Fun Fact

18 11 2009

Did you know SoapNet airs 54 hours of teen drama each week?

(8 hours per weekday X 5 weekdays) + (7 hours per weekend day X 2 weekend days)

40 + 14


Add in the 3 hours each week we get on The CW, and that’s a whopping 57 hours of teen drama goodness in a seven-day period!

This includes Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210.

Imagine if we could add in Dawson’s Creek!

Some might call this teen drama overload.

I just call it bliss!



6 responses

18 11 2009

I love it! Although I agree DC should be added to this equation 😉

18 11 2009

does dawson creek air anywhere anymore ?

18 11 2009

Becky, it doesn’t air anymore in the U.S. (You can see Paul Stupin and I talk about this here: I’m not sure about other countries. I think it may still air in some.

I also maybe should amend my calculations. SoapNet now preempts BH90210 during the Wed. 6pm hour and the Thurs. 11am hour for The Bank of Mom & Dad, so it’s technically only 52 hours a week on SoapNet and 55 hours total. But you still get the point!

18 11 2009
Manda :)

Aw thats such a bummer that DC doesn’t air in the US. 😦 Us Canadians are lucky enough to be able to watch th reruns @ 5am & 4pm on Tvtropolis!

18 11 2009

I’m so jealous, Manda! It used to air here, too, at like 5am a few years ago but then it just went away!

19 11 2009

this is so ironic. like right after i posted that, dawsons creek was on tv.

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