Top 10 Most Shocking Deaths

23 11 2009

In memory of last week’s loss of the one and only Jackie Taylor, I thought the next few days should be reserved for revisiting other shocking deaths in the teen drama genre.

Some of these death scenes were shocking because they came out of nowhere.

Others blew us away simply because of who it was that died.

In other cases, it was the pure tragedy that chilled us to our bones.

This week, we pay tribute.

10. Scott accidentally shoots himself (Beverly Hills 90210, Episode 2.14: The Next 50 Years)

9. A drunk Abby falls from a pier and drowns (Dawson’s Creek, Episode 2.18: A Perfect Wedding)

Come back tomorrow for another drunk fall and a car accident!



9 responses

23 11 2009

Can’t wait to see the rest of the list! My number one is Jen from DC. It was so sad and I cry everytime I watch that episode.

23 11 2009

Em, I agree Jen’s death was so sad and heartbreaking, but for me I can’t choose between her or Marissa. I sobbed during both deaths and still tear up when I watch them.

23 11 2009
Manda :)

yeah i totally agree! 😦 and Marissa from the OC

23 11 2009

Marissa’s death was sad…but i just didn’t care. I didn’t like her too much. Keith is defffinitely on this list, jen, marissa, i can’t think of any others at the moment…i’ll just wait to see the rest of your list!

23 11 2009

at 30 seconds you see abby fall. at like 1:45 they show that night when they are drinking….basically the video is just jen dealing with abby dying. it was definitely shocking to meee.

24 11 2009

Lexy, thank you so much! I saw that video but I didn’t watch it as it didn’t occur to me that it would have a clip of the death scene. Silly now in retrospect!

24 11 2009

Can’t wait for the rest of the list.
Number one for me would have to be Marissa followed by Keith.. Both so shocking though Marissa was worse for me as it pretty much ended the whole show not just a season and a life 😥

24 11 2009

I would have put Scott farther up on this list, it was definitely shocking to me. It was also basically the first major death on any teen drama, which made it all the more shocking.

24 11 2009

Sane: Your perspective on Scott is refreshing. Many fans shrug it off or use it as a punchline. I’m glad you appreciate it so much.

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