mini (and full!) essays are totally allowed! I can admit that the Jackie storyline was beautifully heartbreaking. Agree with you on Adrianna/Navid as well as Jen/Ryan. And that cover of “Wonderwall” is fab. Don’t worry about liking Jasper. I’ve read that a lot of people are drawn into him (think he’s cute, good on the show, excitingly different from the other guys, etc.) I would say I’m kinda drawn into him, too. I think I said this last week but I think Zachary Ray Herman (or is it Sherman? I don’t even know!) does a great job with the role, alternately being vocally charming and silently creepy. It’s hard to be convinced either way which is the real him inside. Great point about all those different sides to Naomi. But rather than finding that makes her complex, I find it makes her fake. A complete phony. I don’t like it and I don’t like her. Thank you for comments about old vs. new 90210. Here’s hoping things improve!

Sane: That’s an interesting point about Teddy/Adrianna. Not sure I agree with it. Also, I was lying in bed last night and it struck me that Teddy wasn’t in the episode at all. (Yes, this what I think about in bed. LOL) And I do see your point on Debbie/Harry vs. Jasper. It was very strange to have them one minute seemingly bonding with him and then next forbidding Annie from seeing him. Maybe if we saw more of the dinner (though it supposedly went well) we’d understand but it seems completely unjustified. They could’ve said they have mixed feelings about him and Harry will (fairly or not) be keeping an eye out at school. It’s also a great point that Annie had changed prior to Jasper. In fact, the Jasper era is the happiest she’s been in months.

18 11 2009

TDW- I’m just saying that Adrianna can’t blame her complete disregard of her very supportive and faithful boyfriend on her drug use. She dropped Navid like he was a vile of the live herpes virus and Teddy was a vile of her beloved cocaine. She never even figured out that what she did was f’ed up on its own merits, she was just disappointed that Teddy didn’t want a relationship with her. If he had, she probably would have kept lying to Navid and had no remorse over how she dumped him. Right now she is indulging in self-pity and probably isn’t so much depressed over losing Navid as a person, but more depressed on not having any man at all. Which leads me to believe she was using him, intentionally or unintentionally doesn’t really matter.

The Adrianna on my screen most of last season wasn’t a bitch (most of the time), but it seems like they are completely rewriting the character since Teddy came on. I also think it was completely f’ed of her (and Silver) to just drop Annie because of issues that she and Naomi were having. I just feel like it’s clearer and clearer (to me at least) that Adrianna is a self-absorbed user, even when she’s completely sober.

18 11 2009

Sane, I agree and disagree.

Here’s where I disagree: I interpreted the Teddy vs. Navid stuff differently than you. I think she did learn it was really f’ed up what she did and that’s why she was so upset. She was disappointed in herself, in her thinking, in her giving up of Navid. I don’t think she went crawling back to Navid because she just didn’t want to be alone but because she realized, in Teddy’s rejection, what Navid meant to her and what they had and how crazy she was for letting herself get carried away by someone else. If Teddy had wanted a relationship, I think she would’ve gone into it happily but still realized in time her mistake. I saw it as a classic “the grass is greener” scenario where Adrianna fooled herself into thinking that and then got the requisite rude awakening that let her see things clearly again. We saw her cry her eyes out over her devastation and her mistake. I think now what we’re seeing, post-Navid’s rejection, is an effort to numb the pain she feels. But I think your read on things is an alternative perspective, one that is a very valid, logical interpretation of things. I know many others agree with you.

Here’s where I agree: This is a very different Adrianna from last season. Everyone from fans to critics are pointing that out and they’re not happy with it. They are also saying it about Silver as well. I had hopes for Silver sticking by Annie AND Naomi (or realizing what a two-faced bitch Naomi is) but alas that didn’t/hasn’t happened.

18 11 2009

Goodness, I really wish you would just fall in line and agree with me. 🙂 Although I can definitely see where you’re coming from on the Adrianna/Teddy thing, I still can’t bring myself to agree. Alas, I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced this is how things would have went down, as we’ll never get to see the alternative s/l where Teddy did pursue a relationship. *shrugs*

BTW – I am fully aware that I put the wrong “vile” in my previous post, I really wish we could edit.

18 11 2009

Ha, well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. =)

Sorry about the editing. I can do it on my end but you guys can’t. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even notice. 😉 I think I misread it altogether, thinking you were calling both herpes and cocaine vile. Oh, how the eyes can play tricks on you!

21 11 2009

This episode was very satisfying APART from Jackie dying, I like the way the clark sisters suddenly decide to become honest although, not surprised when jen didnt tell ryan about liam and all.
I like the way the Wilson parents still thought that Jasper was a drug dealer and not a good person and all, and i found that a bit funny that both of their children were now against them. Oh and I see a storm coming up if Naomi and Liam get together again, it may spark some jealousy in Ivy. Although this episode had no Teddy in it which I didnt really notice until the episode ended (wow, how unobservant I can get), I was not surprised by what happened to Navid, I saw it coming, well thats what happens when you mess with a drug dealer.
And Oh Adrianna! , I am very glad Naomi knows the truth now, lets see what Adrianna does now, suicide attempts, lying, stealing…. and more. And I am glad Jamie and Naomi thing ended I saw no potential in them.
Anyhow I am still not liking the way Jackie had to die and that is the only drawback of this episode other than that it was a great one.

22 11 2009

demon: I didn’t notice that Naomi/Jen parallel. Thanks for pointing it out. While I believed Naomi’s honesty (though I doubt it will last), I have trouble believing Jen’s. It also didn’t occur to me that both of the Wilson kids are against their parents. That should make for an interesting home environment and maybe get Dixon and Annie on good terms. Your on hunch on Naomi-Liam-Ivy is a good one! I had a feeling Jasper would do something to Navid but I was still surprised by what happened. Interesting that you mentioned a suicide attempt with Adrianna. Anything’s possible! And you know I’m with you on Jackie!

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