Most Shocking Deaths, Pt. 3

25 11 2009

Part 1 Part 2

6. Jack blows up (or so we think) in a car explosion. (Beverly Hills 90210, Episode 3.21: Dead End)

5. Quentin is shot when he interrupts a robbery. (One Tree Hill, Episode 6.02: One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning)

Tomorrow brings two more shocking shootings.



4 responses

25 11 2009

omg, Q was so sad….i, i was bawling.

25 11 2009

😦 I think most of us OTH fans cried when Q died. So sad. He was so innocent.

25 11 2009

i knowww! 😦 and poor jamie…

25 11 2009

yea, Q was starting to become one of my favorite characters to watch when this happened. Jamie and him were so cute!

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